Sankalpa Yoga Retreat

New England, United States

Sankalpa Yoga Retreats offers therapeutic yoga, guided introspection & fasting, nutrient-dense local organic meals, on a secluded forested estate on the river.

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  • Adriana Trandafirescu United States

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The atmosphere of acceptance and joy is unparalleled

    all was great

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    • Gretchen Gerlach

      Sankalpa Hawaii Yoga Retreat website

      Meeting Katy is the best way to get an understanding of her knowledge and passion for her work. In two days with Katy I was able to gain more information about yoga practice and insight into my own than I have in weeks of personal study.During our personal session, Katy was organized and efficient with our time together. She had reviewed my intake form and had a thorough session prepared. She was very flexible adjusting her work to my needs and wants, and capabilities. The entire session was precise, and individualized. I was able to learn various exercise and poses to benefit not only my injured knee, but for my entire mind and body. When the session finished I was eager for more time with her, so I skipped (with a much happier and cared for knee) on over to her group yoga therapy session at the Aloha Wellness Center, where she lead a group of diverse women in a challenging and restorative practice, focusing on knee health. She adapted each exercise to every individuals capabilities, needs, and physical bodies. Her personality was fun with instructions interlaced with humor, and extremely kind as she adjusted her agenda to flow to our own pace. Her class began with women happily excitedly chatting, and ended with an om in perfect harmony. Katy's sessions, whether group or private extend to incorporate her personal knowledge and references, creating a web of ongoing support for each of her clients. I cannot recommend her enough for women and men of any age and physical ability.

    • Nina Decker

      Sankalpa Hawaii Yoga Retreat website

      Katy has changed my perspective on "my" yoga practice and my overall connection to the yoga industry. Katy's approach and deep understanding of the body shine through her teachings. Each of Katy's classes are unique, gentle, and non judgmental. She is in tune with the body, unlike any other teacher I have met and her goal is to prevent you from injury. Her classes are great for beginners and yoga enthusiasts alike who are looking to expand their practice into digging deeper on "why" we are in a pose and how to get into and out of each pose properly. Her attention to detail, and her personal connection to each student make you feel welcomed and at ease in class. In addition to practicing yoga and opening your heart in one of her classes, expect some educational and historic lessons on therapeutic yoga, setting intentions, learning, and exploring mantras and chakras, and different forms of meditation.

    • Beth Ambriel

      Sankalpa Hawaii Yoga Retreat website

      A trusted friend brought me to one of Katy's classes. Though a newbie, I felt comfortable from day one. After being exposed to various instructors, I know I've become spoiled because I can completely trust Katy with my body; her intuitive gift keeps a pulse on us while her wide body of knowledge knows exactly what to do. Her adjustments are like magic, she never ceases to amaze me. My body has made huge improvements in pain and range of motion.

    • Stephanie Popadi

      Sankalpa Hawaii Yoga Retreat website

      Classes lead by Katy always guarantee a personalized guide to whatever your body, mind, and spirit are longing for. She has a natural way of making one feel comfortable and welcome. Modifications are offered in a non-threatening hierarchy to allow self-exploration without judgment. The cherry on top is her selfless dedication to others and her passion of healing through movement.

    • Balit Sitts

      Sankalpa Hawaii Yoga Retreat website

      I started yoga with Katy to primarily help with pain management during labor, as well as to accompany a friend. I am happy to say that I got so much more! Katy's classes helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally get through the strains of pregnancy by creating a great community of women to lean on and by helping me develop a better physical awareness, which helped me manage the pains of both labor and pregnancy. With her great experience and genuine passion, Katy guided me through more than 25 weeks of pregnancy helping to prepare my body for its great labor using gentle and easy to follow yoga positions, breathing, and mantras. I felt like I was much better prepared for the great strain of labor, and having this resource with my second birth and not my first I can say my pregnancy and labor both went much smoother with the guidance Katy provided. I would highly recommend Katy's prenatal classes to anyone, experienced or not, to make the most out of their pregnancy and delivery!

    • Mikaila Way

      Sankalpa Hawaii Yoga Retreat website

      In one of my first classes with Katy, I had a huge emotional release. However, I didnt feel the need to hide my emotions because Katy wasnt thrown off by seeing me cry. She kept steady. In turn, this permitted me to feel the emotions and continue the physical practice without feeling shame or guilt for crying in class. After avoiding yoga for three years, due to a low back injury, I was hesitant to attend a yoga class. I was impressed by Katys knowledge and expertise of how to work with my limitations and abilities. After so many years of avoiding practice, I feel a renewed appreciation for yoga.

    • Shannon Cornell

      Sankalpa Hawaii Yoga Retreat website

      Katy's classes are thoughtfully prepared and inviting to students of all levels and abilities. Her emphasis on compassion first makes learning and growing a nurturing experience. Katy's style encourages accommodations and makes each pose accessible to every body type and skill level. In Katy's classes I feel mentored, supported, and free to be me.

    • Molly Irene McGlaughlin

      Sankalpa Hawaii Yoga Retreat website

      Katy is a welcoming and supportive teacher, and a lovely human being. She is someone who I immediately felt warmth and comfort from, like an old friend. Katys smile is one that lights up the room and says: we got this, and those worries you were carrying just fall away. I am inspired by her level of commitment and service to her community.Katy carries with her a wealth of knowledge about the human body, pain management, and yoga philosophy. I shall never forget the ways that Katy has guided me into deep relaxation. She taught me something invaluable about the nature of my restless mind, and how one can choose to truly relax, despite outer circumstances. I feel very safe with Katy, and she holds a peaceful and grounded space for her students to grow and expand. If I needed a place to rest, restore, set intentions, and find balance, I would trust Katy as my guide.

    • Summer D.

      Sankalpa Hawaii Yoga Retreat website

      Jasmine creates delicious, nourishing, and healing whole food meals with love. I have fond memories of delighting in her wholesome soups, probiotic, and enzyme packed seed cheeses and sauerkraut, and unforgettable savory gluten-free vegetable potato pie. If you are looking for tasty, healthy, and consciously prepared food, I would suggest catering with her!

    • Kazemaru Yukawa-Bacon

      Sankalpa Hawaii Yoga Retreat website

      We were pleasantly surprised by the quality, deliciousness, and efficiency of Jasmine's food preparations. We expect very high standards for our guests and almost anything from Jasmines menu is a no-miss. It is healthy, super tasty, and prepared with a personal yet very professional touch.

    • Roz Ayotte Hawaii

      Sankalpa Hawaii Yoga Retreat website

      Jas in an amazing, talented and loving chef. Her dishes speak for themselves in quality and taste. I have been working with her for two months now as a personal chef. When I bought my home in Puna last fall things became much more hectic than I anticipated, and eating nutritious, healthy food went by the wayside. I suffered through a lot of take out food and hot food bars. Once she stated making meals for me with fresh, local, organic ingredients, I became totally rejuvenated and it has inspired me to care about the food I eat. I fell 100 percent better physically and emotionally. Try her soups. They are unbelievable!

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