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Santosha Society organizes intimate boutique travel adventures for surf explorers, yoga lovers, and wanderlusters.

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Kori Hahn

Yoga Alliance USA (Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga)

Kori is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and Government of India certified Ayurvedic massage therapist. She is passionate about Ayurveda, herbalism, naturopathy, as well as global theology. Her dedication to Ashtanga and Yin yoga give her a balanced approach to strengthening and healing the body. Kori’s retreats are designed to share her knowledge in a way that gives her students a sense of autonomy in their paths, immersing them in an ocean of wellbeing to take back to their everyday lives.

Ines Ambrosia

Ines Ambrosia is a girl that lives passionately not only as a professional surfer but as an artist and photographer. She will join you in Morocco to surf, stretch, be creative, and explore a new exotic culture together.

Testimonials 16

  • Pauline Souchu

    Santosha Society website

    Beautiful experience. I am so glad and thankful to have been able to participate in this amazing week with you all. I will do my best to keep the serenity and peacefulness that I gained here. I loved the morning meditations as well as the restorative and yin yoga after surfing. It really helped to release all the soreness. I loved everything actually. Thank you Kori for your classes and your nice calm way to guide us.

  • Meikie Stahl

    Santosha Society website

    How to put it in words… I feel centered, I take peace and harmony with me. I barely ever have felt so welcome. This bunch of travelers full of awesomeness made me feel so good. As far as the yoga, OMG that was the best I have ever had. Going through different styles is just great. It was so good for me. I learned a lot and I take home so many new things. Perfect!

  • Ines Ambrosio

    Santosha Society website

    With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate and the wisdom to be humble.” Courage is the foundation of integrity” Keshavan Nair. “Kori and the Santosha Society team, you inspire me to keep searching for my dreams and working with love to make them happen. It was a pleasure to share waves, talks, yoga and memories with such amazing human beings! I really feel grateful for all. Thank you for all! Seriously you legends!

  • Anna Ehrgott

    Santosha Society website

    While in Sri Lanka I gained new friends, a taste of Sri Lanka and appreciation for lady slide takeovers. I loved the outdoor shower and spacious room. The mosquito nets were a white girl’s best friend and the cool beautiful rooms provided for a great nights sleep. I have felt so well-rested here. I loved the healthy and vegetarian food options at all meals. There was something for everyone with lots of local flare. Such good fruit, curries, and soups. My only problem was that the surf was too fun to practice and learn from you talented ladies about yoga. Some highlights of the retreat are the curry buffet in Weligama, the waves right out front, the great food, and the feeling of being free yet cared for if we needed anything.

    I rose and fell each night to the gentle sounds of the sea. Each day felt like sailing smooth, refreshing and with new discoveries on the horizon. I can’t wait to attend more of your retreats.

  • Mareikie

    Santosha Society website

    This week I had my first surfing experience, loved the yoga and learned new things. I was inspired by the others. The accommodation is really nice. I liked the different styles and teachers. And I like to see and feel when somebody is totally in love with what they are doing. My favorite cultural experience was visiting the temple and walking around the area. It was a pleasure having the time here. Thank you for all attention and everything.

  • Kasha Palmer and Jason Scheben

    Santosha Society website

    Beautiful experience. The trip I will never forget. Most beautiful beaches. Kind sweet locals. Whole experience very well done. Yoga was great new experience for Jason. The Yin yoga was so chill. The room was beautiful and clean. Breakfast and dinner were awesome, lots of fresh fruit for breakfast which was a super bonus and dinner was always new and tasty. Teachers gave a great introduction.

  • Suzanne Del Rosario - Davis

    Santosha Society website

    I have always wanted to go on a yoga retreat, however I felt intimidated since I am not a professional instructor. On a request from a dear friend, I took the plunge and experienced an amazing week long yoga-meditation filled adventure in Sri Lanka with Kori. She welcomed each of us with open arms, patience, and one on one attention. I elevated my basic yoga moves with breath, learned new poses, and practiced focused meditation. My favorite part is the yoga on the beach! Thank you, Kori for cherished memories.

  • Vilia Zeisig Germany

    Santosha Society website

    My first yoga retreat and a wonderful experience. I learned so much from the experienced yoga teachers and enjoyed the familiar atmosphere in the group of beginners and advanced yoga people. The stunning scenery of our accommodation made it even more special and a real escape of our daily lives. I got inspired so much from the amazing people around. The double room was luxurious and wonderful. Very comfortable beds and good air conditioning. The food was great. I love that it was all local and cooked by locals. With fresh ingredients and a clean kitchen in combination with the expertise of the chef. I had no expectations when coming to the retreat, but I am definitely leaving with a heartful of energy, inspiration, and love for all the people I met here. I am really thankful for the organizer, Kori, for bringing us all together as such an amazing place.

  • Vera Nording Sweden

    Santosha Society website

    Kori is not just an amazing and pedagogic yoga teacher that lets you follow your own pace and at the same time as she helps you take your yoga to the next level, she is also a rad human being that will crack you up and make you cry from laughter.

  • Alicia Damato United States

    Santosha Society website

    Before I ever set foot in an official yoga class and I was so inflexible that touching my toes seemed impossible, Kori Hahn was patient enough to work me through some beginner poses like downward dog and tree pose. Calmly enthusiastic, Kori had a keen ability to teach me the next move with a gentleness that lightened the harshness of any authoritative instruction. She was also an expert at doing partner yoga, and to this day, after nearly six years of weekly yoga, I have yet to find someone who I enjoyed grasping hands or ankles with as much as Kori. Her unpretentious wisdom and knowledge is both comforting and enlightening, and I recommend her to yoga practitioners of all levels.

  • Edda Velvet Chile

    Santosha Society website

    I met Kori in Tushita Meditation Center, McLeod Ganj India, where Kori was the daily yoga teacher. I loved Kori's yoga class on the rooftop terrace every afternoon! Despite a constant distraction of monkeys, she explained and adjusted the asanas while creating an atmosphere for personal development. I hope to practice with her again, maybe here in Chile?

  • Cari Baer Texas, USA

    Santosha Society website

    Kori is very confident in her teachings, relaxed, adding bits of humor in the workshop to keep everyone comfortable, and extremely knowledgeable on the benefits of Yin yoga. She set a great vibe for the workshop which continued from start to finish. The Yin yoga workshop Kori conducted at our gym in Frisco, Texas was absolutely beneficial! I've made my own little sacred space to continue practicing at home. I have small children and this is basically a necessity to keep me from losing my mind. I learned a lot and really feel like this goes right alongside with my everyday exercise program. I have since shared the benefits with my family members and friends. This is something I will do until my old body won't allow me to anymore! I wish Kori would move back to Texas and host a class every week!

  • Rebecca Harold United Kingdom

    Santosha Society website

    Kori Hahn's approach to her teaching and the people she invites to join her leaves you feeling like you belong to a big family. She's incredibly down to earth and her live and let live approach to life leaves you feeling that yoga is not only cleansing, purifying, and peaceful but she's a great believer in not taking yourself too seriously. I would thoroughly recommend any opportunity that comes your way to work with Kori. Not only will you come away feeling that you've made a new soul mate for life but her passion for her teaching and experience is truly impressive and totally infectious.

  • Vicky Felton Bali, Indonesia

    Santosha Society website

    The Yin yoga class on the beach today was beautiful. Thank you so much for welcoming me and Vana. It was such a beautiful experience to share yoga with my beautiful baby in such a beautiful spot lead by such a beautiful person.

  • Claire Dusting Bali, Indonesia

    Santosha Society website

    I can't thank you enough. You are awesome! A fabulous class and invigorating experience with such an incredible back drop.

  • Cyndy Cordray Texas, USA

    Santosha Society website

    In an era when there is so much need for grounding, we are blessed to have teachers such as Kori Hahn among us. She shares the wisdom of traditional practices with her travel and life experiences. She applies the practical application of yoga to our daily lives. She is a wonderful spirit to have in your presence.

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