Shambhava Yoga Konalani is a yoga ashram where people immerse in the yogic lifestyle via meditation, asana, nourishing food, and conscious living; all with a lush ocean panorama.

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19 Days 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Immersion in Hawaii

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    from US$3,645
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    Instructors (3)

    Abhaya Goldstein

    Satyam Ehinger

    Casey Voigtlaender

    Reviews (5)

    Nevena Assenova

    from United States, February 2019

    "Yoga TT Hawaii "

    Amazing experience! The teachers are phenomenal and so supportive and kind. The entire program runs seamlessly and they make it feel effortless! It’s so well planned out and really helps you grow and build confidence in your skills. The location is of course, magical. And in addition to all that, the meals are out of this world! 10/10, I totally recommend.

    Kathryn Warnick

    from United States, February 2019

    "Excellent Program "

    This program is amazing! Set up very well and presented in a thorough and detailed manner. Worth every moment.

    Ariel Koehler

    from United States, September 2018

    Location, location, location!


    from Austria, September 2018

    I loved the environment, the way the whole course was set up, how easy and approachable they made the content, the fun surprise excursions and Picknicks at the beach and the perfect team work of the teachers. Their way of teaching and approaching us was amazing and both teachers have a big heart and were always down for a fun reference.

    Aleigha Arksey

    from Canada,

    It is difficult for me to use words to describe my teacher training experience at Shambhava Yoga Konalani, because I feel my words could never do it justice. To start, the ashram is located on the big island of Hawaii and that location is hard to beat. The ashram is amongst a mango orchard, rudraksha forest and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean. Not only is it in a beautiful location, but it is inhabited by even more beautiful people and mentors.With such a small class size I was able to receive a lot of one on one attention from the instructors. We covered a ton of material, but the repetition and individual help made it manageable and memorable. Gaining teaching experience was a primary focus of the course and several hours were dedicated to teaching our fellow students. I felt very confident in my teaching ability after completing the course. As much as this training was a positive experience, I must stress that positive and easy are two completely different things. This training challenged me physically, mentally and especially spiritually. I do not recommend this training to someone who is not open to having a spiritual experience. I feel so blessed to have gained a living Guru and to now be part of a lineage. If you come to Shambhava Yoga Konalani teacher training with an open mind, body and soul you will walk away a better yoga practitioner and person.

    Testimonials (5)

    Betti W. Canada

    Yelp website

    I've taken both the morning and the sunset classes here along with a meditation class. This is an amazing location (I'd recommend standing to the left of the room for the best view of the giant "tree of life" and the ocean) with teachers that I've really enjoyed. If you haven't had a chance yet- give it a go- you won't be disappointed.

    Jennifer Erickson

    The yoga deck at Konalani is perhaps the most beautiful place I have ever seen to practice yoga. It looks out over the water and at times you can see whales breeching. In savasana, the smell of tropical flowers wafts over you and the singing birds lull you into relaxation. The curriculum is well developed and taught by experienced senior teachers. The retreat format allows you to really immerse yourself into the experience and be a part of ashram life. The food is amazing and the accommodations are simple but comfortable. I highly recommend Konalani teacher training. It prepared me well for teaching and opened doors to develop a more advanced meditation and spiritual practice.

    Etti de Laczay

    I am pleased to recommend Shambhava Yoga training to anyone who wants to connect their meditation practice to their yoga practice. The spiritual foundation for this training is highly specific, rooted in the traditions of Kashmir Shaivism, but their application is universal, as this tradition favors spiritual development while fully engaged in the world. The ashram provides a solid foundation in Hatha yoga, the basis for all other yoga styles, and the Hawaiian setting is pure delight - the climate makes the early rise and full schedule so much more pleasant!



    I miss Konalani and our time together so much and will treasure it forever. The experience there far surpassed any of my expectations. When I first came there I had no idea how I was going to become a yoga teacher in 3 weeks, but your teaching approach could not have been better. You really broke down the asanas in a structured way of learning that is digestible and gives depth to the learning that will be reflected in my teaching. I can’t say enough good things about your teaching practices and methodologies, you were so thorough with everything— I more prepared than I expected to be after a 3 week training!I already cannot wait until I get to come back again for an advanced training with ya'll.

    Shikai Dexter Australia


    I wish there were more than 5 stars to give Shambhava Yoga Konalani. From the solid teacher training I now have the confidence to share, to the daily support of the beautiful teachers. (thank you Abhya and Satyam) The amazing food we had the privilege to eat during our meal times (thank you Sarah) while making friends over looking the breathtaking view of the ocean. I can honestly say I'm looking forward to the day I go back to this special place, it has helped me on my path and I will never forget my experience.