Shivani Yoga Center

Shivani Yoga Center, together with Begum Gulderen, organizes yoga retreats, teacher trainings, and holidays around Asia since 2011.

  • Nicosia, Cyprus
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from US$959
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Begum Gulderen

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 (Yoga)

Begum is the owner of the first yoga studio, Shivani Life Centre, in North Cyprus. She started yoga at a very early age of 17 during her travels and then started traveling, teaching, and learning yoga in Asia at the age of 21. She was working as a teacher at one of the most well-known yoga resorts in Goa, India, which has a large yoga community. Begum is now based in Istanbul, Turkey, and enjoys sharing her teachings with people from all nations. She is also a certified Pilates teacher, Feng Shui specialist, and Thai massage therapist.

Bengu Gulderen

Yoga Alliance UK (Yoga)

Bengu is a Yoga Alliance UK certified Pilates and yoga instructor, as well as the owner of Shivani Yoga Center since 2010.

Verified reviews

  • Review by Jelena from Serbia

    "It was amazing. I enjoyed every part of it, thank you Shivani Yoga Center!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited


  • Review by Patrick from United Kingdom

    "I had some great yogi time with Begum & Suzie at Cyprus. Swimming in the sea at 6 am, meditation at 6.30 followed by some super Vinyasa flow where Begum challenged each of us to a degree enabling us to reach just that little bit more - I take advantage of her visits whenever possible! "

    Shivani Yoga Center website, edited

  • Review by Ismet from German

    "I had unforgettable experience with Begum. Yoga Retreat was located in the Nature, by the beach in Goa, India. I was surrounded by nice friendly group. Thank You Shivani Life Center!"

    Shivani Yoga Center website, edited

  • Review by Sen from United Kingdom

    "I have travelled to different retreats in many countries. I meet Begum in Cyprus in 2012. I attended her classes regularly. Also a workshop and a retreat in Karpasia in Cyprus. Hand on heart she is the best teacher in my experiences. She gave me the confidence to do a headstand that I will always remember her for! She has a passion to teach. I recommend her immensely."

    Shivani Yoga Center website, edited

  • Review by Zuhal Sevil from Cyprus

    "Doing yoga in one of the most amazing and highly spiritual places of the world was a lifetime experience. Something to experience in one's life. I highly recommend it to all yoga lovers."

    Shivani Yoga Center website, edited

  • Review by Albertina Albert from Hungary

    "Ashtanga retreat in Kyoto was true and authentic.The temple was a unique location, well thought, a very very simple and purist surrounding but in the same way just beautiful. I appreciate the nearness of Govinda who is for me one of the most authentic Ashtanga yoga teacher. I just loved to be there with him and listen to his talks and his chants. Thank you."

    Shivani Yoga Center website, edited

  • Review by Esra Ayalp from Cyprus

    "Attended to both Japan and India Yoga Retreat of Shivani Life Center. Both were fantastic experiences! I loved it so much. Govinda and Begum are both amazing people. Govinda's teachings affected me so much in a good way. I feel like I really needed something like that. Begum was always there at the retreat center if we needed anything. She was lovely. I highly recommend both retreat in this authentic, breathtaking places. Namaste!"

    Shivani Yoga Center website, edited