Goa, India

ShivaShaktiYoga is a yoga school providing yoga teacher training and retreats. The aim is to spread the divine energy of yoga in its purest traditional form.

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  • Allan Mollins

    ShivaShaktiYoga Facebook page

    I had such a beautiful experience during my time at shiva shakti. Being able to immerse yourself in your practise and learning from the incredible teachers. A truly memorable experience and I hope one day to come back for more!

    Om shanti!

  • Alana Lee Bagelberg

    ShivaShaktiYoga Facebook page

    If you choose to receive your teacher training with ShivaShakti you not only gain the skills you need to start your journey as a yoga teacher (they get you up and teaching by day 2) but you will grow spiritually and emotionally through the love and support of your peers, teachers and organisers. There are plenty of reviews on here about the superb quality of teaching, the tasty food, the intense schedule and the basic accommodation (you'll learn to love it in the end), but my message to any potential student is that Shiva Shakti creates the perfect environment for personal transformation.

    And if I could give any potential yoga teacher trainee any advise it would be... don't over think, listen to your gut, there are no mistakes on your journey of self-discovery.

  • Jana Sche

    ShivaShaktiYoga Facebook page

    I really enjoyed my stay at Shiva Shakti Yoga in Goa. I have learned a lot not only about Yoga but also about myself. Everyone was very welcoming and Agonda Beach is a very peaceful and beautiful place.

  • Dordor Li

    ShivaShaktiYoga Facebook page

    Real Life, Real Yoga, I make correct decision to choose this school. We are group of 17 people, all their arrangement and teaching is from heart. We all so appreciate Dr. Himanshu and Dr. Amit teach us so much in 3 days, not just study and practice asana, we experienced our life.

  • Rosanna Phare

    ShivaShaktiYoga Facebook page

    I highly recommend Manish Goyal and the casts of shiva shakti Yoga for their professionalism and authenticity to deliver the teaching of traditional hatha yoga.

    Through Manish's guided meditation, my chronic pain for 16 yrs is gone. All my obstacles to peace is transformed, i gained awareness of my own inner consciousness, and I had spontaneous out of body experience. I believe Manish purity and authenticity uplifted the vibration of my beingness.

    I am totally blessed to be part of shiva shakti and i consider them as an extension of my family.

    One love mind.....just like that.

  • Hannah Glawky Glancy

    ShivaShaktiYoga Facebook page

    This was the best decision I ever made. I completed my course last year. I am now running my own classes successfully with confidence. Beautiful setting. Amazing teachers and lifelong friends. I am blessed to have found such an awesome course.

  • Beth Schuerman Alaska

    ShivaShaktiYoga website

    Shiva is the real deal - He is a yogi, lives, and breathes a yogic life! Shiva has taught me pranayama, meditation, ayurveda, yoga philosophy, and asana. Just thinking of him makes me smile. Anyone who has an opportunity to learn from Shiva should definitely make it happen. I had the good fortune to study with him in India and the experience changed my life forever - now I too am a happy yogi!

  • a traveler

    ShivaShaktiYoga website

    I joined yoga teacher training course in India with Shiva recently and it was for me an amazing and challenging experience! His dedication and knowledge for yoga in combination with his love to spread and share with us was a great way to be inspired. My life has started to change after this opportunity that suddenly appeared to me and I am always looking forward for his following courses in near future. Thank you Shiva! Hope you are well wherever you are at the moment Shiva!

  • Bryan Richter USA

    ShivaShaktiYoga website

    Yoga with Shiva has been an experience that took me to extreme limits physically, mentally, and emotionally. It has been a great learning experience and taught me that my life is so much fuller when I am at the center of it. The group was very interesting some wonderful people and it's been a big turning point in my life. It is full on and you are worth it!

  • Kate Dowdy from UK and Emily Ruygrok New Zealand

    ShivaShaktiYoga website

    We are so lucky to be here. The school is so far from the crowd and so calm and full of nature. The teaching of asnas is a very very nice genuine method. We had such an incredible time here at Shiva Shakti Yoga School. We learnt very valuable things about yoga in our teacher training Course. The teachers are really great and excellent in their way of teaching.

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