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Solara An-Ra

Solara An-Ra offers yoga retreats and workshops in a beautiful light-filled home in the unspoilt north of Ibiza.

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Shelly Van der Ven Europe

Solara An-ra website, edited

When I arrived at Casa Solara last year I instantly felt peaceful and relaxed. The surrounding is absolutely breathtaking - you really feel one with nature. Solara is a very welcoming person and a true expert in what she does. Although before I had a little introduction in the spiritual world, it was easy for me to pick up the flow and start my journey in meditation and healing. On the other hand, Solara coached me through it personally and on the other hand, she was well able to enhance the group spirit at the same time. For me, it was the best week of my life so far! And looking back it was a life changing experience. Love and thank you, thank you Solara!

Elin Magdalena Europe

Solara An-ra website, edited

Casa Solara is a lovely, personal, and beautiful place to connect with yourself and your soulmates to get guidance, inspiration, and space to vibrate higher! Love, love, and love!

Keenara Spain

Solara An-ra website, edited

Solara has found a paradise on Ibiza and created a beautiful space for workshops and retreats. As we know, the way forward is found within, and Solara's retreats are the perfect place to reach a little deeper, to expand your consciousness, to open your heart even more at your own pace, and always finding exactly what you need at any given moment. If you need to receive that jump start, or just recharge, Solara offers a beautiful, safe, sacred place to open to those dreams, those visions you have for yourself, and for humanity. I thank you, Solara An-Ra, for all you do! I will be back indeed!

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