Soul - Centre of the Body and Mind

Auckland, New Zealand

Soul is dedicated to providing a space of tranquility, nurture, and expansion through weekly classes, weekend workshops, retreats, and holistic treatments.

Testimonials 3

  • Megan Edwards

    SOUL website

    Thank you so much for a wonderful time away, and a taste again of the bloom of the present. Full points on rest, connection and love. I brought a lot of love back with me which we are all benefiting from. Thank you for your tender care of me. I really enjoyed all the leaders, and enjoyed the variety of our group as well. I am amazed at the work you are doing!

  • Fiona Bunn

    SOUL website

    Thank you so very very much for the opportunity to participate in such an incredibly inspiring week. I feel privileged to have met you all and feel safely wrapped up in all the heartfelt love, guidance and support you all provided us. Words cannot describe just how extraordinarily wonderful you all are!

  • Emma Bass

    SOUL website

    Thank you for the most wonderful, inspiring, enriching week.

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