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Delhi, India

Soulfit Journey is a yoga holidays concept that operates very unique and exclusive itineraries of yoga and wellness in the north and south region of India.

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9 Days Sailing and Camping Yoga Retreat in River Ganges, India

November 22-30 | November 22-30, 2018–2019

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from US$2,149
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9 days / 8 nights

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Ghanshyam Tiwari

Dr. Ghanshyam Tiwari is a master of Hatha Yoga and Sathkarma Kriya Yoga. He earned his diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic science from Akhil Bhartiya Prakritik Chikitsa Parisar, Delhi. The technique of Hatha Yoga was initiated by Dr. Tiwari’s Gurus; Shree Mohan Singh ji and Shree Sudarshan ji. The continuous learning for three and half year under the esteemed guidance of his Gurus enabled him to become a master of Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga. Mr. Tiwari also holds an Arts Masters Degree and loves to play cricket in his free time.

Reviews 5

    • Elizabeth Canada

      BookYogaRetreats website

      The trip was well organized with a great guide and yoga instructor. It was a great way to start the day doing yoga on the roof of our hotel as the sun rose and the birds sang.

    • Rose United States

      BookYogaRetreats website

      Very satisfied, would definitely book another trip with Soulfit Journey again. This trip was perfect for my first time in India.

    • Martina Germany

      BookYogaRetreats website

      It was nice to have combined the cities of the golden triangle with Holi Festival in Vrindavan. This way we didn't only got to see Indian sights and places of interest, but also were able to be part of the unique Holi celebration. We also got to see the Taj Mahal under the full moon. I liked the city, Vrindavan, in particular, because it is very peaceful and is a spiritual place. The locals were very friendly and we were able to learn a lot about the Indian culture.

    • Kristen United States

      BookYogaRetreats website

      I would highly recommend Soulfit Journey and specially this tour to everyone. Especially as a solo traveler, i appreciate having such a fun group to travel with and learn from. Loved this trip!

    • Karen United States

      BookYogaRetreats website

      Great pleasure in meeting and getting to experience India for first time. Felt very safe during the trip. Enjoyed spiritual wisdom as much as I enjoyed the tour.

    Testimonials 23

    • Dave Canada

      Soulfit Journey website

      I cannot express how satisfied our group were with this Taj Mahal experience. It exceeded our hopes and made for a highly memorable day. From the attention to detail, to added embellishments along the way, we were able to see and do everything we wanted. Thank you for making our Taj experience so fantastic.

    • Roberto United Kingdom

      Soulfit Journey website

      Excellent for busy travelers; you can probably get something cheaper locally but you need to search for it.

    • Kelly Chandler United States

      Soulfit Journey website

      Amazing tour. Loved it. Want to come back and do the tour again but this time during the festival of lights. Superb tour leader, Avi was the best ever tour guide. Very easy to talk to, approachable, understandable. Also our coach/bus driver, ‘Goldie’ is what he told us to call him, was a great driver, not once did I feel uneasy in that madness of traffic. All in all, absolutely thrilled and can’t wait to get back.

    • Meghan Charen United States

      Soulfit Journey website

      I had a great time with Soulfit Journey. Not only are the tours a great way to explore Downtown Asheville, I met some great people and learned some things about yoga and downtown!

    • Amy Spain

      Soulfit Journey website

      It was a great experience, lots of variety of yoga classes and opportunities to try new things. Hotel was lovely and Dr. Ghanshyam, my yoga instructor, was very helpful. Very positive experience.

    • Lee Rodd United States

      Soulfit Journey website

      It was absolutely perfect! Soulfit Journey arranged everything from the first minute to the last. It was amazing. The hotels were really beautiful with the best view and locations. All the lessons were very relaxing. We are definitely going back to India. Thank you so much for everything!

    • Franziska Germany

      Soulfit Journey website

      This was my first solo vacation and everything went smoothly thanks to Soulfit Journey. They replied instantly to my inquiry, and I felt very safe and taken care of before I arrived. Akhi was there to welcome me when I arrived 1 a.m. in the morning. The whole experience was great from the start to the end.

    • Meredith Dorey United Kingdom

      Soulfit Journey website

      It was an amazing week in India! The location, the food, and the teacher were just perfect. People were very helpful and welcoming. Thank you for this wonderful week in India!

    • Nicola Rought France

      Soulfit Journey website

      What a trip of a lifetime. Extremely well organized from all ends. Everything went like a dream, meeting guides, trains, trips, transfers. It is a very busy tour, but if you want to stop for an afternoon and not do the activity organized, the guide doesn’t mind. Remember to rest if you need it!

    • Neale Murton South Africa

      Soulfit Journey website

      Everything was extremely well organized. Avi was fantastic and open to changing the itinerary to suit the group. He was very honest and informative about anything we asked him. Mr Singh and Tinnku were a great team on the bus as well. The places visited were a good balance that had something for everyone. It was great to learn some life changing yoga by our yoga instructor while on tour.

    • Sandra Fitzgerald Italy

      Soulfit Journey website

      The trip was something I will never forget. India is such an incredible country to visit.

    • Neil Godwin United Kingdom

      Soulfit Journey website

      I thoroughly enjoyed my trip in India. The days were well planned out and included all the main attractions in India. Our guide, Avi, was amazing. Without the tour, I would not have seen half of the things I did. The group was small so we got to know each other really well and became great friends! I would highly recommend this tour!

    • Marie O’Connor Australia

      Soulfit Journey website

      Excellent introduction to India - I felt like a fish out of water when I arrived, but by the end felt comfortable traveling onward on my own and in the meantime saw some amazing sights!

    • Nigel Brewer United States

      Soulfit Journey website

      An excellent way to discover India and Holi festival, always felt safe in the hands of our tour leader, and wouldn’t have done India any other way.

    • Carolina Bravo Switzerland

      Soulfit Journey website

      Great trip to get a taste of India in a short space of time. The itinerary was reasonably in-depth but still left plenty of time to relax or to do more sightseeing if you wished. Soulfit Journey gets you to places you may not otherwise go to or know about by yourself. The Holi celebration in Vrindavan was brilliant, a real highlight. Very lucky to have a great and very varied group of people to enjoy the travel adventure with, along with our excellent, friendly, and professional tour leader and yoga teacher. India is one incredible country, a complete sensory overload, not for the faint hearted. Enjoyed it all.

    • Gillian Townson Scotland

      July 2016. Soulfit Journey website

      Holiday was amazing - sights and sounds were so different to home. Loved the yoga, food, and people.

    • Keith Scully New Zealand

      Soulfit Journey website

      Best trip we have ever had! Fantastic guide, amazing yoga instructor, interesting sites to visit, good accommodation, and reasonably priced. Looking forward to booking our next trip with Soulfit Journey. Excellent in all areas!

    • Lisa Grzan United States

      Soulfit Journey website

      Planning a trip to India i would definitely recommend booking this tour - you cover the history and modern day life in India along with festival. We saw and learnt so much about the country in a short space of time. The holiday was relaxing, stress free, and great fun! Thank you.

    • Sally Mayberry Australia

      Soulfit Journey website

      This tour lived up to all my expectations and more! I really feel that I saw so many off the beaten track experiences that I never would of had or been brave enough to do traveling as a single female. I loved the Holi experience in Vrindavan, which was probably the highlight.

    • Limin Koh Argentina

      Soulfit Journey website

      Fantastic tour! Great way to get a good experience of India within a short time. The main attraction is obviously the Taj Mahal under the full moon, but all of the other activities were incredible as well. I was nervous about doing a tour as a single female, but it was an overall great experience.

    • Kristen Bourrillion United States

      Soulfit Journey website

      This trip was amazing, I learnt so much about the vast cultures and religions in India. I saw things for how they really were. The atmosphere is incredible and I can’t wait to return.

    • Laura Mures Spain

      Soulfit Journey website

      As a group of four women we loved this trip. There were 11 travelers in total and we all got along really well. Our tour guide, Akhi, was full of knowledge and very friendly and approachable. The itinerary was on point and the Vrindavan stay was absolutely amazing, an experience we will never forget. We also felt safe at all times and if ever we needed to use the ATM or separate from the group for a moment, he would be sure to stand with us so we felt secure.

    • Lisa Foy Canada

      Soulfit Journey website

      This was a great trip for someone who wants to have a little less of a touristy experience and a little more of a cultural experience. You still get the safety of traveling in a group and with a knowledgeable guide, and you get to see all the important tourist destinations, but there are a lot of extra experiences thrown in that you would not be able to see if you planned a trip alone as a foreigner.

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