Sparkling Yoga offers world-class yoga retreats led by highly experienced teachers. Their retreats are created to ensure guests are supported, nourished, and inspired throughout their yoga journey.

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4 Days Alpine Magic Meditation Yoga Retreat in Switzerland

April 4-7 | July 11-14 | October 17-20, 2019
    from US$1,169
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    Instructors (1)

    Elena Mironov

    Reviews (6)


    from Canada, July 2018

    "Props and Practice Beforehand Unnecessary"

    When Yoga practice became more intermediate (starting on Saturday).

    Adelaida Arreaza

    from United States, October 2018

    Magical days in a magical place with magical people and instructor. Elena is such a positive soul that pushes you to your limits and also respects your limits in a very loving manner.

    Would definitely go again. Thank you Elena.

    Donna Williams

    from Sri Lanka, November 2017

    "Incredible location + blissful yoga "

    Location was incredible, hotel beautiful and yoga fantastic

    Testimonials (5)

    Malene Denmark

    Sparkling Yoga website

    ​Elena has a very intuitive approach towards her students, individually and as a group.

    Her unique way of integrating a range of yoga elements into morning and evening practices brings me back to her retreats again and again.

    It was a very good - perfect! - combination of classes. Very good mix in every session. I have stopped bringing my expectations to the retreats, instead I enjoy leaning into your guidance and practice.

    The place was amazing!

    Katherine United Kingdom

    Sparkling Yoga website

    ​Uplifting, open-hearted, grounding, holistic approach.

    Elena conveyed a spirit of wellbeing though manner, words + actions, which has bearing on students.

    The retreat has encouraged me to practice more consistently + to allow it to be integrated into my lifestyle.

    Gemma United Kingdom

    Sparkling Yoga website

    ​I really got a lot out of the retreat, so I just wanted to say thank you again.

    I was so happy that as a beginner, I was able to follow Elena's instructions. Also she is very intuitive and so I felt comfortable to trust in starting to practise and being able to ask for help if I had needed - or she was able to see immediately if anyone needed guidance.

    I was very happy with the mix and amount of classes.

    I was still able to participate fully as a beginner - but also challenged so I felt an achievement at the end. I will now seek to practise yoga as part of my life - am very grateful for this introduction.

    The hotel was beautiful, comfortable, fantastic.

    The mix of meditation, restorative and active yoga at the retreat was perfect for me as I have long been wanting to become more in the habit of meditating - and also it was great for my body to have some physical challenge and to start to build some all over strength. I really appreciated your method of teaching as I could always follow your guidance clearly and you seem to have a great intuition, for example reminding us to take away our expectations on ourselves and not to allow our practice to be affected by a busy mind. I will definitely continue in the practice of yoga and am really grateful for having the best introduction possible!

    Thanks again and hope to see you on another retreat.

    Snjolaug Iceland

    Sparkling Yoga website

    ​The teachers were very good. The good things were many, I loved all the classes and the teachers were always there if you had questions. They worked well together. Elena for me is more calm and her classes evolve around strength while Lauren was more upbeat with intense flow.

    The retreat inspired me to keep up a regular practice at home. It also taught me a lot about the foundations which makes me more confident in my self practice.

    Everything was perfect. The food, the service and facilities were amazing. The staff is super friendly and accommodating.

    Steinunn Iceland

    Sparkling Yoga website

    ​Teachers: inspiring, open and giving; a good balance between them. They were great.

    I had a great time with a wonderful group of people and teachers. Would definitely do it again and hope Elena and Lauren do another retreat together at an exotic location!