Sparkly Yoga

Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

Sparkly Yoga offers yoga classes, workshops, and retreats run by yoga teacher Michele Maselli and friends.

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  • Monica

    Sparkly Yoga website

    Michele's retreat charged me up on so many different levels. I intensified my practice in an unexpected way because he constantly challenged me, but not to a point of pain. He stimulated my spiritual practice with readings and recordings that were secular and applicable. He worked individually with me in the group by correcting certain postures but also encouraged the group to work together in a connected conscious way. Michele's smile and gentle enthusiasm made me feel safe and willing to try things I wouldn't possibly do on my own or in another setting. Nature's backdrop, and because it was Spring, was just a magnificent inspiration to be quiet and soak up the environment with all of my senses. Thank you kindly for sharing your knowledge with me Michele.

  • Tegan

    Sparkly Yoga website

    Mickey has such beautiful energy. He is incredibly disarming and open. And was able to support the group well who are at different skill levels. Thank you Mickey

  • Alana

    Sparkly Yoga website

    The farmstead what a gem!! Thank you Mickey for sharing your spiritual knowledge, yoga, meditation and pranayama techniques. Your energy is inspiring!! I walked away from this retreat feeling relaxed and recharged.

  • Steph

    Sparkly Yoga website

    I try to keep a minimal public profile online - I’m reluctant to publicly put my name to anything online, especially something so personal. What you do is amazing, though. This is potentially life changing stuff. Thank you. What an amazing weekend! Namaste,

  • Celine

    Sparkly Yoga website

    This was my first yoga retreat experience and I absolutely loved every second of it. Feel blessed and would recommend Mickey's retreat to anyone.

  • Will Thompson

    Sparkly Yoga website

    This was the first time I have ever been on a yoga retreat and I will definitely go again. It was a welcoming, safe, spiritual and very healing place.

  • Bronwen

    Sparkly Yoga website

    A wonderful challenging Yoga experience that I will never forget. The love and warmth of all the people involved, the locations, food and extra activities were beautiful and exciting. A life changing experience at 68 years of age.

  • Jacqueline Dwyer

    Sparkly Yoga website

    Have been telling all my yoga students to go on a Sparkly Yoga Retreat because they are so AWESOME!"

  • Michelle

    Sparkly Yoga website

    I had a really beautiful week in Gong Valley, I have come away feeling lighter, happier and inspired. Great teaching, great food and great people. I highly recommend re-treating yourself in Gong Valley!

  • Emma Knowles

    Sparkly Yoga website

    An amazing class! Perfect balance between tranquility, flexibility, balance, and core strength. There is never a class that I leave unsatisfied. Michele is a wonderful person and teacher. He is helpful and is very encouraging.

  • Emma Kelly

    Sparkly Yoga website

    I wish I had the time to attend more classes. Mickey is such a fabulous instructor very easy going, relaxed, and knowledgable. I started out as a total beginner and with Mickeys guidance I have improved so much and enjoy attending yoga every week. Each class is different and in such a relaxed atmosphere, I highly recommend Sparkly Yoga!

  • Susie Petris

    Sparkly Yoga website

    Michele is an awesome instructor. These classes are everything I look for in a yoga class. Not too serious, not just about the physical, while still being challenging enough to work up a sweat (if you want to), great dose of the spiritual and energetic, and the mindset of what yoga is in a practical way. I want more from a yoga class than just a work out, a stretching class, or a lecture, I want to leave feeling fabulous physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and I always leave his classes feeling like that. Part of the appeal is he goes off and does the great retreats with inspiring people in far flung locations, and I get to live a little of that by learning from what he has learned.

  • Effie

    Sparkly Yoga website

    Sparkly yoga retreat was an amazing life changing experience, you feel uplifted, happy for life you meet the most fantastic people with same goals in mind. The retreat was such a rejuvenating experience for the mind and the soul.

  • Rachel Australia

    Sparkly Yoga website

    A perfect mix of active and resting, pranayama and asana, massage, and snorkeling. Baan talay is a beautiful and private setting with very generous and gracious hosts. I enjoyed getting to know such a friendly and fun group of people. Thank you Mickey for your teaching, for your quirky sense of humor, and for organizing a lovely retreat in such an exotic location. Highly recommended!

  • Emma

    Sparkly Yoya website

    A brilliant authentic experience and time to practice, learn, and improve your yoga, inner and outer strength. Thanks Mickey for a wonderful period of self discovery, great friends, and access to a hiden treasure in the Gong Valley.

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