Spirit Vine Retreat Center

Bahia, Brazil

Spirit Vine Retreat Center focuses on spiritual development and re-connection with the higher self through meditation, regression, art, yoga, talks on ayahuasca, and ceremonies.

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8 Days Ayahuasca, Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Brazil

December | May | August | November, 2017–2018

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from US$1,650
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8 days / 7 nights

9 Days Meditation, Ayahuasca, and Yoga Retreat Brazil

Nov | Feb | Mar | Jul | Oct | Dec, 2017–2018

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from US$1,850
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9 days / 8 nights

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Silvia Polivoy

Silvia is a licensed clinical psychologist. She co-founded the Spirit Vine Retreat Center, a space created to hold retreats for those interested in spiritual pursuits. She received her license in clinical psychology in 1983 and had a private practice in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for 20 years until she began to feel the need to make a transition from studying and healing the mind to exploring the worlds of spirit.

Testimonials 6

  • A traveler

    Ayaadisors website

    I just completed the December retreat at spirit vine and it was the most magical and productive Christmas gift I could’ve given myself. I have never felt so safe and comfortable as I did here. The way the retreat and ceremonies were conducted allowed me and all the other wonderful group members to open up completely and transform the dark parts within to beautiful light and color. The expert guidance of the shamaness Silvia helped me and many other people break very difficult patterns that had been causing pain and suffering. I will be definitely come back to continue my journey of self-discovery.

    Apart from the workshops and ceremonies, everything else was also beautiful. The food, the bungalow, the swimming pond, the beaches and the jungle-spectacular and breath-taking. Highly recommend to anyone who feels the call to ayahuasca!

  • Mary

    Ayaadvisors website

    My experiences at Spirit-Vine Retreats have far surpassed my expectations and all of my previous ayahuasca experiences. Silvia is a gifted shaman and teacher, and she has created a jungle paradise for seekers wishing to commune with the spirit of ayahuasca. She coaches participants on how to actively engage in a dialogue with the spirit and express their needs and intentions. Her counsel is steady and comforting during ceremonies and sessions, and participants receive strength and support from the group dynamic.

    Silvia’s patience and the personal attention she gives to each participant creates a safe setting, and the beautiful environment could not be more perfect. The health benefits I have received from ayahuasca are immeasurable, and I am profoundly grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend Spirit-Vine Retreats to anyone contemplating an ayahuasca journey.

  • Victoria United Kingdom

    Spirit Vine Retreat Center website

    Sometimes in life, you need to do things that you're not entirely comfortable with. The things that stretch your comfort zones and remind you of your vulnerabilities. I felt like this when I arrived at Spirit Vine. I was nervous, with a heart full of confusion and desperate to reawaken from the spiritual slumber that had somehow crept upon me. The minute I arrived, I knew I was in the right place. Silvia, the group, and the glorious jungle, they all reminded me how beautiful the external world is, once you get to understand and appreciate the limitless one inside yourself. I have grown more in one week than I thought possible. I am still growing.

  • Tiina Finland

    Spirit Vine Retreat Center website

    Spirit Vine retreat was a beautiful and deep experience in many ways and levels. The place is absolutely magical and calming. It's easy to let go, be in the present moment, recognize, and remove obstacles that diminish your true potential and essence to manifest. Silvia has plenty of tools to help people to balance and decode their mental programming. That's also a key factor to develop consciousness in the long run. Her ways of working and being herself are something I haven't experienced before. I absolutely recommend Spirit Vine to everyone who is open minded and hearted to get to know her or his higher-self better. So for you reading this, follow your curiosity and be ready for multidimensional adventure. Thank you, Silvia.

  • Dave S. United States

    Spirit Vine Retreat Center website

    I can remember feeling strongly at the first ceremony at Spirit Vine that this is what an Ayahuasca experience is supposed to be like. The setting for an Ayahuasca ceremony is very important in my opinion. The peaceful and loving environment provided by Silvia and the staff removed all sense of anxiety from the Ayahuasca experience.The individual attention paid to each of the participants was amazing. Silvia and the other facilitators helped me before and after each ceremony to explore that that experience meant to me. The meditation classes helped me reach a new level of inner peace and higher-self realization. The food at the center was excellent. Being vegan, I was worried about the menu I would have to choose from. The staff was made aware of my dietary needs and happily made special (delicious) dishes just for me. I wanted a safe place to share the Ayahuasca experience with my wife in a warm and loving environment. Silvia and the Spirit Vine staff far exceeded all expectations we had. I would highly recommend Spirit Vine retreats for anyone interested in exploring the wonders of Ayahuasca and their higher-self. Thanks Silvia for sharing your paradise with us.

  • Michael United States

    Spirit Vine Retreat Center website

    I find myself repeatedly coming back to the quote from Einstein, the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed. I am still taken with the profound sense of gratitude I feel towards all participants in the December 2011 retreat. Most obviously, to Sylvia as what has been accomplished at The Vine Center is astounding. I respectfully disagree with how the website identifies the temple as where the ceremonies take place. I view all of The Vine Center as a temple, complete with a spectacular ceremony hall. As I walked around, swam in the lagoon, and shared wonderful meals with fellow travelers, I was constantly struck with how it was all sacred ground. Complimented by sacred music during the ceremonies, hats off again to the DJ!

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