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Steph Crochet Yoga conducts local and international yoga retreats, and she is a yoga teacher who is a world traveler, positive thinker, and food lover.

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Steph Crochet Yoga

Stephanie’s yoga retreat in Bora Bora was truly magical. The location was luxurious and relaxing in every way, and Stephanie’s yoga sessions took it over the top. The yoga sessions were fun, challenging, non-judgmental and soulful. Steph is a highly-skilled and passionate yoga instructor who makes both the physical and mental aspects of yoga accessible to everyone of all ages and levels with her energy, compassion, and knowledge. It’s impossible to come away from one of Steph’s retreats without feeling “reset”: more joyful, mindful and balanced.

Amanda Ford

Steph Crochet Yoga website

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Ojai with Steph. Her retreat offered me exactly what I needed, clarity, focus, and inspiration. The weekend was well organized. I got to spend plenty of time enjoying the resort and the charming town in Ojai. Steph radiates love, light and laughter, she is an incredibly gifted yoga teacher and her passion for the practice is infectious. I left joy-filled and with a deeper connection to my practice.

Mina King

Steph Crochet Yoga website

Steph is such a caring and dedicated teacher who glows from within, it is so clear how passionate she is about yoga! I went to my very first yoga retreat with Steph in Palm Springs at The Parker, the experience was…in a word: perfect. It was everything I had hoped for and more!

Nancy Beiser

Steph Crochet Yoga website

When Steph announced she was leading a yoga retreat in Palm Springs, I thought, wow, how fun it would be to do yoga in Palm Springs with Steph, such a special treat! I’m so happy I went! The retreat definitely exceeded my expectations and I came away feeling invigorated, enlightened and rejuvenated.

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