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Holistic Meditation Retreat USA

This 9-day holistic is unique opportunities to fulfill the leading-edge of modern spiritual experience while being immersed in the empowering presence of a master spiritual teacher. This is a modern spirituality retreat for the digital age which will be harnessing technology for the evolution of consciousness. Moreover, the facilitators will work with you to develop the most effective strategy for continuing your personal spiritual growth at home upon your return.


  • Holistic empowerment sessions
  • High-Tech Meditation & Empowerment sessions
  • Neurofield system diagnostic & entrainment session
  • Sunday sacred fire ritual & CoReEnergetix session
  • 8 nights' accommodation
  • Delicious meals


8 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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During this retreat, you will be accommodated at the Synchronicity Foundation Sanctuary located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, USA. The place is the headquarters for Synchronicity Foundation for modern spirituality. This 450-acre sylvan retreat center includes residential facilities for the Synchronicity Monastic Community at the Stillpointe Monastery and guest facilities for Synchronicity Foundation’s retreat participants.

Note: In addition, the full array of holistic protocols including your new peak enhancement protocol will be available to assist you in maximizing your retreat experience.

Synchronicity Foundation USA Meditation Retreat Program

You will enjoy the holistic empowerment of Master Charles Cannon in evening sessions of dialogue (High-Tech Meditation and High-Tech Empowerment) and the neuro field brain diagnostic and neurofeedback entrainment technology.

Those are the most advanced systems which are available for offering a complete assessment of your brainwave profile and an accurate diagnostic of your personal level of evolution. Hence, you will know exactly where your feet are.

The facilitators will use your neuro field diagnostic which will be performed at the beginning of the retreat to help you create the most impactful Stillpointe experience possible. They will also work with you to develop the most effective strategy for continuing your personal, spiritual growth at home upon your return. In addition, the full array of holistic protocols (including the new peak enhancement protocol) will be available to assist you in maximizing your retreat experience.

High-Tech Meditation

Synchronicity Foundation’s High-Tech Meditation was created by Master Charles Cannon and is practiced by thousands of meditators worldwide for thirty years. It provides a novel way to achieve balance, wholeness, and fulfillment in a fast-paced Western lifestyle.

This meditation system is designed to be practiced on a daily basis. High-Tech Meditation utilizes Synchronicity sonic technology (Holodynamics) to give you the opportunity to enjoy a precision meditation experience every time you will meditate.

Synchronicity Foundation’ sonic technology utilizes comprehensive brain-wave entrainment technology combined with the energy frequencies of sacred geometry. It is leading-edge of entrainment technologies designed to enhance the evolution of human consciousness.

The technology is literally "meditate you" while they buffer out intruding (distracting sounds), balance the two sides of your brain, entrain a meditative brainwave pattern, and provide a consistent environment that will enable a precision meditation experience every time.

Traditional methods of meditation worked when your life was slow, quiet, and simple. Today's high-tech, busy, noisy world will make it much more difficult to sit in peaceful contemplation. The many environmental factors beyond your control can create a frustrating inconsistency in meditation experience.

Energetic environmental pollution and stress caused by television, computers, and microwaves as well as a world population of almost seven billion people and ever-increasing in conflict and dysfunction. All will directly impact the human energy field in creating imbalance and making traditional methods used to experience stillness and expand holistic awareness largely ineffective.

Fortunately, Synchronicity Foundation's High-Tech Meditation will harmonize the chaotic energies that otherwise impede the meditative process. In addition, High-Tech Meditation requires no religious belief system or adaptation of the cultural conditioning which is often associated with traditional systems.

High-Tech Meditation works with all four brainwave frequencies which are Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta and each of which correlates with specific states of consciousness. The one-of-a-kind "Brain Monitor" developed by Synchronicity Foundation's research team will enable reliable measurement of actual brainwave changes over time.

Research on Synchronicity Foundation's meditators finds that High-Tech meditators are more consistent with a daily practice because Holodynamic technology will eliminate the many problems inherent in using traditional techniques in this modern age. Furthermore, meditators who regularly use High-Tech Meditation experience a four-fold increase in results over "low-tech" methods.

The holistic lifestyle

Daily sessions of High-Tech Meditation are essential to maintaining the kind of balance you will need to live a happy and fulfilled life. However, for best results, it will help support the High-Tech Meditation practice with a lifestyle designed to maintain balance throughout the rest of the day.

The Synchronicity Foundation’s holistic lifestyle addresses the three primary dimensions of the body which are emotions and mind and incorporates diet, exercise, and life-affirmative tools to promote positive emotions and thoughts. When you can add the holistic lifestyle to your daily high-tech meditation practice, the reward will be joy and fulfillment 24/7.

Physical dimension

Each of the dimensions is expressed on a continuum from positive to negative with balance right in the middle. The default position where most people will find themselves is towards the negative end and is called negative polarity imbalance. This means that you must emphasize the non-dominant positive polarity to achieve the balance.

In the case of the physical dimension, negative polarity imbalance may look like inactivity or lethargy compared to the positive end of the spectrum where you will find movement and dynamism.

When you are imbalanced in the physical dimension, you will be lack of the energy and vitality to enjoy life to the fullest and even meditation will become a struggle. A balanced diet and regular aerobic exercise are the primary means of emphasizing the non-dominant positive polarity. By focusing on the positive, you will move away from the default negative position towards physical dimensional balance.

Emotional dimension

Within the emotional dimension, negative polarity imbalance will be marked by the dominance of fear over the positive polarity, love. When you are imbalanced in this dimension, you will be unable to feel yourselves or your relationships as supportive and loving, impeding your ability to experience the joy of life. Flowing positive-love-based feeling is the primary way to emphasize the non-dominant positive polarity and create balance in the emotional dimension.

Mental dimension

Within the mental dimension, the positive polarity will be expressed as stillness while the default negative polarity imbalance will be marked by the dominance of undirected thinking. You will express negative polarity imbalance in the mental dimension when you will find yourselves agonizing over events from the past or living in an illusory future.

In the mental dimension, directing the mind with truthful statements is the primary means of emphasizing the non-dominant positive polarity. The resultant balance is the basis of stillness and the ability to move beyond the mind into the subtle dimensions marked by detached observation or witness consciousness.

Subtle dimension

When you move beyond the mind, you will be in the subtle dimension. The first level of what is called universal rather than individual consciousness. This is also the first of the dimensions where you will experience the relative polarities in a state of balance.

With the balance, you will be more detached from events happening in your lives and witness them without being invested in the outcome. This kind of detachment, often called witness consciousness, comes with an awareness that is less fragmented and more holistic. The achievement of witness consciousness is considered a hallmark in the meditator's journey and is also understood as the point at which true meditation (or stillness in duration) begins.

Note: The retreat will begin on Saturday morning at 09:00. Please plan to arrive on Friday or earlier to relax into the holistic empowerment of Synchronicity Foundation Sanctuary and experience advanced diagnostic testing as well as additional holistic protocols. The cost of your Friday night’s meal and overnight stay are included in your retreat fee. Furthermore, please book your departure for Sunday, October 29.


Charles Cannon
Master Charles Cannon is known worldwide as a modern spiritual teacher. He was given the title Master by his teacher to denote that he is a Master Spiritual Teacher or one who can teach without words. Master Spiritual Teachers are recognized by their palpable presence, their holistic state of being, which effortlessly empowers everyone in their proximity. He is an acknowledged pioneer in the evolution of human consciousness. He founded Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality in 1983 and developed High-Tech Meditation and the Holistic Lifestyle.


This retreat will take place in Virginia, USA.


During this retreat, you will savor delicious meals. Furthermore, if you arrive on Friday, you will get a night’s meal which is included in the price.

Things to do (optional)

You can enjoy walking and fresh air of the beautiful nature surrounding.

What's included

  • 1 CoReEnergetix session to enhance balance and integration of the holistic empowerment of the retreat
  • 1 High-Tech Empowerment and High-Tech Meditation sessions with Master Charles Cannon
  • 1 neurofield system diagnostic and entertainment session
  • 8 nights’ accommodation
  • Delicious meals
  • Sunday sacred fire ritual with Master Charles Cannon for demonstrating and actualizing the modernization of spiritual experiences

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
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