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Talalla Retreat

Talalla Retreat is a boutique hotel and yoga retreat overlooking an undiscovered beach of calm turquoise sea at the southern tip of Sri Lanka.

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Sky De Jersey

from Australia, October 2017

"A beautiful pause in paradise "

I loved it so much it inspired a poem:


A place, a beach, an oasis

Retreat from the world

Your cares floating away on the tropical breeze

As your breath deepens to match the waves rolling in

The days are timeless

Flowing peacefully from one moment to the next

Punctuated by yoga and a swim (it is hot after all!)

Unwind your mind

Unfurl your wings

Let your spirit free

Free to be where you are

In this moment

Embracing the wisdom of the ancients

The mantras reminding us all

'You are enough'

'Your presence is sufficient'

'You are precious '

And most importantly

'You are loved'

Watching the moon emerge from the ocean

Entranced by the moonlight dancing on the waves

Sparkles glistening on each wave as it runs to the shore

Emerging from deep yin

Wandering back through the gardens

Nature's magic has one more treat in store -

Fireflies dancing in the soft grass

Weaving webs of light in the twilight

Breathe deep

There is no where else you should be

There is no thing you need to do



in this moment

in this place

In this space

At peace


Let go

And just


Galia De Fulviis

from Belgium, June 2017

"the perfect location for relaxation"

I liked my journey @ Talalla Retreat! Nice hotel, in a quiet piece near the beach. Beautiful garden, nice rooms, nice staff and great food.

I chose to do the yoga retreat. My first contact with yoga and even you're just a beginner, the program was made for everybody. We had a nice time with the teachers and had some great workshops.

For everybody who is looking for a 100% relaxation or wants a surf experience, there you are @ the right place.

Testimonials 4

Kim Australia

Talalla Retreat website

The yoga retreat not only provided the space I was looking for, I managed to meet some incredible people along the way. Thank you to the Team at Talalla.

Charlotte UK

Talalla Retreat website

Without sounding cliched, it really was the perfect balance of exercise, relaxation, mind and body. Everything was fun and effortless and the resort was beautiful. We laughed, we even cried and we made life long friends and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Jenna Kruiskamp Western Australia

Talalla Retreat Facebook page

Talalla is a haven of positive energy, exquisite nature and wonderful people. Highly recommend!

Martin Kayser

Talalla Retreat Facebook page

Wonderful yoga teachers, a marvellous surf coach, great accommodation, and splendid beaches. Could not have been better. Hope to come back very soon.

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