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Tao Meditation

Tao Meditation offers forest retreats, circle walking, meditation & pranyama, qigong, taiji, tao yoga. Good health, gentle awakening, smile, relax, let go.

Instructors 2

Paula Davidson

Paula Davidson has been running retreat centers in the UK and in France since 1997. She has vast experience in discreetly attending to the needs of retreat participants as well as teachers. She has hosted over 100 residential retreats, since 2003 at the Tourné Retreat Center in the French Pyrénées. She has been forest walking every day for over 20 years, never missing a day! Her natural ease and connection with nature makes her a perfect guide to forest "breathing" as a means to reduce stress and support profound healing.

Ram Chatlani

Ram is an expert teacher of Tao yoga, Tai Chi, Bagua (eight trigrams circle walking), Qigong, and meditation with over 30 years experience. He has been certified by Master B.K. Frantzis as a teacher of various Qigong forms, breathing and Bagua circle walking for health and meditation. His other teachers include Dadi Janki, Sepa Dorjé Rinpoche, Lama Lena Yeshe Katyub, and Victor Sanchez. He has students worldwide and is an inspiring teacher with vast practical knowledge and a unique approach to the universal methods of Tao. He has trained extensively in Buddhist, Yogic, and Taoist tradition.

Reviews 4

Eliane Kim Duran

from France, April 2018

"A retreat for change and renewal"

The whole experience was like when you put your tired, hot feet in a mountain stream. It wakes you up, and you can't wait to take a plunge! I am truly grateful for the generosity of the teaching, the graceful hospitality and the beauty of the place.

Cynthia Nakayenga

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Beautiful magical place"

Please do not go to this retreat or anywhere near this place if you don't want your life changed. Here's the thing. It's all a set up to turn you into a free functioning happy human being...I mean, who wants that??? If you don't get nourishment from Ram's mind boggling wisdom, Paula's meals will do it, if neither of the humans manages to do it, believe me, the river outside will show you the way, if that doesn't happen, the donkeys will make it happen, and if you are still the same after walking through the forest and breathing in the fresh air, and interacting with the birds and wildlife then consider you are a robot and need to go to silicon valley to get an update or upgrade on your computer chip. This place has soul. It has heart! It has spirit! You came alive.

Maria Peart

from Belgium, January 2018


A beautiful place. Calm, openness, space and laughter. Teaching that was geared to me personally and presented in a clear, light but, at the same time, profound way. I very much enjoyed sharing in Ram's knowledge and experience. Not to mention the delicious, creative, abundant food!

Clémentine Allain

from France, March 2018

"The Power of Softness"

This was our first yoga retreat ever and we were not sure what to expect. We both left transformed.

The first thing that struck us upon arriving in this beautiful place was simply rediscovering the pleasure of breathing. The air quality there is amazing.

Our bedroom was very spacious and comfortable with a view on the lovely peaceful gardens and the river, its soothing sound a constant companion on this transformative journey.

Forest walking meditation is blissful. Three walks guided by Ram in different forests, three beautiful experiences. There is something magical about being in nature, the profound effect it has upon our senses and our overall feeling of well-being. Breathing, bringing the mind back to the present moment and opening our senses in the forest, we felt happiness and calm increasing.

We were introduced to Tao Yoga’s subtle power of softness in the relaxing atmosphere of the Dojo. A gentle yet profound practice that had a very positive effect on restoring balance and enhancing well-being. Ram is a great guide and a truly inspiring teacher.

Last but not least, the quality of the meals. Paula is an amazing cook — and an all around wonderful person. You can taste the love in her cuisine. The fresh delicious meals she prepares are full of flavours, each dish transporting us to different parts of France and the World.

Thank you Ram and Paula for your kindness and openness, for all the special moments, the laughter and all the valuable teachings that you shared.

Testimonials 1

a traveler

Tao Meditation website

Thank you again for a wonderful retreat. I really felt the benefits so strongly this time and have already done my practice this morning. Hopefully I will be able to maintain and nourish the dantien presence and enjoy all the gifts that it brings.

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