Tao Meditation: Gently life changing retreats to bring you back to simplicity.

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Paula Davidson

Ram Chatlani

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Bastiaan Beemsterboer

from United States, March 2019

"Great experience beyond expectations "

The authenticity of the teachings. Ram knows exactly where you are and what you need. His guidance is right on the spot every single time, feels like he exactly sees the the obstacles you encounter.

The food; everyday Paula surprises you with excellent soups, salads, and more. Suburb cooking skills, served and prepared with love, kindness and compassion. Thank you!

The atmosphere was optimal. Feeling very welcome, aprriciated, but well balanced with the privacy and Stillness you wish to have. Allways time for a small chat, a perfect place to be completely yourself.

The library, don’t bring any books with you, there are hundreds of them plenty of your interest I know for sure.

Lucy Norris

from Great Britain, February 2019

"Blissed and Blessed "

The retreat began with a beautiful nature walk with Paula and dogs - and a very warm welcome. Ram listened deeply, and devised a programme to teach, support and nurture meditation practice that is, was (and continues to be) transformative. Spending time in the most sacred of spaces, internally and externally was a great joy. Walking in the abundance of pure air, sky of dancing stars, or dazzling sun and glorious rain, 4 course breakfasts (who knew?!) and suppers, a bed of dreams and comfort.....what more? Amazing wildlife, the stuff to set a creative fire, and the sounds of silence. Wood burning stoves. Tranquility. Wonderful moments of conversation and connection with Paula and Ram who are the perfect hosts, knowing just when to “leave you be”. A piece of Tourne is in my heart as well as a tiny stone in my pocket, both enfolded with love.

Tom Husson

from Belgium, February 2019

"Unlocked a part of myself"

Ram is an incredible teacher. Paula is an incredible host. The whole setting allowed me to get out of my rusty self to unlock a part of me that I didn't know was accessible to me. Beyond refreshing.

Jessica Cheney

from Great Britain, December 2018

"The perfect break from city life"

The meditation and Qi Gong training is challenging, especially if it's your first experience, but Ram is an excellent (and patient) instructor and the final result is tremendously rewarding.

Ram and Paula's home has to be one of the most tranquil locations on this planet. It will initially be a shock to learn that none of your phones have signal, and the wifi is only turned on upon request (and reluctantly at that), however it's not until you have left at the end of the 4 days that you realise what a tonic to the soul it can be to remove yourself from any obligations to return calls, listen to voicemails, send emails, like photos of your neighbour's dog etc. At Touré, the air is pure and fresh, it is mostly silent apart from the babbling brook in front of the house, there are adorable animals everywhere, the hosts are even more lovely, the food is all homemade and is simply delicious (note: bring stretchy trousers as Paula serves 4 courses every evening).

Kirsten Brown

from Spain, August 2018

"A short retreat with long impact"

I can't speak highly enough about my time with Paula and Ram, and their staff at Tourne! The setting, the food, the teachings, and the animals(!) all far exceeded any expectations I had before attending the retreat. I had been looking for a relaxing holiday after a stressful year and was also wanting to learn more about meditation, of which I was/am a relative beginner. Ram tailored our sessions perfectly and, in combination with the tranquil setting and Paula's hospitality, I left relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to continue learning and practicing. I've been back in the city for a few days now and this feeling of calm has persisted; a testament to the kindness and compassion of all I encountered during my retreat.


from Great Britain, August 2018

"Retreat for beginners "

Lovely location, friendly hosts and instructor.

Great Food with lots of flavour.

We would definitely return

Matthew Kuipers

from Great Britain, August 2018

"MK's thoughts"

Simplicity, surroundings, softness, sustenance ... one could virtually go through the alphabet finding nothing but positive, pleasant, peaceful phrases to describe this place. The setting is beautiful, the teaching is beautiful, the food is beautiful ... everything is given the utmost care and attention. Thank you.

Sietske Heun

from Netherlands, July 2018

Andrea Kyratzis

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Amazing, tranquil, peaceful just fabulous!"

The location was amazing very peaceful just beautiful, our accommodation was great!

Paula’s food was delicious, every night she surprised us with a different soup, salad , main and homemade dessert....

Ram our teacher was fabulous

I couldn’t imagine anyone else better than ram teaching us... there’s no one that can top him.. he taught us sooo much for us to practice when on our own....just amazing....

we could not fault the place at all... ram and Paula made us so welcome in there home, we felt we had known them for years and have made new friends and will definitely go back.... as I type I am already thinking of when to next go.....

Just amazing..... felt so chilled and refreshed and it was extra special because my friend and I had the place to ourselves and had ram to teach us privately... before it got to busy.

Edward Collett

from France, May 2018

"Rewarding, relaxing and surprising. "

The retreat was excellent. A great mix of relaxing time in the magnificent and peaceful French countryside, some very tasty and filling food, a beautiful house and location and of course some time to learn new yoga and meditation techniques. It was a wonderful way to escape the noise and chaos of modern city life and i would be very keen to return in order to take part in a longer retreat. Ram and Paula have created something very special :-)

Eliane Kim Duran

from France, April 2018

"A retreat for change and renewal"

The whole experience was like when you put your tired, hot feet in a mountain stream. It wakes you up, and you can't wait to take a plunge! I am truly grateful for the generosity of the teaching, the graceful hospitality and the beauty of the place.

Cynthia Nakayenga

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Beautiful magical place"

Please do not go to this retreat or anywhere near this place if you don't want your life changed. Here's the thing. It's all a set up to turn you into a free functioning happy human being...I mean, who wants that??? If you don't get nourishment from Ram's mind boggling wisdom, Paula's meals will do it, if neither of the humans manages to do it, believe me, the river outside will show you the way, if that doesn't happen, the donkeys will make it happen, and if you are still the same after walking through the forest and breathing in the fresh air, and interacting with the birds and wildlife then consider you are a robot and need to go to silicon valley to get an update or upgrade on your computer chip. This place has soul. It has heart! It has spirit! You came alive.

Maria Peart

from Belgium, January 2018


A beautiful place. Calm, openness, space and laughter. Teaching that was geared to me personally and presented in a clear, light but, at the same time, profound way. I very much enjoyed sharing in Ram's knowledge and experience. Not to mention the delicious, creative, abundant food!

Sabine Adriensence

from France, August 2018

"Lieu magique, repas excellents, enseignement de qualité"

Le calme, l'espace, l'accueil, les repas de Paula et l’enseignement de Rami ; tout est au rendez vous pour passer quelques jours de retraite avec soi même.

Florence Azais

from France, August 2018

"Oui mais...."

Accueil, site, nourriture tout est au top avec une Paula toujours souriante, prête à rendre service et dont la cuisine variée est excellente.

Merci Paula pour ta gentillesse et "Avec plaisir"!

J'ai apprécié les séances de méditation et l'approche de Ram.

Rachel Delattre

from Mauritania, July 2018

"A wonderful experience in a beautiful peaceful setting "

To say that this course is interesting is an huge under statement. The one on one teaching was unique and amazing. Ram's wisdom and knowledge is incredible, and I was hanging on his every word. I am delighted to have learnt so much and to have come away with a special qi gong practice that feels tailor made and that I can do by myself at home with the precious aide of Ram's emailed tutorial sheets, videos and audio recordings. Paula's meals are home-made fresh from the garden, bursting with flavour, copious, and always served with a smile. Together Ram and Paula make everyone feel very welcome, as if we are at a home away from home and part of the family even. Thank you for everything.

Katrien Wijsman

from France, May 2018

"Amazing calm place in nature! "

My first real meditation experience, I loved it. I left so calm and with a fresh mind !

Christophe Pinel

from France, January 2019

"Guidance into the smile of the heart"

I had so much appreciated the way the team was been bring into the natural heart's smile, with kindness, humor & supported with cocooning accomadation, excellent food and beautifull environment. Merci Ram & Paula !

M Devine

from Great Britain, November 2018

"Expert bespoke instruction in an idyllic woodland valley"

This retreat exceeded my expectations on every level. I will definitely return.

- INSTRUCTION - was personalised, so whilst it was challenging, sessions were adapted to my abilities (I had no previous experience in Tai Chi), I therefore felt that I made a lot of progress, particularly in my understanding of 'how' to move, rather than just copying choreography. I found the sessions inspiring and quite astounding in terms of clearing my mind.

- ACCOMMODATION AND FACILITIES - were of a much higher standard than I had expected for the price. The house is quirky and full of character, rooms are spacious and I had a wonderful view from my bedroom. There is a well stocked library outside the guest bedrooms and I spent hours relaxing there in the evening.

There are several well equipped rooms for instruction and practice, indoor or partly open to the air, or actually in the open air.

- FOOD- a large healthy breakfast and 4 course evening meal which was freshly prepared every evening, with a glass of wine. Every evening meal was different, made with local ingredients. The variety of flavours was wonderful. I found that I didnt need to eat lunch but theres a lovely bakery and a bistro in the village nearby.

- LOCATION - pictures cannot do justice to the location. I spent hours walking the many woodland paths along the valley and hills, rediscovering how much I enjoyed being out in nature. The weather (November) was sunny and warm. At night, the star gazing was amazing !

Eva Barna

from Great Britain, August 2018

"Ba Gua retreat at Tourne "

I had a wonderful time in Tourne on the Ba Gua retreat. I have learnt a lot in that week from Ram who is a very authentic teacher. While we had intensive Ba Gua sessions, Paula was making us beautiful, fresh food which I enjoyed immensely. They have created such a special place there where I felt completely at home. Many people have been going on their retreats for over 10 years and it was so nice to meet these lovely, humble people. I will keep an eye on the upcoming events. :) Thank you so much for providing me with such an experience.

Nancy Blanckaert

from Belgium, August 2018

"More coming into balance ..."

The Ba Gua retreat was a great experience, very intensive, but giving a lot of energy. I wanted to find more balance while practicing taiji/kungfu and really true, at the end of the retreat I felt more energy coming from the ground through my feet to dantien. Ram spent much attention to basics of steps and arm postures. A beautiful start for practicing at home. There was also a good balance in the teaching between profound training and let go everything while circling and have fun. Everything was supported by the excellent and healthy meals Paula cooked for us! Ram and Paula, many thanks for giving us such a nice, healthy and interesting week ... giving all kind of changes a chance. Hope to see you again one time. Nancy

Belgin Nixon

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Enchanted Retreat !"

Don’t know where to begin...A peaceful and beautiful place, in a valley surrounded by forest next to a river...Then the amazing hosts Paula and Ram. Paula is the ultimate cook prepares everything from fresh according to your diet (I am gluten, dairy and red meat intolerant and yet it was no issue and everything I ate was delicious). Ram prepared an individual programme for me, which involved Mindfulness, forest walks, qigong and the unforgettable sunrise meditation on top of the Pyrénées (an incredible experience on its own). He is always available with his uncomplicated wisdom and he is very passionate about his role as a guide so that his guests get the best possible outcome. I definitely recommend them for any length of time and will be back hopefully with a few friends in the future.

Patrick Baker

from Great Britain, June 2018

"My few days"

I really enjoyed simply being immersed in such a peaceful and beautifully natural setting, with the space to stop the constant flow of thinking and distraction. The accommodation was simple but very comfortable and the quality of the meals provided was excellent. The hosts are incredibly helpful and helped provide a very relaxed an friendly atmosphere, meaning I felt able to come and go during the day as I pleased. I really enjoyed the forest walks and the yoga sessions, and appreciated the access to a bike. Ultimately, it was exactly what I was looking for and I would fully recommend at least a few days here for anyone looking to escape the intensity of city life.

Michelle Adamson

from Great Britain, June 2018

"A beautiful oasis of calm and peace"

This is an amazing place in a stunning part of the French countryside. I wasn't sure what to expect, and words seem somewhat inadequate, but what I received was warm hospitality, Paula's kindness and superb cooking, and Ram's mind-altering wisdom. As En Vogue so beautifully put it: "Free your mind and the rest will follow".

Lucy Cain

from Great Britain, May 2018


The house is set in the most beautiful surroundings.Paula and Ram welcome you into their wonderful home and you instantly felt more relaxed. The meditation walks are an extremely personal experience and I got a huge amount from them. Ram really catered for our needs in the yoga sessions and introduced me to Chinese yoga which was a perfect fit for the retreat. I came away with a whole sequence of fluid movements I will continue to practise. The whole retreat experience was truly enhanced by Paula’s food. The day starts with a continental style breakfast and ends with the most amazing four course meal. Paula is an exceptional chef. You must try the cheesecake you will not be disappointed! Overall fantastic

Clémentine Allain

from France, March 2018

"The Power of Softness"

This was our first yoga retreat ever and we were not sure what to expect. We both left transformed.

The first thing that struck us upon arriving in this beautiful place was simply rediscovering the pleasure of breathing. The air quality there is amazing.

Our bedroom was very spacious and comfortable with a view on the lovely peaceful gardens and the river, its soothing sound a constant companion on this transformative journey.

Forest walking meditation is blissful. Three walks guided by Ram in different forests, three beautiful experiences. There is something magical about being in nature, the profound effect it has upon our senses and our overall feeling of well-being. Breathing, bringing the mind back to the present moment and opening our senses in the forest, we felt happiness and calm increasing.

We were introduced to Tao Yoga’s subtle power of softness in the relaxing atmosphere of the Dojo. A gentle yet profound practice that had a very positive effect on restoring balance and enhancing well-being. Ram is a great guide and a truly inspiring teacher.

Last but not least, the quality of the meals. Paula is an amazing cook — and an all around wonderful person. You can taste the love in her cuisine. The fresh delicious meals she prepares are full of flavours, each dish transporting us to different parts of France and the World.

Thank you Ram and Paula for your kindness and openness, for all the special moments, the laughter and all the valuable teachings that you shared.