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TAYSP organizes courses and programs ideal for experienced practitioners who wish to deepen their practice as well as for beginners who are interested in exploring Ashtanga yoga.

Instructors 2

Sofya Linkova

Sofya has been interested in studying spiritual traditions from a young age. She is known for her warm and light way of teaching yoga, which creates a special atmosphere in her classes.

Yoga Alliance International (Ashtanga Yoga)


Rich is famous with warm and personal approach to the teaching of yoga. He is talented with a special natural vision of students needs which allows him to guide them in their practice in a right direction to achieve the best result on their path of yoga.

Yoga Alliance International (Ashtanga Yoga)

Reviews 6

Wanunya Maneekham

from Thailand, December 2017

Intensive practice. Good for preparation to be Ashtanga teacher training course.

Eliza Chan

from Hong Kong, November 2017

"A fulfilling yoga journey"

I joined a 7 days intensive Ashtanga yoga course of TAYSP. I am new to Ashtanga yoga and this course is a challenge to me in many ways, eg I had little idea of what Ashtanga yoga is, I never got to get up so early in the morning; I am not a vegetarian and I used to eat 3-4 meals a day. Therefore, before the trip, I was a bit worried if I would be able to make it. I am glad that I chose TAYSP which is a perfect place to practice Ashtanga yoga. The environment is tranquil and serene. The accommodation is comfortable and pleasant as it’s spacious and overlooks a beautiful lake. I like the course program which is well thought-out and embraces all physical and mental aspects of yoga. The food is nutritious and healthy. Most importantly, the teachers are great. Sofya and Rich are experienced and knowledgeable. They are also very caring. While they help students to get to their full potential, they put safety first. Their skill in giving adjustments is admirable. I can totally leave myself to them as I know that I am in good hands. I am glad that I made this trip. I got more than I expected. I felt stronger, fitter and purified as I walked out the yoga shala!

Testimonials 5

Rita Vella

TAYSP Facebook page

My only regret is that I only had 2 weeks to spare. Enjoyed every minute. Was amazed at what I managed to achieve within such a short period of time, thanks to the constant attention and guidence given by Sofya and Rich. Very dedicated people with a lot of positive energy. Thanks also to Dream for organizing the trip with accommodation, transfers, etc. It was perfect. Would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Nattanuch United Arab Emirates


I just got back from the Yoga teacher training (YTT) at TAYSP. A month spent in the peaceful side of Phuket doing yoga and intensive training 6 days a week was worth everything you had to give and is absolutely life-changing.


I believe that the teacher is the most important factor if you are looking for a YTT. Apart from being experienced in Ashtanga and Meditation, Sofya and Rich both have academic degrees in Philosophy and Anatomy, Fitness and Nutrition, just to name a few.

There was a lot of information in many aspects to cover in the YTT, yet I felt the tension throughout the training as the program was extremely well-designed in anticipation to suit the needs of the students.

Despite a gentle and calm personality, Sofya has a thorough understanding of yoga philosophy. She was able to simplify the description of multiple ancient texts and made the interesting discussion about commentaries. Never thought I would enjoy Philosophy aspect of yoga, Sofya's Philosophy class has become one of my favorite in the YTT.

Another teacher, Rich, was dedicated and very giving towards the student. His way of teaching was strong, motivating and logical. As an expert in Human anatomy and Yoga therapy, he was able to unfold the knowledge in depth by a simple way of explanation. With a good sense of humor, I have always had fun in Rich's class. His adjustment technique was firm and highly effective. Rich also feature yoga therapy exercise and Interval workout as an additional knowledge for the future yoga teacher.

The stay

The yoga shala situated in a safe and peaceful lakeside clubhouse on the quiet side of Phuket. People around were friendly. The food served were healthy and absolutely delicious.

I had a brilliant and memorable stay throughout the month of the training. If you have an open mind and the will to learn, TAYSP would be a perfect place to deepen your knowledge and transform you inside and out.

Alena M


Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Course

I was practicing Ashtanga regularly but when i have to move to another country, and began a new job, my practice took a back seat, so when i filed for a leave from work, i decided to sign up for an intensive course in ashtanga, A friend suggested

TAYSP in Chalong,Phuket i booked for 21 days in February, I have to say, I was quite impressed with our beautiful accommodation, fronting the lake.

The program was full on but fits the term "intensive" as I was pushed to my

Limits, Rich and Sofya are both passionate about sharing their knowledge about yoga as a whole and they've helped me immensely to improve my pranayama and asana practice, ive noticed that each day, I have become stronger not just physically but mentally as well. It was a remarkable experience all in all, i would definitely go back for another intensive and recommend TAYSP to those seasoned practitioners and also beginners who wants to deepen their yoga practice.

Marian Kadota

Facebook page

My life has been in a major transition and I wasn’t coping well. I decided to go to a yoga retreat with the hopes it would center me, help me move forward and find some peace. I did some research and picked TAYSP. The reviews were very promising, the cost was reasonable and it was located in the tropics. Couldn’t ask for more ……. and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact the experience went way beyond my expectation (which is saying a lot since I was thinking I was expecting too much and I knew nothing about Ashtanga yoga).

Rich and Sofya are two wonderful human beings. I feel they are very caring and generous with their time and attention. They want the best from and for their students, including learning more than you can imagine. I took the intensive program for 3 weeks, which included challenging the body, mind and spirit. It was a life changing experience. I feel I came out stronger in every possible way. My daily intention was to find peace and I feel my times of peace grew each day. There was so much to learn with little time to listen to the negative chatter in my mind.

I had personal challenges that slowed my progression, but what I gained even with those challenges, wow! My thanks go to everyone in the Shala with special thanks to Rich and Sofya. Since leaving the retreat I’ve been practicing Ashtanga asana on my own and I can hear both of them in my mind (e.g., “open up your chest”, “back straight” “chin down”, “foot flexed”), imagine feeling the adjustments, or imagine seeing their gestures to get me to do the postures correctly. Always brings a smile as I make the appropriate corrections. I am also practicing the other forms of Ashtanga; including, pranayama (my favorite), meditation, and some Kriya. What wonderful gifts they’ve given. They are wonderful teachers. I feel they taught me well! May I continue practicing these gifts through my lifetime.


TAYSP Facebook page

For Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training Course

I did for one month (february/2017) the TCC course on TAYSP! It was a fantastic experience. Sofia and Rich are extremely good professionals, and their dedication, skills, techniques, personalities and knowledge are complementary and super high level. The course was a selection of the most important and relevant things that a teacher need to know, giving an extraordinary base and confidence for continue our yoga path. I highly recommend this shala for anyone that deeply want to learn and improve their techniques. Hard work and a lot of learning!

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