Temple of the Nature

Temple of the Nature offers yoga retreats and a haven for those who seek self-transformation as well as those who wish to cultivate affection for Mother Earth through a healthy lifestyle.

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Steven Ferraro Australia

Temple of the Nature Facebook page

Temple of the Nature - Chinar Paradise is one of the most wonderful places I have ever spent quality time away from home. In fact, it kind of felt like home to me. The setting of the place is perfect - up in the mountains near a waterfall, giving people a chance to stop, unwind, listen, and relax. The yoga, meditation, nature walks, and painting were just some of the daily activities that brought me much joy personally. The meals are amazing and nutritious and the nights around the campfire are awesome fun. Coming to this place was an important part of my journey in life and the highlight of coming to India. I learned to go with the flow and listen to my heart more. Thank you Ilona and Ved for hosting such an amazing retreat. I certainly recommend it to others and am confident that I'll be back in the not too distant future.

Debbie South Africa

Temple of the Nature Facebook page

We experienced the most beautiful ten day retreat under the sacred Chinar tree. The beauty and the peace brought out my inner goddess. Thank you to Ved and Ilona for hosting. Look forward to returning.

Maria Emilia Peterle Argentina

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Chinar is the place where we found peace, a real experience of connection between body, mind, and nature. Happy to participate in such a wonderful experience, we want to thank Ilona and Vet, for working from their hearts making sure everything was magical. We found a place for art and entertainment, as well as yoga and meditation. This retreat nurtured our soul!

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