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14 Day Loving Acceptance Women Personal Yoga Retreat in Gozo

Available in October, November & December
    from US$2,490
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    Instructors (1)

    Andrea Ridgway

    Reviews (21)

    Marlene Penz

    from Austria, November 2019

    Andrea is a very warm, mindfull and interesting person. I felt very comfortable with her and trusted her, I felt save with her and in her „arms“. She organised some other women to do yoga and a (perfect) massage - they were also great and warm. Andrea is a really good cook and everything I ate was like a present for my mind and my body. I really enjoyed the silent walk to the spot were we could see the sunrise (and of course the sunrise). Andreas house is beautiful, and i felt confortable right when I stepped in. The cats are lovely and there is always at least one that wants to cuddle. I had some beautiful swims at the sea as well and a walk through the coast. Gozo is nice and beautiful, as well as the small village where „the healing tree“ is based. It was my first retreat and actually I was there for two days (tuesday evening until thursday midday) - that was ok for getting away from busy life back home and closer to myself - but it was just a gaze and I would recommend a retreat for more days.

    Jonathan Mitchell

    from Great Britain, July 2019

    "Peaceful retreat on beautiful Gozo"

    This was my first retreat so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I came away having been able to take the time to step back, pause and reflect. This was truly a retreat from the noise and distractions of the day-to-day. Andrea was a warm, patient and welcoming host. I was made to feel at home, at the cosy and peaceful Qala farmhouse, straight away. Especially by Molly and Azué, two of the resident felines.

    Andrea structured the one-to-one retreat around what I needed, and acted as my guide throughout. I had time to myself to explore Gozo further, but was also taken to various sights of significance. The morning yoga sessions were a delight. A dip in the Mediterranean, followed by a varied and tailored practice, was the perfect way to start each day. The sunrise walk was particularly serene. I also opted for an aromatherapy massage and the game of transformation. Both of which proved to be enriching experiences.

    Andrea is also a knowledgeable and talented cook. Creating healthy and delicious meals that left me feeling more balanced after just a couple of days. The house is a shared space, so there was also the opportunity to meet Andrea's partner (Andrew) as well as other guests.

    If you are interested in taking time out to reflect and to invest in yourself, in a calming and beautiful environment, then you will greatly benefit from a retreat with Andrea.

    Irina Stanga

    from Netherlands, September 2020

    "Lovely healing holiday "

    It was the most nourishing and lovely holiday i had. A powerful place for healing and going within to reconnect with yourself.

    Janette Vander Zaag

    from Canada, September 2020

    "A wholistic approach to life transformation "

    The farm house is ancient but has an expansive feeling where Andrea leads in a calm and gentle manner. Nothing is forced. Exercises, and activities are offered and one can participate at the level at which they choose. Life experiences and the different ways of viewing our spiritual selves are welcomed. I am a beginner to yoga practice and eating vegan , and it was an excellent introduction to both practices, that I intend to begin introducing into my lifestyle. The meals were simple but hearty and I never felt hungry. Sincere thanks to Andrea and her community of women who are offering their gifts and authentic selves, so that other women can participate and grow. I also loved the cats. Especially Blackie who would be in my room and keep me company during siesta.

    Mario Thieme

    from Germany, August 2020

    "Little Paradise"

    ...this is just a wonderful place to find some rest and inspiration. Andrea is such a lovely and caring host, who welcomes you with all the other “helpers” so incredibly warm. I loved the morning sunrise yoga sessions as well as the tasty vegan food. I’am usually quite rational, but Andrea was able to offer such a beautiful atmosphere, that I opened up to experience some new ways of thinking. I would always come back and can recommend this place and all the lovely people there by heart. 🙏🏻

    Amira Hachem

    from Bahrain, March 2020

    "In one word: EXCEPTIONAL!"

    I've had to travel over 3,000 miles and 15+ hours of traveling to take part in this retreat. Andrea is such a mindful, caring, genuine and thoughtful host! Her entire team- Petra (Vegan chef) and Antje (Yoga teacher) are experts, warm and passionate about what they do. The space is beautiful and everything listed in that program was accounted for. Every euro that I've paid for this Cooking, Healing and Yoga Retreat was well worth it! I can summarize the whole experience in just one word...EXCEPTIONAL! A Magnitude of Gratitude to Andrea...thank you forever!

    Leighann Dam

    from Switzerland, March 2020

    "Amazing experience "

    Andrea was like an angel. Her openness and love make you feel so relaxed and welcoming in her home. It was a beautiful place to just be. I really appreciated Andreas wisdom and knowing of what you need. The food was amazing!

    We will meet again one day. X

    Stephanie Burleson

    from Italy, February 2020

    "The Journey Inward"

    Loved the supportive environment-food, space, nature, people, & the structure of the retreat. It was exactly what I was looking for-to have silence & space in the company of nature in order to process my stuff & journey inward. I could be selfish & focus on me. I didn't need to cook, be anywhere or do anything for anyone else but me. Andrea was amazing as well as the ladies that support the house. I loved my short time there & came away transformed by my experience.

    Anke De Veirman

    from Belgium, February 2020

    "Perfect personal retreat, just what I needed..."


    Katy Pendry

    from Spain, February 2020

    "Unique and intimate rejuvenating retreat "

    The house is utterly gorgeous, calming and welcoming. The activities each day were just the right combination of activity to time for internal process. Andrea was a perfect host and companion during the retreat process. The cats were so sweet and supportive through the week also!

    The food was amazing and so nourishing. I liked all the little snacks available too. It really felt like I was able to make this place my home away from home.


    from Switzerland, December 2019

    "Amazing time"

    The best thing I've done for myself in years. Excellent organisation, lovely people and magical atmosphere. Would definitely come again.


    from Germany, November 2019

    Everything. It was one of the best trips I've ever taken.


    from Germany, November 2019

    "one of the deepest retreats on spiritual growth"

    I recommend the retreat for soul connection, experiencing the Self and the voices of the Universe. For some it may be unusual that there is no fixed schedule with teaching content and strategies. But it felt that especially this freedom allows access to yourself and to your deepest emotions. For me it was possible to deeply connect in silence empowered by nature and playful guidance. Andrea as a guide offers a big variety of healings that are naturally dedicated to your needs – different as it happens in other retreats. Often the focus is on yoga, detoxification or sharing with others. Schedules and big groups often limit progressing your own path – this experience was very much focused and pushed me to go deep and deeper. Andrea gives you room for what you need most in your current life phase. I felt the positive energies of the island, the special atmosphere in the house and lived and enjoyed healing processes. Andrea has created a really special place with her presence and abilities. She is so warm and open and loving. Her intuition impressed me. She feels exactly what your soul desires. Her energy is influencing. She is authentic in what spirituality really means. The experience with Andrea was very mind-opening and I felt home.

    Bianca Richards

    from Germany, October 2019

    "Personalised perfect reset "

    Andrea is a lovely soul and takes personal care to suit the retreat to her guests. Food is delicious and healthy. Discovered some beautiful spots on the island for yoga and plenty of time to reflect and chill out around activities.

    Was a delight.

    Ana Rangel

    from Greece, October 2019

    "Beautiful embrace by mother earth and female energy "

    Beautiful energy in the house and in the island. Perfect scenario and space for transformation and inner work. Loved the cave room!

    Josh Manerikar

    from Canada, September 2019

    "Everything I didn't know I needed"

    Andrea's presence is simple and profound. I came ready to explore whatever she wanted to share, and was so thankful that she came ready to meet me where I was. Her home was comfortable and welcoming. The conversation was natural and insightful. Andrea's cooking was beyond impressive. The island's natural beauty was the perfect backdrop for reflection and adventure. I knew I needed some time to reflect and was so blessed to have her perspective and gentle guidance all week.

    Sinead Mc Dermott

    from Ireland, August 2019

    "Wonderful Experience :) "

    The retreat is in a beautiful, peaceful location. Andrea is an absolute diamond and very insightful :) It was a lovely, calming experience that allowed me time to just be present again.

    Catherine Kirk

    from Great Britain, August 2019

    "Beautiful and enriching experience "

    I have just spent a magical 5 day Yoga retreat with Andrea in Gozo.  I had never been on a retreat before and had barely done any yoga prior to coming and yet Andrea made this one of the most enriching experiences that i have ever had ( yoga, sailing,  great food, sunrises, sunsets, shooting stars, reiki, swimming to name a few).  Andrea was an amazing host and the food she prepares is spectacular.  She tailored the retreat to my needs and was gentle with me giving my lack of experience in yoga and poor levels of fitness.  I felt that like i was spending time with a friend and enjoyed all our conversations which were so insightful.  Every part of the programme is perfect and being in the farmhouse is equally magical.  I fell in love with Gozo and feel calm and grounded since returning.  Thank you Andrea - this experience will stay with me forever.

    Nicola Asshoff

    from Germany, July 2019

    I had a wonderful time at the Healing Tree. Directly in the beginning I felt very welcomed, it were special days with a special person. Andrea is taking care of you and your personal feelings. She is a wonderful human being and I can just recommend to visit her in Quala. This place will make you feel home.