Vedansha Institute of Vedic Science and Alternative Medicine offers yoga classes, methods of asana, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda, and retreats.

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from France, February 2020

"First time experience in Rishikesh"

I really liked all the instructors, very knowledgeable and professional, learnt so much. There was nice atmosphere with other travelers. Aura check and consultation with Doctor Deepak very interesting. Program was well planned.

Billy Hughes

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Awesome!! Just go!"

This place is great. The teachers are all amazing, they have so much knowledge and wisdom, and are incredibly friendly and kind. I learnt so much more than I was hoping for. I would reccomend this place to anyone.

I literally dont have a single bad thing to say about it. Big thank you to everyone I met here and everything they all shared with me

Elodie Morvan

from United Arab Emirates, January 2020

"Thank you"

As people previously said, don't expect a 5* retreat and leave your western comfort standards at home. Vedansha is in the middle of the city so expect noises (barging dogs, cars, scooters etc.). Vedansha provides basic accommodation but most importantly Vedansha has knowledgeable and passionate teachers.

Vedansha's management/staff has been going above and beyond at all times from providing heaters when the rooms were cold, being flexible with the classes, organising excursions, transportation and recommending some great places to sightseeing.

Thank you for everything and see you next time :)


from Ghana, December 2019

"Good Learning but Accommodation and Location were not good "

Learning Ayurveda from Dr. Deepak and Body Anatomy from Ms.Lata.

Martina Schroeter

from Argentina, December 2019

"Mixed feelings about Vedansha"

I attended the 300 hour YTTC. Most teachers and classes were good. Modern accomodation but not clean. Good food.


from Sweden, November 2019


The pranayama practice and theory is life changing, the philosophy mind opening. To watch our teachers demonstrate asana was humbling and inspiring. The stories and anecdotes and teachings of Dr Sanjeev Pandey Ji leaves you wanting to go deeper and deeper into the practice of yoga, and come back again and again. There is a spirit of sharing and spreading wisdom that runs through the institute. Classmates were international, open, and a big part of the joys and learnings of my month there. Just an overall great experience. Im excited to live what i have learned, and looking forward to returning. ❤️


from Italy, September 2019


Vedansha felt like such a warm and accepting community of scholars, seekers, and travelers. It was in a busy city but also felt like it was world’s away from society due to the amount of tranquil vegetation surrounding the space. The meditation classes were simple and informative, while gaining the benefits of the practice without being too overwhelmed mentally. They also gave you many different types of meditations, such as walking, sitting, using mala beads by the Ganges, and Shavassana.


from Belgium, September 2019

"If you want certification guaranteed, come to vedansha."

The field trips & exploring rishikesh.

Some teachers are really inspiring and so lovely!

Victoria Alcober Arranz

from Netherlands, August 2019

"Mixed feelings about the whole experience"

I enjoyed the yoga and meditation classes. The instructors were lovely, good and very enthusiastic in general. Lovely people working in the retreat. I did a 3 day detox (which was really a 2 day detox, since it lasted 48 hours) and they were always pretty attentive, especially the guy who made my juices, who was a real sweetheart. I book a common room and got a private one (thanks!) since there was nobody really in the common rooms and there was plenty of space in the more "private wing".


from Vietnam, August 2019

"Great teachers - poor structure "

The teacher were great. Very knowledgeable and experienced in their specialties.

The people were all very friendly ... especially Jyoti and Deepak ...they make you feel at home and always look out for you.


from United Kingdom, August 2019

The instructors were very good, all classes were better than expected and very informative. Sometimes only 2 students per class, so lots of opportunities to learn and ask questions. The food was great. The location was very beautiful. Staff were friendly.


from Argentina, July 2019

"Generally very good experience"

Very nice and friendly staff and teachers. Thanks the kitchen for always preparing delicious food and teas on demand. Thanks for the highly qualified teachers especially Deepak ji who is very close to students and provided us very useful advises about the stay and the city.

The accommodation was basic, I understand that the conditions may not be as good as in Europe, and the staff is doing great effort to offer us the best experience possible. The garden and the dogs are really lovely.

Sophie Holt

from India, June 2019


This was a shockingly bad retreat DO NOT GO! The yoga classes were held in a dark dingy room with no natural sunlight. I wasn’t given a proper schedule. The main guy was rude and didn’t tell me what I had to do nor explain anything to me. I was later helped out by another girl on the retreat who explained how the day works as she too had to work it out herself. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

Valentina L

from Germany, June 2019

"Unforgettable Vipassana meditation experience"

I was participated in Vipassana retreat in Vedansha for 8 days. It was very good and unforgettable experience for me. Being silent is a hard inner personal work. But it has very good cleaning effect and makes things clear. That is what i was searching.Great thanks for support of Pandey ji's team. I learned a lot and feel free from my sorrows. Can recommend this place to others. Room is clean, meal was very very good and not spicy. Excursions are very funny. Rishikesh has very high and amazing spiritual vibrations, i was feeling very protected and peaceful. My experience meditation on ganga brought my inner world where i was searching answers. Its a very holy place. Plan to come back in next year.

Tanya Soboleff

from Germany, April 2019

"Amazing Yoga Detox"

I found yoga and ayurveda detox course suddenly as my plans were changed. I could not pay on line and I asked the school to assist me. Since my first communication i felt very comfortable feeling in communication. They explained me clearly how I can proceed with payment, how to arrange pick up, what I need for the course. As I came late on place at night, I was a bit worried if I can have a room. But Alok manager was there waiting for me and arranged all the things very quickly. My next day started with doctor consultation, I got prescribed different juices, ayurvedic herbs, therapies. Then I attended classes, it was 5 different yoga classes daily. As my meal was different I got 6 times a day smoothies and juices, it was very nice and always on time. Thanks for Deepak!! Pandey ji is extremly good teacher, his knowledge is amazing, I could listen to his lectures hours long))) All teachers are very pure and share knowledge of traditional yoga that is not possible to find in west country, My favorite class was pranayama and Ashtanga. Accommodation I liked as its not far from main places but at the same time green ayurveda garden and other facilities make wonderful impression.

Meal is very very tasty, especially Bindi ! I love it!

I would recommend this course for everyone who is searching detox yoga and ayurveda treatment. Next time I wish to try panchakarma.!!!!

Johannes Storm

from Norway, April 2019

"Is not what the pictures look like"

Food was okay

Swarna Mukhi

from India, April 2019

"Experience yourself here"



from New Zealand, March 2019

"You get what you pay for- Website is beautiful- watch out!"


Our group of students were awesome!

Had a couple good teachers

Adorable cows and dogs in street

Got to see India where yoga was born and experience the culture - bucket list checked! ✔


from United Arab Emirates, March 2019

"Good School for Learning"

The courses along with the instructors were good. People taking care of the facilities are friendly specially Manouj

Suzanne Giguère

from Canada, February 2019

Quelle belle expérience! J'ai tout aimé de ce séjour: les enseignements sont de grande qualité, la nourriture est excellente, les lieux sont confortable et tout le personnel est si gentil. Un merci spécial à Deepak toujours attentif au confort de chacun.


Halyna Shypunova

from Ukraine, February 2019

"First time in India"

Atmosphere in school is very friendly. All teachers are very kind and high professional. All staff did all possible to make accommodation comfortable!

Catherine Robson

from Armenia, February 2019

"Christmas retreat"

Food and tea staff excellent, good communicators and response to individuals.

Hatha Yoga instructor first rate, meditation very good, breathing good


from Sweden, December 2018

"Not a real detox"

Yoga philosophy and pranayama very good.


from South Africa, December 2018

"Vedansha yoga"

I really enjoyed all the yoga classes. Especially yoga therapy with Lata. She's honestly one of the best teachers. The service and meals were excellent. The pranayama was amazing as well as the hatha. They really made you feel part of the family.

Angel r

from Thailand, November 2018

"Great Experience!"

It was a life changing experience for me! I learned so many things and practices that I am really applying in my daily life now. The teachers are all great! My favorite classes were pranayama and ashtanga, as well as yoga philosophy. I only stayed for a week, but I felt like I've been there for a long time as they made me feel like a member of their family. They really care about your safety and welfare. I got sick on my first day and they made sure I was okay and even offered to bring my food in my room, despite my ashram being outside of the school.

Food - it was really good! I love the morning teas as well!

Location - superb! the street gets busy during the day, but it doesn't really bother the classes. I love the organic shops and restaurants around xx

I will definitely be back and take the 200hr course next time when I have a longer break :)

Tracy Grant

from United Kingdom, November 2018

I had a wonderful time at this retreat. The staff were excellent and very helpful, the food delicious and there was an extremely high standard of instruction throughout all the yoga practices. I arrived tired and sluggish and left revitalised and full of energy. I hope to come back in the future for the teacher training course. A big thanks to all the staff for making my time at Vendasha such a pleasure ❤️

Julia Bettermann

from New Zealand, November 2018

"It's good, if you only do the program for your self-practice"


The Yoga and meditation teachers were very knowledgeable. I've improved a lot which is why I think, the program is good, if you do it for yourself (and not for teaching (I'll explain below)).

A big plus is the group size. We were only about 6-7 which gave the instructors more time to correct everyone! Other schools have 20+. That's definitely way too many people.


The food was sooo delicious! It varied every day. I think some people commented that it did not but in my opinion it was absolutely fine. I mean, we're in India. If you get rice every day, that's normal, right?

The staff was simply amazing!!! So friendly and always there to help and assist you. Some people got sick and they checked on them every half an hour or so, brought them some tea, etc.

The guesthouse had a garden which was actually really nice. I saw some Yoga schools in Rishikesh which were surrounded by only concrete...The single rooms are spacious and clean (Indian standards). If you have the extra money, definitely book a single room. It's not that much more. The shared rooms looked alright but for my taste, there isn't enough space for two.

Gorana Metz

from Canada, November 2018

This is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life... I wish all my loved ones and anyone really could do this course. It is highly intelligent course for inner work and for strengthening your practice. I would do it a million times again with no thought. India is also very underrated and an incredible experience to have... loved every single moment of my journey, warmest staff and teachers... clean, affordable and comfortable facilities, amazing food. Wish I could be there again soon...🧘‍♀️🙏❤️

Tim Kingston

from India, October 2018

"Good for me never having done Yoga before "

- Food was good, tasty, and I never got sick. Very filling

- staff Deepak and Sandeep were very good and assisted me with anything I had an issue with, the important thing is if you have an issue you must speak up and tell them. My detox included massages etc and if you didn’t asked for them you wouldn’t necessarily get them all.

- I had a good quality and variety of lessons

Overall I had a good experience and lost 3kg in 3 weeks and feel I now know what yoga is about and I’m ready to start my journey.

Lilit Karapetyan

from Armenia, October 2018

Well,I’ll start from highlight, it’s if you don’t like anything they will settle at once,they do all to make you feel comfortable and they never say no!

When I went to Vedansha the next day it was my birthday. And they had prepared very nice party with cakes,balloons,recorded birthday song with my name,and cake also with my name.The founders wife was also there,put flower crown on my head,the dinner was special dinner,and I had a great birthday party in Vedansha.

Accommodation was simple as in all ashrams but clean,and there was everything whatever is required for staying.If u don’t like something ask and they will change or clean. The food was very good,the detox tea after nostrils kriya,depending on what retreat you are,they give a special tea for each one.

The teachers were good teachers.

Because I had missed some classes for some reasons,they gave me meditation book and organized private meditation class and training with the founder who is doing classes also and a very good teacher and nice person.We had full body massage,nice sunrise trip to Himalayas top. I’m also grateful to Mr. Alok he was the manager or maybe the director there,and taking care of each one,always kind,patient and organized everything at once whatever u ask. I had booked a transfer from Rishikesh to Delhi,even he came by himself to check if the car is there and everything is ok,and wished us good luck. Thank you Vedansha,I look forward to meet you again. 😊🙏🏻


from United States, September 2018

"Amazing staff! "

The staff at Vedansha went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. I felt like they treated me like family.

Sarah Digre

from United States, September 2018

"Amazing course and Material"

The staff and course content here is amazing. Food is prepared with care with detox in mind and always sanitary.

Peer students did not like the accommodations but I thought they were fine but the attentiveness of the staff more then made up for any inconvenience because they fixed any problems ASAP. Sometimes within minutes. No hot water? They will show you how to fix it or give you a bucket with hot water right away. Sick? They have solutions and will double check you are okay everytime they see you.

One day we didn’t have cinnamon for breakfast and they literally ran down the street and purchased more cinnamon for us for our meal.

Israel. Izzy Elnekave

from United States, September 2018

Place, Nature, Staff

Nguyen Thao

from France, September 2018

"One week yoga course"

What I like most in this place is the yoga programme and the teachers. I really appreaciate Mr. Sandy's lessons which were very practical and profound.

The food was good. The people of the center were friendly and helpful.

There, we have met with many interesting yogis during our stay.

The excursion was good. We got to see the sunrise on one of the mountain tops of Himalayas. Wonderful view and pure atmosphere from there.

Jana Lavrysynova

from Germany, September 2018

We really enjoyed our detox programm in Vedansha institute. Everything was just amazing. The classes, staff, food, location and especialy philosofie and pranayama.👌I wish I could spend more time with Pandey Ji, because he is incredible guru! Def. recommend it. :)

Bård Mortensen

from Norway, August 2018

"Eight wonderful energizing days!!"

The straff was extremely helpful and kind. Made you feel welcome and at home from the moment you arrived. The program I attended had Hatha yoga in the morning, then Pranayama. After breakfast, Philosophy. In the afternoon was Ashtanga yoga and finally Meditation. You were free to join all classes everyday or choose based on what your body told you. This is a good approach I think. Overfall, the stay was excellent. Very nice and peacefull atmosphere, and wonderful to meet other yoga souls from all over the world! And finally: Rishikesh really does have a special, peaceful and strong energy. And all the local people we met during our exploration of Rishikesh were all so very, very nice, polite, kind, smiling and helpful. Hope to come back again!!!

Tim Wallsgrove

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"A great place to study for the 200hr teacher training"

Vedansha is a great place to study for the 200hr teacher training. Set in a little oasis just far enough away from India’s notorious chaotic roads, the school provides a good environment to focus on learning the foundations and philosophy of yoga. Class sizes were personable, questions were encouraged and learning from Pandey Ji was a humbling experience. He is a true master.

Jessica Norton

from United States, August 2018

"Profound and wonderful experience"

What a special place! Really enjoyed being part of the Vedansha family. Great classes, delicious food and the best people.

Lukasz Bachora

from Poland, July 2018

"Very good yoga classes, delicious food"

Yoga classes (ashtanga, pranayama, philosophy, mantra & meditation) are definetely worth the money. If you came here to learn yoga from scratch and you keep an open mind, you won't be dissapointed. Food is delicious and there's always more than enough for everyone to fullfill their needs. Trips were also nice. All in all, I've enjoyed my two weeks course at Vedansha and will continue using the yoga knowledge and experience gained here in my daily practice.

Nathalie Chiesa

from Switzerland, June 2018

"sono arrivata senza aspettative non conoscendo nulla sullo y"


Marie Bouckson

from India, February 2020

"Very happy of my pré natal course"

All teachers were very professionnel. Lots of knowledges . Pré natal teacher was adorable. The philosophie class was one of thé best i had ever. Pranayama class give you so much energy and the little Deepack is the best pranayama teacher. Then asthanga....Bipin push you and even if i had a hard Time i Can, now, see all thé benefit. Once more , here lots of knowledge about yoga . Food is very nice. Organisation not always there but we are in india !!!

Alfreda Zumstein

from Switzerland, December 2019

Vedansha Cafe

Audrey Guichard

from France, November 2019

"Une fabuleuse expérience mais à déconseiller aux puristes"

J’ai passé 8 jours et vécue une expérience exceptionnelle avec des personnes de nationalités différentes.

L’emploi du temps alternant pratique du yoga et méditation permet vraiment de couper avec sa routine quotidienne tout en offrant des plages de temps libres nécessaires pour se reposer et/ou visiter les lieux.

Les profs étaient vraiment très pros, respectant et s’adaptant aux capacités de chaque stagiaire. Mon séjour était de courte durée mais j’ai pu apprécier une amélioration dans ma pratique du yoga.

La nourriture étaient bonne, les massages excellents.

L’excursion proposée gratuitement aux cascades était un moment inoubliable.

Sarah Brandt

from Belgium, November 2019

La nourriture est délicieuse et les cours d’asana sont bien donnés.

Le personnel en cuisine est vraiment très gentil.

Sandra Desbois

from France, October 2019

Pascal Battiston

from India, August 2019

"Ce n'est que du marketing"

La nourriture était correcte.


from Malaysia, July 2019

"Vedansha Retreat "

I really enjoyed the classes and the excellent teaching.

Vitali Brening

from Germany, June 2019

"22 Tage Detox bei Vedansha"

Das Essen war sehr gut und lecker, Personal war freundlich und hilfsbereit, Yoga-Unterrichten waren gut und gut erklärt.

Ruth Palacin

from Spain, May 2019

"It was ok, but pretty obvious that is all about money"

All the teachers except one were all amazing, experienced and professionals. They make the place the real yoga experience. Loved every class with them

Anna Masdeu

from India, May 2019

Annie Farrarons

from France, April 2019

les cours de yoga


from United States, April 2019

"Wouldn't recommend the YIN teacher training"

The place is beautiful ( if you're staying at the resort - they have multiple buildings), with a lovely garden and outdoor sitting area, it felt really peaceful. The food was absolutely beautiful, the best I have had in any of the schools I've been to.

The Yoga Detox/retreat seemed to be very nice and a good option for anyone wanting to dive a little bit into Yoga. The location is alright, a bit noisy due to the main road being close, but everything is reachable (shops, the bridge etc.) within 10 min.

Eliette Lopez

from France, April 2019

"C'est une expérience unique"

Le la.gentillesse.des gens qui s' nous . Les

Hardy Krüger

from Germany, February 2019

Pandejji‘s unterricht, Ashstanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga


from France, February 2019

"Une expérience"

L'extrême gentillesse et coopération de tout le personnel sur place, le professionalisme des profs de Yoga . Une bonne ambiance dans le petit groupe que nous formions comme une petite famille disparate 28 à 61 ans !

La nourriture, faite sur place était très bonne même si au bout de 15 jours on s'en lasse un peu ! tout était savoureux et frais


from United States, February 2019

"Amazing experience!!"

My first few days in India was very uncomfortable because I had very bad experience with my first Ashram in Vridavan. I booked this retreat without any preparation, for example reading recommendations. From the first moment I was most welcomed and everyone was very helpful with any requests. The teacher were amazing and I improved my practice enormously. I booked 12 days detox and yoga retreat and I didn’t want to leave - so I booked another 100 h ttc at Vedansha. If you looking for knowledge in yoga philosophy and improving practice this is your place. Wasn’t the last time I will stay here.

Anne-marie Beaudoin-alain

from Canada, January 2019

"Meet your new family!"

Everyone is treated like family; with lots of care, help and respect. Vedansha team are very friendly and welcoming. The quality of the teachings is beyond expectations. I spent a month there and left very light, happy and more connected with myself. I strongly recommend Vedansha!

Niels Geul

from Netherlands, December 2018

"Great time"

We've had a great time at the retreat center. Vibe was great. Food was good. Things were well taken care of. Excursion was cool. Yoga teacher was capable. The schedule was good.

Ralf Lemke

from Czechia, November 2018

"Prana batteries fully charged"

We were completely satisfied. In this Ashram there is a great personal atmosphere.

The program is well balanced, the teachers extremely competent. Especially energetic and spiritual aspects were explained in an excellent and handy way. The staff were always friendly, helpful and had the patience of an angel. The Ayurveda cuisine was super tasty and was individually adjusted where necessary. We came home with fully charged Prana batteries and would definitely go there again.

Ana Tordesillas

from Mexico, November 2018

"No recuerdo el nombre profesor de mantras encantador"

El atención de deepak y el resto del personal muy atentos..preocupados Siempre...

Lasihmi la chica de los masajes también muy competente excelentes manos...

El Dr de ayurveda maravilloso con mucha paciencia..

Kim Devet

from United States, November 2018

The lessons were great. Learned a lot off the instructors.


from Thailand, October 2018

"Ayurvedic cooking class and yoga was fantastic"

We as a couple stayed 4 days at Vedansha. We booked the ayurvedic cooking class in combination with yoga and ayurveda theory lessons.

It was very nice!

We loved to learn about indian and ayurvedic food and how to do typical meals. The cook is awesome, he has a lot of experience and it's so nice to see how all these indian ingredients and spices get mixed together, to delicious meals. He and his team were very helpful and they were taking much time to explain us the details. We liked the nice atmosphere at the kitchen and that it's always time for a tea between cooking.

We slept at the ashram, which was ok. Do not expect too much, it is not luxurious but there is everything you need.

Yoga lessons were in the morning (asthanga) and afternoon (hatha). It was traditionally good and tough.

In theory class we learned about the basics of ayurveda, very interesting!

We also liked the meditation in the evening and the ayurvedic massage!

All in all a very nice stay for us.

Thanks to the team!

Laura & Luis

Emilie Vanmeerbeeck

from Belgium, October 2018

"A huge bad surprise "

It is only because of the people attending the courses like me that I stayed there, without them I would have left. I had the chance to meet great people!

Leonie Müller-methling

from Italy, October 2018

"Achtung Betrug, geringe Qualität, geringe Kundenorientierung"

Sandeep war der Ansprechpartner für alle Belange im Ashram und war sehr aufmerksam, freundlich und hilfsbereit.

Sophie Berland

from United States, October 2018

"11 jours detox"

Les cours étaient super et le programme complet. Je serai bien restée plus longtemps pour apprendre plus sur la philosophie, l’ayurveda. J’aurai aimé suivre les cours de mantra également. L’équipe etait vraiment très bien, ainsi qu’en la nourriture.

J’ai beaucoup aimé Rishikesh et les excursions du samedi.

Hélène Bortolozzi

from Belgium, September 2018

"22 days detox program in a Business Ashram"

The food was delicious and healthy.

The yoga classes were nice but everyday (almost) exactly the same, so it was a little bit boring. However, teachers were helpful and corrected each.

Philosophy class was interesting but not structured at all and not everything was really clear.

Pranayama wasn’t adapted for beginners, and in 3 weeks we just got one day explanation about it. Other days we just practiced the whole same sequence. Actually it seemed like he was doing is own practice during the class.

Most of the time teachers were late.

Aura check-up is funny and included massages (5 times 45min) are good.

Rooms were super moistering (after few days, all my clothes in the wardrobe were humid and smelly), dirty and noisy (main road close and dogs barking at night).

The classes took place in different places than where we were sleeping and eating, so it was quite boring to have to cross the crowded and noisy road each time.

kenza hofer

from Switzerland, August 2018

"Most beautiful experience!"

I came to Vedansha for 3 weeks to do the detox-program.

It has truly been a life-changing experience and I am so thankful for it!

I already can't wait to come back!

I have met so many Wonderful people during my stay!

I loved Tapovan, Rishikesh and I loved that the Ganges is situated so close! There is so much to see!

As I have never practiced Yoga before I was a bit worried, but from the first day on both Teachers Sandeep and Avdesh were wonderful. The Yoga-teachers really take time for each student and were very professional!

And it encouraged me to continue Yoga in my hometown, now that I am so fond of it! And I truly believe that after three weeks I made a little Progress. Thank you Sandeep and Avdesh you are truly two Wonderful Yoga Teachers!

Furthermore I really enjoyed the Meditation with the Beautiful Tanu. I have learned a lot with her and she always encouraged me, when I had a hard time doing Meditation. She really takes time for her students and I felt I could ask her anything!

She is absolutely Wonderful and very Beautiful! (hihihi)

And of course I especially want to thank Pandey Ji for the Philosophy and Pranayama classes. I have learned so much! The philosophie classes were my favorite! It was so interesting to listen to Pandey Ji, I was Always sad, when the lesson came to an end! Thank you Pandey Ji, that you share your Knowledge with us. It has been a life changing experience!

I want to thank the Staff as well, that have made my stay unforgettable!

Anja Rückerl

from Germany, August 2018

"Habe mich jederzeit sehr wohl gefühlt"

Das zuvorkommende Personal, die familiäre Atmosphäre, das Essen und die geduldigen Lehrer

Nicole Thoenis

from Germany, July 2018

"Wonderful Yoga Retreat"

At Vedansha everybody is welcomed from all levels and background. All teachers and staff are kind and helpful in any way. I was really enjoying the profound knowledge at all different classes, like pranayama, philosophy, mantra chanting, meditation and of course hatha and ashtangha yoga. Especially Dr. Pandey Ji is an inspiration. He is really a passionate instructor. I am grateful for all his teaching and encouragement. The aura and chakra assessment were impressive. Furthermore, the excursions were a great way to explore the surroundings of Rishikesh. Not to forget the delicious food, I was really enjoing.

Thanks to everybody for sharing their wisdom and for the kind hospitality.

Berta Rodrigo

from India, July 2018

Los profesores, en especial Sandeep. Sabe transmitir sus enseñanzas, es dulce y encantador, y sus clases aún que son duras son adictivas porqué cada día da un consejo no sólo para mejorar en su disciplina sino para aplicarlo en nuestras vidas y nuestra rutina.

Raquel Alvarez

from Réunion, June 2018

Repas au top! L’équipe du personel aussi! Et professeurs bien à l’écoute, pour bien approfondir dans ce nouveau monde pour moi.

Maria Castro Couce

from Hong Kong, June 2018

"Very nice experience, it opened many doors for me"

Pranayama class was an amazing discovery, teachers are very professional and the Master is incredible.