Vibrant Women

Queensland, Australia

Vibrant Women, based in Queensland, offers counseling, workshops, yogalates, and retreats to like-minded women.

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  • Sherie

    Vibrant Woman website

    Tammie gives me practical advice in a humorous and down to earth way. A great mix of lectures, cultural excursions and rituals interspersed with some decadent spa treatments. Wayan's early yoga classes are worth sacrificing a sleep in for. Accommodation is very clean and has everything you need. I love the personal space created on the private balcony so you can meditate and have some personal reflection time. Staff are fantastic and the meals are divine.

  • Vanessa

    Vibrant Woman website

    Tammir is a wonderful leader for the women's Mindfulness retreat. She is warm and open and her ability to encourage growth is apparent. She fosters the relationship between participants with kindness and humor. The spa treatments were blissful, the activities enjoyable. The connections made with others in the group will be cherished.

  • Philippa

    Vibrant Women website

    I am finally able to relax and think straight after coming here for the mindfulness retreat. Tammie taught me some great techniques to take with me on my travels. The other ladies were simply inspirational. I thoroughly enjoyed the day of silence. I was able to clear my head of noise, water the wildlife in the beautiful surroundings. I do hope I'll be able to come again one day.

  • Michelle

    Vibrant Women website

    Tammie was fabulous and she is so warm,open friendly and accommodating. The rooms and the grounds were unspeakably amazing! The pools were beautiful and relaxing. The food was exellent. I felt so relaxed and at peace here. As soon as I walked into the grounds it hit me - Wow. This is a spiritual and peaceful place. I am seriously considering doing this again next year because one week was not enough - hopefully I'll bring a friend too.

  • Judi

    Vibrant Women website

    The location was amazing, a beautiful country setting, so peaceful and quiet and I could hear the cows mooing at night lovely! Had no trouble finding the place and it was a beautiful relaxing drive so it gets you in the right headspace even before you arrive. Scrupulously clean and very comfortable accommodation great pillows. Breakfast sitting on the patio soaking up the amazing views and the peace and being visited by a bunny perfect!The food was amazing: plentiful and delicious and the staff were friendly.It was a great bunch of women who all seemed to jell together and get into the spirit of the weekend and to top it off, Tammie the facilitator is experienced, funny (love the travel stories), knowledgeable and organized so the whole weekend just flowed.Being a counselor myself and working in community services the mindfulness concept wasnt new to me but I still enjoyed the sessions and got so much out of it and practical applications so I Can Do It.Having a bad back relieved by the restorative yoga, even though I couldnt manage all the poses the ones I could do helped and have reaffirmed my need to do this practice regularly.Completing an art collage of my wishes' from the weekend and how I can do this in my life one step at a time. Step one: book further retreats!

  • Ros Thailand

    Vibrant Women website

    The program was balanced in the content learning, experiences, participation, free time, socializing. The venue was pretty much perfect; quiet, good accommodation, helpful staff, great food, lovely surroundings, nice space for group work. Presentations were varied but the energy was good. The spa treatments were as good as I expected. The I Ching and the floating Tai Chi (cant remember what it was actually called) were unexpected treats of experience. It was revitalizing, satisfying, enjoyable, worth every cent.

  • a traveller Thailand

    Vibrant Women website

    What I enjoyed most was the resort and staff, peace and quiet, good food, the bicycle, the beach, yogalates, canoe trip and talks on meditation. Its been a fabulous holiday, as always its over too quickly.

  • a traveller Asia

    Vibrant Women website

    The accommodation was beautiful, not as basic as I was expecting. The whole atmosphere was relaxing, mindful and calm. I think it was good value for everything that was included. On a personal note, that I could think about myself for a change! There was a good balance of retreat and fun which has made a great holiday. It was good to be able to try a bit of everything as it helps to see what you really like.

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