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Womans Essence

Womans Essence is a dedicated healer that focuses on woman`s essence. Womans Essence also offers yoga retreats and classes, Taoism, and non-dual Tantra.

Instructors 2

Lyonne Sundari

Lyonne is the founder of Woman's Essence and Sacred Hair Cut. She is a dedicated healer with a focus on woman's essence. She teaches Deep Flow yoga, Taoism, and non-dual Tantra. Lyonne walks the path of love and truth. Devoted to the inner goddess, she guides others to recognize a higher version of themselves through private sessions, weekly classes, workshops, and retreats across the world.

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 (Yoga)

Mindo O. Damalis

Mindo is an enlightened spiritual master famous for his teachings about the map of spirituality and helping others to reach presence and enlightenment. He combines the knowledge of consciousness, energy, and spirituality to invite people of all faiths to discover their true potential, freedom, and power. Mindo O. Damalis offers a clear insight into the enlightenment, spiritual openings, and Levels of Realization (LOR), helping support you through every aspect of the spiritual journey and the process of awakening.

Testimonials 3

Jane Egginton

Womans Essence website

This retreat was so far reaching and fulfilling, with so much holding and creating done in the most beautiful, light way. The two days really felt like two weeks as we covered so much - from spiritual life coaching, deep meditation and yoga to tantra. Lyonne is a skilled facilitator who along with Amanda created a celebration and an education and a deep healing. The food that was focussed on conscious nutrition would shame most chefs. We had a sound journey that was more like a ceremony, with powerful healing and magical sounds that felt like a music box in my heart. Everything here seems to be done with love, which the retreat itself radiates with. I am a travel writer who specialises in health retreats and this is probably my most memorable. This is deep yet accessible work that is both empowering and enlightening. I feel as if I have been waiting for this retreat my whole life. It was like coming home in the most exciting way and I would recommend it to any woman.

L. Vella

Womans Essence website

I have just come back from the last Bali retreat organized by Lyonne and Mindo and it was truely an incredible experience. The whole 2 weeks were planned out perfectly with just the right balance of inner work, yoga, free time and excursions. We were guided by two amazing teachers, Mindo and Lyonne who have so much to offer and do so with such love and dedication. I've come back home feeling truely rested, healthy and motivated to implement all I've learnt. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Graziella B.

Womans Essence website

Whilst we weave the fabric of life, going about our daily business, we cross paths with different souls... There are those "special" souls that inspire us and help us to reach into the depths of our own souls, to extract the magic we have within, all in our own, diverse, unique way... This was the sum of my experience at the Satori w-end, organized by Lyonne and Amanda; an opportunity to tap into those depths to bring forth all that is light, love, goodness and beauty... May the positivity, love and support we all experienced from our interaction with each other, stay with us and nurture our souls for a long time to come... Thank you for the lovely experience!