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Swami Dharam

Swami Dharam is a certified "Yoga Master Degree holder" from the GKV Haridwar University in India. He has taught nationally and internationally for the past six years. He teaches with a strong focus on proper alignment and maintaining integrity in asana and pranayama. His teachers and students are all around the globe. He wants to give his best. He has been India's National Yoga Champion for 11 years in a row.

Kru Note

He worked in Thailand as a certified and registered yoga teacher by World Yoga Alliance and currently teaching professional yoga classes in Bangkok at My Peace Yoga. He has yoga teaching experience more than 12 years.

World Yoga Alliance (Yoga)

Chirasak Sriphandaj

He worked in Thailand as a certified and registered Yoga Teacher by World Yoga Alliance and currently teaching professional yoga classes in Chiang Rai at Raya Yoga. He has yoga teaching experience more than 17 years.

Kru Ao

She is a 200-hour certified, registered and experienced yoga teacher by the World Yoga Alliance organization.

World Yoga Alliance (Yoga)

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Mickael Ronchieri

from Cambodia, February 2018

"A fresh new start"

I spent an amazing time at adinath ashram.

The location is perfect: not so far from the airport and the city but surrounded by mountains waterfalls and pineaple fields. The accommodation is clean and comfy. The food is incredibly healthy and tasty !

What about the training then ? It's a deep return to the roots, the esence of yoga ! You will learn about yoga history, yoga lifestyle, yoga for the body and yoga for your mind. You will learn Sanskrit wich is the original language of yoga. You will develop your awareness to practice yoga with mindfulness.

Caution: there is NO return journey ! Once you get caught in the yoga lifestyle it's your life habits that change forever and... for the best.

I'd like to say a huge thanks to guru dharm my teacher and friend for awaking my spiritual energy, steadying my Ming and strengthening my body.

I'm looking forward to come back and learn again the same course for free.



Testimonials 5

Vittoria De Marco

WYA Thailand Yoga Facebook page

I left pieces of my soul at Adinath Asram, it was a lifetime experience, i met beautiful people, and they became my family...Guru Dharm was such an inspirational teacher and it was a privilege and and an honor to learn from someone who dedicated all his life to yoga, i couldn't ask for more...The world needs more people like Guru Dharm and his wife, and i will always carry them in my heart...

Thank you!

Nash Potter

WYA Thailand Yoga Facebook page

Adinath ashram is centered in the Northern Mountains of Thailand. A beautiful place surrounded by rice, strawberry and pineapple farms. Centered outside of the hustle and bustle of town, you enter into the simplistic beauty of the countryside, with an abundance of fresh country air, and a yoga shala floating on a lake full of fish. Getting to learn about yoga every day while listening to the sounds of flowing water, birds and the rainforest truly inspired zen in my practice. The school is devoted to traditional practices and philosophy that infuse your yoga journey with authenticity, no longer will you simply practice asanas, you will learn to make yoga a way of life. A code of ethics to live by moment to moment to create emotional, mental, spiritual and physical freedom.

One of the greatest benefits of choosing this course with WYA Thailand, is that the daily vegetarian buffets and accommodation is all inclusive. So for the month you live here, you don't have to spend an extra dime on daily expenses. So it is one of the cheapest but high quality and well-rounded courses I've found. There are also bikes available on campus with a beautiful countryside full of rivers and waterfalls to explore, there is never a moment gone to waste.

Korn Prabhasabhakdi

WYA Thailand Yoga Facebook page

On my first day at WYA Thailand in Chiang Rai, all I knew about yoga was asana. I thought of it as a kind of excercise. Now I know yoga is more than that. In my opinion, it's a way of living healthy & happy life. It's such a great experience here in Chiang Rai. I have a chance to meet good people and new friends whom I consider members of my family. The place is very nice. The weather is good. I will remember my time here forever.

Wiratchanee Klungprasri

WYA Thailand Yoga Facebook page

I don't really know how start because everything was sooo good and I'm very lucky and feel honored to be a part of this family.

The training was awesome and for me it was way beyond my expectations and extraordinary experience that could be definitely make a remarkable and the big change in my life. Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than I’ve ever been, of course in a good way;) I have now a new definition of life and how it should be lived! The training is the best one for me so far (because it was my very first one in my ife) It was interesting, entertaining, motivational, inspiring, practical, and fun at the same time and the best and my favorite part was the people who I stayed during the training with, they are so genuine, peaceful and they have a big heart, they’re my brothers and sisters, they are my family. And the place AdiNath Yoga Ashram, where I find peach and love I call it home! Thank you guys!

Dharm is the best ever!

Sutee Supanich

World Yoga Alliance Facebook page

For myself at first when I start practicing yoga, I myself think that yoga is just for exercise and I just wanna get stronger. Deep down yoga is not only just practicing asana (posture), but also the harmony of body, mind and soul. After being here at WYA Thailand Chaingrai. I realized that doing advanced postures don't mean that you are doing great in yoga. Basic and simple postures with proper alignment are the key fundamental to help you to prepare your strong foundation for the next level. Everything takes time. Yoga is a movement of your body and your breath. I would say Practicing in safety way and Have awareness what you are doing, Never force yourself to the level that you feel not comfortable with are the point!! There is no short cut in everthing. Yoga is being with yourself and being with present. That advanced postures will still waiting there until you are ready for it. In short, I would say practice with Mindfulness, No comparison and No competition.

Not only the way of practicing yoga affects your body to be stronger, tones your body and get in shape, but also yoga can train your mind to stay calm, happy and relaxed. Unfortunately, most people considered yoga as just the physical exercises. I would say it is just one part of it !! The mind never gets a day off from busy with "who-said-what" or either past or future. But, then comes the breath and the mind. For me , yoga is never complete without meditation. Yoga helps quiet the mind, gives your body an outlet to release energy blocks that may have you stressing out even more. All that we are is the result of what we thought, the mind is everything. What we think we become. So it means that after the mind becomes quieter and undisturbed, and you find yourself much more in control of things.

Of all mentioned above, the spectacular view of mountains and eco-friendly style of Ashram is also a key to help us to focus on our training and let us experience the healthy lifestyle. Not only that Guru Dharm and his team who have their own teaching style that make so much enjoyable class and have their mission to deliver the right message about yoga. I myself know better what is yoga and what yoga can help to live the life with mindfulness healthy lifestyle. I think I have made right choice to be at WYA Thailand Chaingrai.

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