Yasmine Sinno Yoga

Vicenza, Italy

Yasmine Sinno Yoga offers yoga classes and retreats in Lebanon, Italy, and Spain.

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  • Martina Spain

    Yasmine Sinno Yoga website

    I met Jordi Ibern last July on a Reiki course. Jordi offers a complete course in which it is made clear what Reiki Energy is and how we can use it in our everyday lives in order to increase our wellbeing. Later on I participated on a Yoga and Reiki Retreat with Jordi and Yasmine; they are both warm and professional. They convey these ancient disciplines in a clear and understandable way so that we may apply these teachings in our daily lives. My experience was very positive, so I sincerely recommend this retreat with Yasmine and Jordi.

  • Anna Sweden

    Yasmine Sinno Yoga website

    Participating to the retreat was the best thing I ever did! I really got to know myself better and got to understand the power each human being has on its own life. I will repeat it for sure.

  • Olga Spain

    Yasmine Sinno Yoga website

    Yasmine and Jordi are very friendly, approachable and excellent teachers. I totally recommend attending their classes/workshops. The retreat was worth its price. To me, it was not only about Reiki and yoga but also a group therapy! Thank you very much Yasmine and Jordi!

  • Sylvie France

    Yasmine Sinno Yoga website

    My first Reiki and yoga retreat with Yasmine and Jordi was a turning point in my life. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the deep and powerful combination of Reiki and yoga. Most of all, I felt deeply accepted and loved. They guided the sessions in a humane and enjoyable way - yet keeping a playful approach to everything. In the retreat, I had a chance to expand my mental and physical limitations and boundaries and to face my shadows, all the while feeling completely safe. Now that I look back to my time in the retreat, I can see that I overcame some of my fears during those sessions, which led to my current situation: I started to enjoy my life fully.

  • Atlal Laouar

    Yasmine Sinno Yoga website

    I attended the yoga and Reiki workshop held by Jordi and Yasmine in Barcelona. The workshop included both dynamic and restorative yoga practices along with yoga philosophy. The Reiki part included Reiki attunements and practices on ourselves as well as on our partners. Both Yasmine and Jordi were thoughtful towards the students. Yasmine was an excellent observer of her students as she could point out our weak points during the practice. She knew all our names and corrected our postures one by one. Her own postures looked more than perfect and her knowledge of yoga philosophy made my interest in the spiritual part of yoga grow.This workshop was my second Reiki attunement with Jordi. I felt like I was reading an old book and discovering completely new things! My first attunement was over a year ago. My vision of life has evolved and so is my vision of Reiki. I understood that Reiki is my own personal practice and I need not to share it if I do not want to. I will definitely take advantage of this precious tool in order to feel more balanced on daily basis. However, there is one thing that didn't change: Jordi is still the most modern, down to earth, and easy to approach teacher I have encountered so far.Barcelona was a great location for this workshop. It is an open-minded city where we felt comfortable and where healthy food was readily available. Special thanks to Jordi who showed us the hidden jewels of the city. My overall impression of this workshop is very positive. Allying movement to spiritual practice felt very balancing on both physical and mental levels. Thanks to Jordi and Yasmine personalities, the workshop felt like a personalized service.

  • Marina Dimova

    Yasmine Sinno Yoga website

    The Reiki and yoga workshop in Barcelona was one of my best experiences so far! I am really thankful to both teachers - Jordi and Yasmine for the individual attention to every student and every answered question. The practice of Reiki and yoga is a path with lots of different experiences and I am glad that I got to meet them in the beginning of mine. At the end of the workshop I felt like I have created a small new family which I cant wait to meet again! Thank you!

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