Yobaba Lounge

Yobaba Lounge offers award-winning yoga and meditation retreats hosted in stylish quarters, complemented by outrageous vegan food and a deeply healing practice.

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Gertrud Keazor

Gertrud is a retired international athlete, a qualified massage therapist, and a Reiki practitioner. She teaches the ancient wisdom traditional use of ujjayi breath, mindful movement, and visualizations to reach a deep state of meditation and awareness of inner space. She will use common yoga postures as part of this practice. Gertrud does not have any formal yoga teacher qualifications but she has studied different approaches to meditation and mindfulness and has changed her life through the comprehensive healing practice, which she shares on the retreats.

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Glenn Morris Australia

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I arrived at Yobaba after an extremely stressful year and feeling rundown, unhealthy, and out of sync with my inner self.

I did not come just seeking yoga. I did not come seeking meditation and silence. I did not come just for fabulous, vegan food. Nor did I come to simply relax. I came to Yobaba for much more. I came seeking a holistic, nurturing experience where all of the above was cleverly woven together to help me regain my vitality and energy for life.

Two weeks later, I head home with my mind, body, and soul nurtured fully back to a state of calm and well-being.

It is the holistic way in which Gertrud and her wonderful team were able to guide me to do all the things I needed to destress and get back to a state where I am recharged to embrace life with happiness and zest. Gertrud's program brilliantly brings it all together, helped also by the chance to experience the magnificent region around Chalabre. She gave us the flexibility and assurance to find our own paths to self-care; however, following her on the journey is the best path to take.

For anyone who feels their batteries fast running down, Yobaba Lounge is the one place on earth to come for that holistic nurturing and recharge.

In my mind, simply a life-changing experience that I recommend to anyone to try if they have the opportunity.

To Gertrud and the team, thank you from the bottom of my heart. The most fulfilling thing one can do in life is to give of yourself to help others. You and the team ought to feel very fulfilled in what you are doing. It is unique and it works! I give you five stars; actually, I will give you six! I will be back again. With love, Glenn.

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