Yoga Blu Australia

Yoga Blu Australia specializes in providing Yin yoga, Hatha yoga, and healing bodywork. Their retreats are ocean-play and nature-focused.

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Chantal Lynne

Yoga Blu Australia facebook page

A beautiful experience of yin yoga, the ocean, and pure Bali bliss. Excited to make my way back in April to immerse myself once again. Thanks Fiona, I'm so looking forward to it!

Judy Cottesloe WA

Yoga Blu Australia website

Very Special. Thank you for your generosity, thoughtfulness and for expanding my horizons. The moments shared with other in nature have imprinted and I feel blessed and connected.

Jodee Hobart

Yoga Blu Australia website

Grounded and nourished. Wow! Who would have thought that a few days would have led to so much benefit. Fiona, your teaching is skilfully executed and instructive. A much eased back, a semi-headstand and heels touching the ground in downward dog. Thank you!

Linda Helena Valley

Yoga Blu Australia website

First time travelling without my babies - big step!! Thank you for a beautiful experience. You are a generous and passionate teacher! I feel truly…








Deeply centred

Kaye Withey

Yoga Blu Australia Facebook

Every yoga class I have ever shared with Fiona has been exceptional.

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