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Yoga for Positive Living aims to bring out the greatness in everyone, through yoga retreats, programming, and events.

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from US$2,499
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Jaclyn Mucaria

Jaclyn completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in Nosara, Costa Rica and her 300-hour yoga therapy certification through the Inner Door Center in Royal Oak, Michigan. She has worked diligently teaching yoga therapy as a healing method for those recovering from eating disorders and has trained professionals around the country in the integration of yoga philosophy and practices into their treatment for eating disorders.

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  • Perri van Rossem

    Yoga for Positive Living website

    Jackie's professionalism and compassion for each one of her participants blend to create a warm and welcoming environment that begins prior to our arrival. From the opening ceremony and circle, Jackie established a sense of sacredness and trust that enabled all of us to warm to one another and come together as a supportive group for each other. The outstanding gift that Jackie has, which is a rare gift indeed, is her ability to hold space, allow for the great mystery of life to be in the sacredness of empty space. Jackie patiently awaits while spirit works through us, in the silence, in the empty space, in the pregnant pauses, we were given permission to simply be. In our 'Being', each in her own way, we found the strength and courage to look deep within and discovered our own strength and courage. Jackie’s ability to simply allow that process the time needed to emerge organically speaks to her infinite patience and belief that when we come together, intent on allowing the great mystery to unfold, life will take care of the details.

    Thank you Jackie for your willingness to let the space be empty when needed, nurtured when called for, and setting the intention to show us all how to surrender to the power within us all. This was truly the most spiritually healing and personally transformational retreat I have ever experienced. Keep believing in what calls from within you Jackie, and thus you serve us all. Ohm Shanti.

  • Johanna Harmala

    Yoga for Positive Living website

    Jackie is such a clear, loving, and powerful woman, truly a pleasure to have as a retreat facilitator. She had planned everything so well in advance and with many beautiful details that everyone was cared for and honored. I loved how during the retreat, we had time for sharing, time for yoga, and time for excursions or quiet time. We did a lot of deep work, yet there was plenty of time to integrate and play. The ceremonies we had, stayed in my mind as very special and precious moments. I would full-heartedly recommend Jackie’s retreats to everybody. Taking time for yourself is so important in our often busy lives. It is so good to get nourished, face our challenges, and be filled with self love and the loving support of others. I hope this Sister’s of the Moon was one of many, I am already looking forward to the next one!

  • Jenny Rader

    Yoga for Positive Living website

    A truly sacred experience.

  • Laura

    Yoga for Positive Living website

    It was a beautiful experience and a wonderful idea to have a retreat where women can connect with one another on such a deep level regardless of our backgrounds.

  • Farryn

    Yoga for Positive Living website

    Jackie is truly wonderful! I felt amazing to be a student and experience her teaching methods of yoga. She has taught me so much about myself and her light and laughter become this energizing force that brings strength and calm into an equal balance. Jackie is deep, sincere, and meaningful with her words. I found that she always adds her true love and spirit into her practice and her everyday interactions with those that are around her. I admire her ease with providing a practice with equal parts of challenge and softness. I enjoyed her spirit for adventure and her peaceful and extraordinarily sincere way of making you feel that you are cherished, loved, and important. The sacred circle experience was an extremely important catalyst in which I was able to reach the necessary depths within myself to inquire as to how I was going to progress my spiritual life forward in a direction that was organically fine tuned for my soul. This was a truly touching journey that we were all able to experience as a group and also individually. Scott was absolutely the perfect voice and messenger to bring these heartfelt stories and discussions, that were a full creation of his experience and knowledge, with this practice of beauty, introspect, and moving ones-self to higher level of existing.

  • a traveler

    Yoga for Positive Living website

    I have always enjoyed my yoga practice but have never had a practice educate me on the deeper meanings and applications of yoga and meditation. It has been so useful as I have used the meditation practices regularly since the retreat.

  • Kiana C.

    Yoga for Positive Living website

    The people, the location, the yoga, and the meditations were all well designed and allowed for true escapism and relaxation. This trip was truly one of the most magical experiences of my life. Jackie and Scott have an exceptional talent for running retreats and I was so grateful for this experience.

  • Wendy M.

    Yoga for Positive Living website

    I went on the Costa Rica Yoga Retreat 2013 without any expectations, open to possibilities, and had one of the best experiences of my life. The beautiful memories will be with me forever.

  • Jenette L.

    Yoga for Positive Living website

    I would want other people to know that the yoga retreat to Costa Rica was an amazing journey, inside and out. I would want people to know that I found a sense of peace and rightness and joy on the journey that I cannot describe. So because I cannot describe it, I would just say to them, go. Just go.

  • a traveler

    Yoga for Positive Living website

    The yoga retreat, for me, was a wonderful opportunity to open my mind and heart to all possibilities in life. Having little experience in yoga, I truly had no expectations and just enjoyed every moment and all the adventures we had. Our yoga practice and meditation outside was one of my favorites. All of our outings and excursions were very special; the serenity of being on the beach and listening to the sound and power of the ocean was unforgettable. I learned so much from you, Jackie, and will never forget your smile, kindness and smell of ginger!

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