Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka

Yoga Light-House in Sri Lanka provides individual guidance in self-development, improvement of body and mind conditions through application of yoga and Ayurveda.

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Nikolas Shower

Nikolas is the founder of Yoga Light House and the Yoga Sadhana at the center. He is a light bearer, spiritual warrior and seeker for liberation.


Jeewanthi is the Fire Keeper, Shakti of our Spiritual Home and a Kundalini that dreams to wake up within herself one day.

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Lilit Mnatsakanyan

from Great Britain, March 2018

"Beautiful people beautiful retreat"

This was my third and best experience with bookyogaretreats. Everything was magnificent. Nikolas is one of the best hatha teachers and the best yoga teacher i have had (and i have done many classes), he knows yoga. Thanks to him i could not only explore the capacities of the body, but get beyond it. His teachings are unique and unlike many of the generic yoga classes; its well thought through and customized. The pranayama classes were incredible, i will forever be grateful to Nikolas for what i have learnt. Jeewa is so full of love, beauty, sweetness, she is so sincere, i have learnt so much not only during our ayurveda consultation, but by simply observing her. Her spirit is so strong and deeply beautiful, i am grateful for having known her. As for the little miracle Gayatri, she is the sweetest blessing i was fortunate enough to interact :) everything was radiantly great during this experience, i am so grateful to Jeewa and Nikolas, wishing them best of luck with their business, may it prosper and blossom and may you always inspire us with your lovely teamwork :) next time i am in Sri Lanka will visit for sure

Emily Wilson

from Indonesia, September 2017

"Wonderful experience"

Both Nikolas and Jeewanthi were lovely and looked after all of the guests well! They would go the extra mile to ensure everyone was comfortable at all times.

Each yoga practice was slightly varied which kept it interesting and challenging.

The food was amazing and different every meal! Couldn't have asked for anything better.

Location was great and were able to go for a swim in the ocean each morning, just 100m from the accommodation.

Denise Kruiver

from Sri Lanka, March 2018

"Lovely retrait for personal growth"

The lessons are well structured, including pranayama / meditation / shanting, nice atmosphere, simple but good rooms (including mosquito nets), you can always ask them everything, the 3 meals and the juice are always fresh and absolutely delicious Sri Lankan food. It is on the beach so the wind from the sea is often cool and you can take a dip in the sea. I will recommend this to everyone!

Afien Bouwman

from Netherlands, August 2017


Jeevanthi, Nikolas, locatie, yoga en het eten

Andrea Willems

from United States, July 2017

"Nice way to finish my trip in Sri Lanka"

The yoga sessions were great. My yoga skills improved a lot in just 5 days. After the retreat I felt more confident and happy, it was a n(m)ice experience. ;)

Sofia Broomé

from Sri Lanka, January 2018

"Back in touch with body and soul"

Nicolas and Jewanti did everything to make us comfortable and to help with yoga training and ayurvedic readings and treatments. The house was very close to the beautiful unexplored beach.

I have not been able to train for a year due to damages but felt already during the first yoga class that this was a way back in to fitness. And the meditations and chantings also helped.

Jeewantis childhood friend Malki made fantastic genuine Sri Lankan vegetarian food, three meals a day.

So glad for this experience.

Julie Hemmings

from Great Britain, December 2017

"Real Yoga with a True Yogi"

I chose this retreat because I wanted something deeper than just asana. Nikolas gave us the full range of yoga practices including chanting and pranayama. We even did one morning practice at the local buddhist temple. A truly fantastic experience.

The food was the best I had in Sri Lanka and Jeewa was really helpful with her Ayurveda advice.

Kristin Klette

from Norway, December 2017

"Not quite what I expected"

The food and the hospitality of the hosts. The yoga and mindfulness exercises were great.

Dorothy Bazos

from United States, April 2017

Alvaro Obeso

from United States, April 2017

"Great experience "

I liked the whole experience, Nicholas and his wife were great. It was life changing experience for me. Thank you very much.

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Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka

Hello Nicholai and Jeewa! (also Gayatri and Dexter and Tora and Chuti and all puppers, and Cookie and the other one - Baloo?), Its evening now in the cold London, and I believe you must probably sleeping to the sounds of the ocean and the howls of a lonely dog. (OR not sleeping for that matter! :)

I am well - the fruit a little worse, but still intact. Not ready to eat just this yet. I will be trying currying the mango and the guava, even though I have no idea about the spices proportion - however is it not a trial and error situation. I will be the one eating it haha! May I ask something - if my elements were in balance that day, does that mean that because that particular day I did not eat hot food, or is it because of long term effects of my diet, and I must say I eat spicy often...

Again, thank you so much for all the energy and wisdom and amazing food. Ayurveda will definitely be a part of my life now, as I have a strong intention to meditate and practice daily. My balance has gotten so much better after only four days thank to stilling my mind, and all of your lessons, about doshas and asanas, pranayama and inquiring, will stay with me.

I hope you are well and enjoying the time with new group. I will be missing you and the amazing air. I will not be missing the mosquitos!!! Do widzenia and many hugs and bows,

David and Mabel

Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

Dear Jeewa and Nikolas, How are you? I hope that all is fine with you. Mabel and I are back in Spain already. We just want to tell you that we had a very good experience during our yoga retreat that we will always remember it for sure. Our trip around Sri Lanka has been fantastic, we love the country and the people, and we are sure that the yoga retreat influenced us to enjoy and live our journey much better.

We would like to thank you both for all the experiences and what we learned, we hope to keep some of them in our day life. We wish you all the best for your beautiful family and maybe one day we can do the pilmigrage to the Adam’s peak which would mean we would see you again.

Anne McCloghry

Yoga Light- House Sri Lanka website

Sri Lanka is amazing, what a wonderful, special place, and I will definitely be coming back. I had such a great experience at the retreat - I will post a review & send my photos over Google drive asap.

I was practicing for the rest of my holiday but I've had 5 days off since coming home - I'm going back to class this afternoon! My back is ok but my chair-sitting definitely makes it sore and cranky!

I really took a lot of wonderful new thoughts and concepts away with me from the retreat & look forward to meeting you again in the future to learn some more.

Much love to you both and can't wait to see/hear news of the new family member.

Babora Italy

Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

Dear Jeewa and Nicolas, I have arrived back safely to Italy yesterday. Hope you are doing also well and enjoying the next pilgramage. I would like to thank you again for your kindness and warmth, you were fantastic with us during the whole stay. The experience was truly transformational and refreshing, giving me many insights and inspiration on how to live a happy & balanced life. I wish you all the best with the expansion of your project and much happiness with your new baby (send pictures please!).

Charllote Germany

Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

Dear Jeewa and Nicholas, How are you? I hope this email finds you well. I am now in Ranna, close to Tangalle and relaxing at the beach. I look back to our stay and feel so blessed and grateful to have experienced it with such a wonderful group of people. You two made the experience so special, by sharing your knowledge and wisdom with such love and devotion. I want to whole-heatedly Thank you, for guiding us all through our own individual journeys and for being genuine and authentic. I have not only learned a lot from you about yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, but also about the art of guiding and supporting people with their lives. I think it is so wonderful that you guys are offering such an experience to the world and I am in no doubt that you will help and inspire so many people. So again, thank you for being you! I also hope that the rest of the retreat went well for you all and that you both had some nice time to rest, until you start the next retreat. I look forward to hearing from you and until then I’m sending Many hugs from Ranna!

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