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Yoga Light-House in Sri Lanka provides individual guidance in self-development, improvement of body and mind conditions through application of yoga and Ayurveda.

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Nikolas Shower

Nikolas is the founder of Yoga Light House and the Yoga Sadhana at the center. He is a light bearer, spiritual warrior and seeker for liberation.


Jeewanthi is the Fire Keeper, Shakti of our Spiritual Home and a Kundalini that dreams to wake up within herself one day.

Reviews 15

  • Emily Wilson Indonesia

    September 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Both Nikolas and Jeewanthi were lovely and looked after all of the guests well! They would go the extra mile to ensure everyone was comfortable at all times.

    Each yoga practice was slightly varied which kept it interesting and challenging.

    The food was amazing and different every meal! Couldn't have asked for anything better.

    Location was great and were able to go for a swim in the ocean each morning, just 100m from the accommodation.

    There wasn't any wifi at the location but we could access wifi at a nearby hotel, 10 minutes walk away.

    Not really an issue as it's a nice opportunity to detox.

  • Afien Bouwman Netherlands

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Jeevanthi, Nikolas, locatie, yoga en het eten

  • Andrea Willems United States

    July 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The yoga sessions were great. My yoga skills improved a lot in just 5 days. After the retreat I felt more confident and happy, it was a n(m)ice experience. ;)

  • Dorothy Bazos United States

    April 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The yoga instructor led us on very dangerous waterfall hikes which included climbing bolder fields and walking through leech infested trails. He was not prepared with first aide equipment or knowledge of local terrain or language. One person in our group had a full blown panic attack and begged for help crossing the rocks but the instructor did not help. I am currently being treated for bacterial infections due to the leech bites. I would not recommend this business to anyone.

  • Alvaro Obeso United States

    April 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    I liked the whole experience, Nicholas and his wife were great. It was life changing experience for me. Thank you very much.


  • Zsolt & Andrea Hungary

    BookYogaRetreats Website

    Our first ever yoga holiday was organised by Jeewanthi, Yoga Light-House and booked via BookYogaRetreats. Jeewanthi was doing great job to organize everything according to our travel plan and requirements. We stayed in Ging Oya Lodge, a wonderful eco-friendly, natural lodge managed by Mirijam and Leo. They both are fantastic host by creating peaceful, relaxing stay to their guests there.

    The yogi host Nicolas is a unique person. He has conducted our morning and evening sessions with maximum focus, taking care of our mental and physical conditions, requests, etc... He is much more than just a yogi, he gave us advises and also shared his experiences. Ayurveda consultation with Jeewa was also personal, open and useful for future lifestyle as well.

    All in all the Yoga Light-House experience was a great choice and we wish to thank them for the lifelong experience they all have provided. I wish we could return soon again!

  • Daniela Machado


    When I reached out Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka, my objective was to relax, do yoga, be closer to the nature and meditate. Nicolas and Jewwa were beyond any expectations, such an amazing souls, with a huge and warm heart, I'm so thankful to have crossed their way. Our days were fulfilled with precious knowledge, yoga, meditation, self discovering, inside a "mini-jungle" in the beautiful and green area of Waykkala. We also enjoyed plenty of rest, pampering massages on the neighbor Ayurveda center, and a lot of fun, as our small group of 5 souls came beautifully together to share this amazing energy and experience. Nikolas is just fantastic, giving us full attention and care, pushing and encouraging each one of us to give our best, understanding where we stand individually and as a group. Jewwa melted my heart with her sweetness and big smile.. I have always loved the concept of Ayurveda, had read so much about that, and after my consultation with them I am even more inspired and motivated to go further. I left with an enormous feeling of gratitude and happiness I had a fantastic time with them, a deep and enlightened journey to within

  • Norma Gray

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Nicolas your guidance has given me a richer personal practice, particularly my meditation and pranayama. Your teaching is authentic, specific and is a complete practice which is easily adaptable to today's lifestyle. Thank you Nicolas and Jeewanthi for a wonderfully memorable experience. Blessings Yoga Light-House!

  • Clelia Salvati

    BookYogaRetreats website

    When I booked my yoga retreat with Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka, I had no idea where I was stepping in. I had only a basic experience of yoga and had never done a retreat before. I thought I would do yoga and find a peace of mind and of body and I found much more than that. The place where we stayed is fabulous, calm, peaceful, perfect for the purpose, the food is great, the ocean nearby as well as a few Ayurveda centers. The small group of participants was a great combination, just 5 of us and we got on really well together, during and in between the sessions. And the yoga master is fantastic; I learned a lot of new positions from him, learned meditation and breathing. His wife Jeewanthi is a very attentive and caring Ayurveda doctor who gives the best advice to keep healthy. I came to practice some yoga moves, I left with a completely new body and a mind free of stress and worries and new friends. I will definitely come again.

  • Tuva Norway

    BookYogaRetreasts website

    I am very satisfied with everything about my stay at Yoga-Light-House. First of all, we were only two people doing the program, so we got full attention/help. I've learned a lot in just three and a half days, and I've brought it with me home to my life in Norway; both through yoga-meditation-consultation-conversation. Now, back home for three weeks, I still feel calm/relaxed, and sleep better than I've ever done before. Also: I had no idea, through the pictures, that the place we stayed in during the program was gonna be that beautiful. The room was the nicest room I've slept in during my trip in Sri Lanka.

  • Conor Colleary

    BookYogaRetreasts website

    Hi Jeewanthi and Nicolas! Thanks for what was fundamentally an excellent trip. I really enjoyed learning about yoga and the practice sessions that we did. I also feel very refreshed and calm after the trip. All I need now that I am back home, is to keep practicing. Thanks again for a great experience.

  • Mary Goodwin

    BookYogaRetreats website

    AMAZING!!! This retreat which included the excursion to Adam's Peak was far more than I could have ever expected. The Yoga Light house experience challenged me to come out of my comfort zone both physically and emotionally. The excursion to Adam's Peak is NOT TO BE MISSED! We walked at a pace that was comfortable for the whole group during the cool of the night. It was a magical experience, with stunning views of the night sky. Our thoughts were cleared as we focused on our breathing and each step we took to push ourselves to the summit. It was unforgettable experience shared with wonderful people I had never met before. We also took in trips to waterfalls, swam in the river, went kayaking and much more. We were treated like family by the Yoga Lighthouse staff Nicholas and Madu. They were so attentive to the groups needs and spent quality time with us individually to discuss our health and emotional needs. They were so giving and welcoming. I will truly miss them! If you want a true yoga experience with an adventure, definitely pick this retreat with the excursion. If it is just yoga you want, they do programs without the excursion to Adam's Peak which I am sure will be amazing too.

  • Rose

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Dear Nickolas and Jeewa, Just writing to say thanks to the both of you for my time at Yoga Light-House, and apologies for my late email - I've been on the move since I left the lodge. Anyway, it was truly memorable and a very positive experience for me. I will remember the wise advice you both have given to me and I will try to put it into practice as much as I can. Some of the things have certainly stuck in my mind and I will remember them in times of need.

    I'm going to carry on with the yoga and pranayama once in back in London, I believe it will help me with everything and become strong! I got my palm read In Varanasi and he said yoga and meditation will be an important thing in my life and I might even open a center when I'm older ha! Jeewanthi thank you so much for the medicine again. I will start taking it when I get home and let you know how it's working. Hope you have a lovely time with your family. Thanks again.

  • Ingela Corner

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Hi Nicolas! Thank you for one of the best experiences of my life! I arrived home safely Saturday night. It was minus 10 degrees outside and a little bit of snow - a big contrast. The flight was OK but I got a terrible headache. Though since I came home I have been very tired, or sleepy is maybe more correct. Hard to keep my eyes open and swollen around the eyes. Probably due to that I didn't sleep much the first couple of nights together with jet-lag. Or a reaction after all mental, and physical, work I went through in Sri Lanka? Maybe a combination. Though physically I feel great! I try to do my morning-practice everyday, the wake-up and meditation. I feel the meditation goes a little bit better day by day, the thoughts are not everywhere all the time and I can focus a little bit better on the breathing, mantra, mala-beads, etc. The sun salutations I have done a couple of times as well, my aim being to do them every day Tell Madu that I take my medicine every day according to her instructions. I will get back to you/her within a week to let you know the effect I experience from it. Take care! Ayubowa.

  • Laura Burkhardt Switzerland

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Hey Nicolas! I'm safe back in Dubai. Thanks again for that great experience! Even I had some blockades during the sessions I really enjoyed it. I forgot to ask if you can send me the pictures that you did on the river while we were kayaking and also those which Madu took while we were doing our yoga session at the river. I wish you a great day and please say hello to Madu! Namaste from Dubai.

Testimonials 13

  • Patry

    Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka

    Hello Nicholai and Jeewa! (also Gayatri and Dexter and Tora and Chuti and all puppers, and Cookie and the other one - Baloo?), Its evening now in the cold London, and I believe you must probably sleeping to the sounds of the ocean and the howls of a lonely dog. (OR not sleeping for that matter! :)

    I am well - the fruit a little worse, but still intact. Not ready to eat just this yet. I will be trying currying the mango and the guava, even though I have no idea about the spices proportion - however is it not a trial and error situation. I will be the one eating it haha! May I ask something - if my elements were in balance that day, does that mean that because that particular day I did not eat hot food, or is it because of long term effects of my diet, and I must say I eat spicy often...

    Again, thank you so much for all the energy and wisdom and amazing food. Ayurveda will definitely be a part of my life now, as I have a strong intention to meditate and practice daily. My balance has gotten so much better after only four days thank to stilling my mind, and all of your lessons, about doshas and asanas, pranayama and inquiring, will stay with me.

    I hope you are well and enjoying the time with new group. I will be missing you and the amazing air. I will not be missing the mosquitos!!! Do widzenia and many hugs and bows,

  • David and Mabel

    Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

    Dear Jeewa and Nikolas, How are you? I hope that all is fine with you. Mabel and I are back in Spain already. We just want to tell you that we had a very good experience during our yoga retreat that we will always remember it for sure. Our trip around Sri Lanka has been fantastic, we love the country and the people, and we are sure that the yoga retreat influenced us to enjoy and live our journey much better.

    We would like to thank you both for all the experiences and what we learned, we hope to keep some of them in our day life. We wish you all the best for your beautiful family and maybe one day we can do the pilmigrage to the Adam’s peak which would mean we would see you again.

  • Anne McCloghry

    Yoga Light- House Sri Lanka website

    Sri Lanka is amazing, what a wonderful, special place, and I will definitely be coming back. I had such a great experience at the retreat - I will post a review & send my photos over Google drive asap.

    I was practicing for the rest of my holiday but I've had 5 days off since coming home - I'm going back to class this afternoon! My back is ok but my chair-sitting definitely makes it sore and cranky!

    I really took a lot of wonderful new thoughts and concepts away with me from the retreat & look forward to meeting you again in the future to learn some more.

    Much love to you both and can't wait to see/hear news of the new family member.

  • Babora Italy

    Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

    Dear Jeewa and Nicolas, I have arrived back safely to Italy yesterday. Hope you are doing also well and enjoying the next pilgramage. I would like to thank you again for your kindness and warmth, you were fantastic with us during the whole stay. The experience was truly transformational and refreshing, giving me many insights and inspiration on how to live a happy & balanced life. I wish you all the best with the expansion of your project and much happiness with your new baby (send pictures please!).

  • Charllote Germany

    Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

    Dear Jeewa and Nicholas, How are you? I hope this email finds you well. I am now in Ranna, close to Tangalle and relaxing at the beach. I look back to our stay and feel so blessed and grateful to have experienced it with such a wonderful group of people. You two made the experience so special, by sharing your knowledge and wisdom with such love and devotion. I want to whole-heatedly Thank you, for guiding us all through our own individual journeys and for being genuine and authentic. I have not only learned a lot from you about yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, but also about the art of guiding and supporting people with their lives. I think it is so wonderful that you guys are offering such an experience to the world and I am in no doubt that you will help and inspire so many people. So again, thank you for being you! I also hope that the rest of the retreat went well for you all and that you both had some nice time to rest, until you start the next retreat. I look forward to hearing from you and until then I’m sending Many hugs from Ranna!

  • Laura Switzerland

    Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

    Hey Nicolas! Im safe back in Dubai. Thanks again for that great experience! Even i had some blockades during the Sessions i really enjoyed it. I forgot to ask if You can Send me the pictures that You did on the River while we were kayaking and also those which Madu Took while we were doing our yoga Session at the river. I wish You a Great day and please say hello to Madu! Namaste from Dubai ;)

  • Saoirse & Darragh Ireland

    Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

    Thank you so much for an incredible yoga experience with Yoga Light-House. We have been blown away by all the hospitality, encouragement, advice and guidance on our Spiritual Journey. You both have something really special and we are very grateful to have been a part of it. We won’t ever forget our time here although the real work starts now. Keep sharing your love and light with the world and hopefully we will meet again. We can’t wait to be reunited again. Until then stay safe, stay smiling and never stop being you. All our love and hugs!

  • Sara & Stephanie Germany

    Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

    Dear Jeewa, Thank you, yes we very much enjoyed our trip! Actually, we didn’t travel much more. After we moved to beautiful balapitya beach, sun-induced laziness kicked in and we stayed there for another week (a little sightseeing was also involved, but certainly not enough to fully appreciate the many facets and the cultural richness of Sri Lanka). Most memorable to me will be the wonderful people that we had the opportunity to meet, including and above all the both of you. What you do is really special, and I simply cannot come up with a thing to improve. I am returning back home deeply grateful, confident and inspired. Keep going - you really make a difference :-)! And I just agreed with my employer on a sabbatical as from September 2017! (so you might be seeing more of me in 2017/18 ;-)) Wishing you a very happy New Year 2017!

  • Johanna Germany

    Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

    I stayed 6 days at the Ging Oya Lodge, practicing Yoga, pranayama and meditation in the morning for three hours every day. I was the only person doing the practice together with Nikolas, it was a blast. I've learned a lot, new postures, new ways to keep myself in balance. Nikolas is an awesome Yoga teacher. Together with Jeewanthi we headed to the ocean with the kayaks and had some amazing conversations. I'm continuing with the yoga and pranayama practice every day and I feel very grateful to have met such wonderful people. Jeewanthi and Nikolas, may your lives be blessed and full of sunshine - I wish you all the best. Lots of greetings from Germany!

  • Johanna

    Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

    Hey Nicholas & Jeewanthi! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I'm very grateful to have spent my time with you, doing yoga and traveling through this beautiful island.

    Now, my daily life becomes to a routine again, and I practice yoga, pranayama and meditation every day. I really enjoy it. Lots of love to you! May your life be blessed and filled with happiness and love. All the best to you!

    P.S. Yeah, I climbed Sigirya in the morning, it was amazing. And later that day I enjoyed the calmness in the Buddha caves in Dambulla - a magical place.

  • Dina

    Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

    Thank you so much once again for the amazing week that I had with you guys. Your place and your heart and dedication are unbelievable. It was not only learning and practice yoga it was something deeper something powerful, was learning how to live in a simple and genuine way with the most valuable of the values of life: Love. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. Wish you the best for both of you, Jeewanthi and Nicolas. I know your project will be successful because you deserve.

  • Esther German

    Yoga Light-House Sri Lanka website

    I'm back in Germany and still feel lighthearted from all the impressions I had during the last month. One of the biggest impacts was definitely meeting you. Not only was the yoga-experience the best I ever had, but also getting to know the work of Ayurveda was incredible and I keep it with me all the time. Thank you for all this. My shoulder and my mind are so relaxed. The oil you gave me Madhu is perfect and gives my shoulder great warmth and comfort. India was just an adventure as Sri Lanka. Maybe a bit more chaotic, loud and dirty, but also great in colour, spirituality and vitality. I hope I'm able to come back and join an ashramit one day. Until then I keep up my yoga practice whenever I can. I hope, you too are doing fine. Spreading that positive energy around the globe. I keep telling everyone about you, keeping you busy. Wishing you all the best and hope to hear from you soon!

  • Benjamin United States

    Yoga Light House Sri Lanka website

    I came to stay with Yoga Light-House in Sri Lanka from 21st to 28th of January 2015. After 7 days of yoga practice my feelings are ambiguous, however my mind is clear and quiet. From the seven days yoga retreat, I have gained an experience that are could not be describe. There are 6 or 7 cabanas scattered around the place and its all facing the river, the river view is covered by huge bamboo grass. The interior of the cabana I stayed was very spacious, furnished enough to satisfy guests. The feeling of staying inside was a combination of modesty, comfort, neatness and quietness. You will have the feeling you're having vacations at a summer house in the country.Nicolas came to me and explained how and where we would start with my yoga practices. And at that particular moment I came to realize that things would not be developing like the usual or the way I expected. I am not much into yoga and I do not do regular practice. At Yoga Light-House yoga is everywhere, in each moment and every breath you take. And it started from the very moment I entered the place.We started yoga in the evening, which has intrigued the sense of an explorer and investigator to the real me and it continues to grow. At some points of my practice, I dwell deep into it that I feel there was only me.The last session was dedicated to a revision of the new experience. I was presented with a written advice on how I can continue my practice on my own. I really appreciate meeting with Leo, Miriam and Nicolas who lived in the East for so long that they managed to absorb the values there and treasures and eagerly shared them with others using western means of communication. My understanding of yoga has undergone a radical change. There is definitely something in our western yoga that we miss or omit without understanding the real value. I am very lucky to get a chance to discover it through my own experience .

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