Yoga Limbs French Riviera

Mougins, France

Yoga Limbs French Riviera shares yoga art of living through traditional quality teaching, offering lovely surroundings in Mougins in the south of France.

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    • Jenny United States

      BookYogaRetreats website

      For my first yoga retreat, I could not have asked for a better experience than with Yoga Limbs! Sverine was extremely helpful from our first communication about how to get to the location. The house was amazing! I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. I couldn't wait to get into the infinity pool and lounge out with the view of Mougins. The surrounding area, both in and out of the gated wall, were amazing! And the resident donkey Na'an was the sweetest!Everyone there was so nice and seemed genuinely interested in getting to know me. I have never dove too deep into meditation,so it was a challenge for me, but I never felt like I was doing it "wrong", even when I was fidgety and losing concentration. My favorite day was when we took a day trip to one of the Lrins islands to practice mindful meditation. Such a beautiful setting! I have practiced Ashtanga many times prior to this retreat and it was refreshing to break down a new sequence each day to get s better understanding of each pose and correct alignment. The handouts were a huge help and Sverine's adjustment and advice were a big asset. She is a very talented and compassionate instructor. Throughout the week and even after, she checked in to see how I was doing and feeling.The philosophy discussions were super informative, easy to follow and taught me so much. They have challenged me in my everyday life to apply many things I learned. I had never heard of Sattvic living/diet so that was a great new experience. I learned things about my personality and how my environment and diet can effect my daily health. Very interesting.I think my favorite part was the food!! Sverine and Lou are amazing cooks! Every meal was delicious, beautifully presented and perfect portions. It made me want to expand my culinary skills. I also learned more about yummy cheeses, local organic French wines and tasting. I am still craving Lou's homemade bread and jam!I could not recommend this retreat higher! It was great for all levels of practice. I was sad to leave and truly hope to return again. I can not think of one negative thing so I must rate it a 10!

    • Arta Albania

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      I had a very pleasant yoga holiday. The surroundings is beautiful and near to Canne city. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The food and wine were good. I started with Ashtanga yoga practice, which I intend to continue with.

    • Grace Ireland

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      The Yoga Limbs retreat was exactly what I needed! Everything was catered for by this generous and inspiring yoga teacher, Sanatani (Sverine Roy). Not only did we enjoy Ashtanga and meditation daily, but Sanatani also gave us some workshops on everything from Ayurveda to French wine tasting to yoga philosophy.On top of that, the food was excellent and the location was perfect thanks to a huge infinity pool where there was ample time to swim, sun lounge, and be still. I highly recommend Yoga Limbs to any level of yoga student (it was the first time for me doing Ashtanga and it was modified to suit my needs), and for those who want to mix French culture and simple luxury with the tradition and healing of yoga.

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    • Tiphaine France

      Yoga Limbs French Riviera

      I had the chance to attend a one-week retreat at Yoga Limbs French Riviera in Mougins in July. Not only did I meet very inspiring people but I got to experience meditation and physical practice which helped develop my interest for yoga. As a beginner and yoga amateur, I really enjoyed learning from Séverine who shared her knowledge willfully. And I especially learned a lot about mindfulness meditation which I didn't tend to practice a lot on my own. But the effects are so beneficial and incredible that I really have integrated meditation in my home practice now. The location was incredible, Mougins is a beautiful place in the South of France and the Mas was ideal for a yoga retreat, peaceful and quiet. I would definitely come back if I have the chance and advise it for any yogi ! Thank you again Séverine for organizing this wonderful retreat.

    • Paul and Laurianne Paris

      June 2015. Yoga Limbs French Riviera

      My Wife and I had a beautiful experience at Yoga Limbs. Sverine was our teacher and her knowledge and enthusiasm know no bounds. The food was awesome. We ate fresh, fresh, healthy AND delicious meals, one better than the other, always perfectly paired with the wine. The house was and old French, stone farmhouse with a swimming pool that had a unique view of the hilltop town of Mougins. We could walk up the hill to the towm center in 15 minutes.....there was also a resident mule! Writing about it makes me want to go back... the June weather was perfect and so was the staff.

    • Lisa Canada

      June 2015. Yoga Limbs French Riviera

      I cant say enough wonderful things about this yoga retreat! The location is absolutely perfect, with a hectare of green space in the hills, surrounded by massive trees and beautiful flowers, and their own adopted donkey! I liked that it is only a 20 minute bus away from Cannes centre for easy afternoons off. However the infinity pool is definitely easy to lay by when the sun is shining! The French Riviera is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth for certain!The food is delicious! Each night we had a different organic home cooked French Mediterranean inspired meal and wine tasting, and a fabulous homemade desert to go with it. Brunch was fresh and healthy and complete with homemade bread! The girls put a lot of love and attention into every meal and are very cautious about different diets one may have (vegan, no dairy, no meat etc). I particularly loved the homemade soy yogurt! Best Ive ever had! The sattvic meal was really delicious as well and so interesting to know the history behind ayurvedic cooking and meal choices. Very inspired to put a few more of these types of meals into my diet each week! Learning about the ayurvedic principles is something very special and can teach you a lot about what is going into your body and what types of things you can do to be at your best self.The yoga classes and meditation are located in a beautiful open air shala looking over the greenery and allowing a fresh breeze in. We got to learn how to chant in sanskrit and pronounce each word well. Even as someone who has previously trained a lot in yoga, I found each day to fulfill so many new parts of my practice. The ability to get hands on adjustments and tips for your body in your practice at this moment are invaluable. I really love the sequence having an Ashtanga and Iyengar basis. Severine breaks it down so even the newest beginner can have a working home practice by the time of the end of the retreat. With her help, was able to find proper alignments in my practice after years of wondering why I couldnt get some things right!! I started really opening up my bum shoulder and hips and could feel muscles firing that werent before. She also taught how to do jump throughs that could be easily realized with a bit of practice. And then there is how to properly do navasana - youll see! Abs.If I could do it, I would stay here and retreat forever :) Thanks Severine and the other wonderful people at the retreat! On my way to some better zen living :) :) :)

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