Yoga & Meditation with Roni Friedman

Bat Shlomo, Israel

Roni Friedman teaches retreats around the world. The physical practice is made of Vinyasa flow yoga and combined with meditations and philosophy.

Testimonials 2

  • Ruth Israel

    Desert Ashram website

    A workshop with Roni is like going for a long swim in a pristine ocean; her instruction is deep, crystal clear, and refreshing. She teaches from a place of heartfelt wisdom accompanied by light and rolling laughter and a true sense of humility. Roni is everything that makes a teacher outstanding).

  • Anja Germany

    Desert Ashram website

    The yoga workshop in the desert ashram was great! First you have the amazing Desert Ashram in the middle of the Negev desert which is perfect for concentrating on yourself and yoga. Second you have a wonderful yoga teacher, Roni. She made me feel that yoga is not only workout but also something more spiritual. I am not a very esoteric person but I could really feel something going on inside me too. Roni accompanied me through the workout and the theory and meditation. She was always there for questions and we shared special moments. I am grateful for that experience. Thank you again, Roni!

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