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Ibiza, Spain

Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza offers yoga, mindfulness, healing, transformation, bliss, coaching, and deekhsa retreats in Ibiza.

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Based on 3 reviews
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Great 9.1/10

Based on 3 reviews

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Fraukje / Jasmine Nooij

Fraukje, Ibiza-known as Jasmine, is a psychologist, international yoga teacher, mindfulness instructor, healer, life coach, and biodynamic breath therapist. All her work is designed to inspire and energize your life. She uses a wealth of valuable tools for transformation and empowerment. Jasmine has developed her own unique style of yoga, focusing on awareness of the present moment and on activating life energy in the body. She teaches you to be more aware and present in an interesting and lively way.

Reviews 3

  • Laura Steffen Luxembourg

    The retreat was a truly fascinating experience. Jasmines’ teaching combined with the beautiful peaceful surroundings, is creating a genuine safe haven for your soul.

    Realigning your mind with your body, I found a new balance and rediscovered my true self.

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  • a traveler

    Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza website

    I can recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to get closer to themselves and to look with more love and acceptance at themselves. The two teachers are great. They guided everything with great respect, warmth, and personal attention. Jasmine and Mirjam complement each other very nicely, both in yoga and in their personalities. I learned to experience yoga as it was really meant to me. Now, I feel the difference in my body and mind.

  • L. Anita

    Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza website

    I always feel wonderful after Jasmine’s yoga and mindfulness class. It gives me inner peace and balance. After a yoga class, I feel super energized and grounded. It really enriched my life.

  • S. van Leeuwen

    Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza website

    I am really inspired by Jasmine’s yoga classes. I learned to think much more positive about myself and to manage my negative thoughts.

  • W. Nijdam

    Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza website

    After the yoga retreat with Jasmine, I feel much better, both physically and in my head. More air, everything feels lighter, and I am much happier and stronger. I really recommend this week. An intensive but enjoyable week under professional guidance on a beautiful island, Ibiza.

  • T. Sikors

    Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza website

    This truly is the best gift for yourself. It has brought me a lot of peace. The whole week was extremely well built. Jasmine and Mirjam complement each other extremely. I especially noticed many things that you may think that know. It seems like during the week, everything has really clicked in my brains.

  • G. Gulikers

    Yoga Mindfulness Ibiza website

    Last spring, I attended their yoga mindfulness retreat in Ibiza. In a casual, friendly, and open atmosphere, I discovered things about myself which have created a basis to apply in daily life. I feel much more balanced and with more peace within myself. It was a great week and definitely worth repeating.

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