Yoga Sutra Shala aims to provide you with excellence at every level during your yoga retreat stay in terms of knowledge, nutrition, yoga, views and teaching.

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Namit Kathoria

Joe Hessenius

Lu Gladman

Clara Smets

Gabriela Ortiz

Meliesha Platt

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Emma Murphy

from Monaco, November 2018

"Everything and more"

It was very welcoming and informative

Frank Decrescenzo

from United States, November 2018

It was really a truely wonder expirence. The people that I met were great There was a true richness in our interactions. There was absolutely no pressure in any way shape or form to do anything other than what worked for you . I loved the hikes . I loved the kirtan, truely a spectacular evening. I would say , one Must understand,it’s trudly vegan . I’m not vegan ,LOL


from Spain, October 2018

"beautiful retreat, met some wonderful people "

The location of the retreat was perfect, a complete get away. The team were wonderful and a complemented each other perfectly. Lieke was an inspiration and I picked up some great meditation tips. The retreat was especially wonderful because of the group of people - we just go lucky, every one got on wonderfully and I really hope that we will stay in touch. Food was delicious and it was the retreats first week of full vegan so well done guys.


from United States, October 2018

A good combination of yoga, walking,meditation, reading, relaxing by the pool, and healthy food.Amazing volunteers - thank you everyone!😊

Arlene Riley

from Great Britain, September 2018

"The whole experience was very professional and life changing"

The location was beautiful but just a bonus to a great experience. Yoga, meditation and chanting everyday taught me some really important life changes. The food was very tasteful and healthy. It was all heart felt.

Kerry Lambert

from Great Britain, September 2018

"Surpassed Expectations"

This is a very special place. A nurturing environment where the visitor comes first. The website doesn't do Yoga Sutra Shala justice - but this reflects the ambience of the place. Understated, reflective, peaceful.

Zoe Garton

from Great Britain, September 2018

"Utter severity at the most beautiful retreat!"

I couldn't recommend this retreat any more. I left feeling like a new person - the entire experience creates a calm, serene and meditative state of mind you will leave feeling like you're floating on clouds!

Facilities - the house is 800 years old and it is stunning. The rooms are really cute, cosy and amenities such as shampoo, shower gel and towels are left in the room for you. The pool comes with pool towels and there is plenty of space to sit and chill during the day.

Volunteers - the ladies who helped run Shala Retreat are incredible. They are so helpful, kind and relaxed and make your experience even more serene.

Food - the food is incredibly tasty. It is plant based and you will get to try new ingredients and come away inspired with lots of recipes. Every day there's something different for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including a tasty dessert! There's always fresh fruit on offer and a great variety of teas... some of the best food I've ever had.

Yoga - the classes are divided into two, a beginners and advanced. It means the classes are small which is fantastic to improve alignment as you get a lot of air time from the teacher (thank you Namit)

Meditation - as a new-be to meditation each day provided a slight variant so you can leave with lots of new techniques and come away with a style that works for you!

I recommend this retreat for everyone and can't wait to return one day!! x

Adrian Mathura

from United States, August 2018

"Life improving experience "

Incredible value - connectedness with likeminded people; hosts; food; and location.


from Luxembourg, August 2018

"A life changing yoga retreat"

This gem of a yoga retreat couldn't have been any better. It's difficult to put in words all the positive aspects. Perfect mix of yoga, meditation and free time --> not too much, but still intensive and rich. No activity is mandatory: no blame for skipping a lesson, everyone goes at their own pace. Healthy, fresh, wholesome and delicious food --> lots of creative recipes. Stunning scenery and tranquil location. Cosy and welcoming rooms, I immediately felt home. A genuinely warm, dedicated and kind-hearted staff (volunteers included!), creating a sense of belonging. Namit, the beautiful soul behind every aspect of this retreat. He is an inspiring yoga teacher with incredible knowledge about health and nutrition from both a scientific and a "yogi" point of view --> certainly an uncommon mix. The retreat is perfect for couples, families, small groups of friends, and solo travellers; we had a nice mix in our group and it was an added value. I was traveling solo and never felt out of place. Silence time after breakfast and before dinner: a beautiful habit that I will try to implement in my daily life. A beautiful pool, hammocks in the garden...lovely! Perfect also for complete beginners.

Maureen Healy

from United States, August 2018

"Yoga retreat"

The place was beautiful, fabulous setting, great character to the house and accomodation excellent and spotless. The yoga instructions were very beneficial and benefitted my practicw. I loved the meditation and breathing practices. The food was fantastic and the staff were amazing. My best yoga holiday so far

Vera Popovich

from United States, August 2018

"A quiet haven"

The peace and the attention to detail. Namet created the conditions for our group (who did not know each other) to bond really well but also focus on individual growth. There is a lot of attention to detail, in the yoga, the food, the silence times, the lessons and the general ambience. I was unwell during the retreat, so it didn't quite go as planned, but felt very well cared for.

Faye Coles

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Incredible experience"

I’m a fussy eater, the food was amazing. Nutritious, full of energy and flavour. All the volunteers were lovely, helpful and hard working.

I learnt so much about different yogas, breathing techniques, alternative medicine, meditation and lifestyles. All the guests had their own experiences and shared. A great group of people.

All the instructors were easy to understand and extremely knowledgable. I have come away confident how each yoga pose should feel.

The experience is great for all levels of yoga. As someone that has only gone a couple of lessons I found it really useful.

Heidi Sætre

from United States, July 2018

Instruktøren Joe var helt fantastisk. Dyktig

formidler og flink til å se og verdsette deltakerne.

Maria Schubert

from Sweden, July 2018

"Perfect vacation"

The hidden retreat among mountains in a small village in Spain provides the perfect place and space for a deep recreation. The pool and the people will make sure you have some fun aswell! Simply and deeply lovely retreat!

Noora Ehnqvist

from Finland, June 2018

"Holistic wisdom, wonderful food, empowering mountains"

Thank you teachers and volunteers for putting your heart into the work, for the holistic wisdom with relaxed and happy attitude and the beautiful surrounding. Thank you Namit for the wisdom of aligning and activating the body in the correct way, this made mine and everyone’s yoga experience so much deeper!

The food was perfect. All of us with food limitations were taken care of with wonderful food, and the chef and her food is perfect! I loved that the mornings and evenings were silent; such a calm way of starting the day. <3 The view is soul-nourishing and there are so many places that invited us to relax.

I loved !! that I could hike every day at the mountains, it made me so happy! And that the weather was so beautiful all the time that we could do yoga outside. :) Having a wonderful massage was an extra bonus.

I could say so much more but this is it for now. I’m so happy and grateful for this experience. <3

Geraldine Kelly

from Great Britain, June 2018

"An oasis your eyes & with your mind & Soul "

The amazing Location, the meditation gardens , & the most incredible food & the sence of ones own space ..yet like minded togetherness alround ...and fantadic house with every detail taken great care with ..friendly & very helpful & informative

Joana Wong

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Amazing Yoga Retreat in Perfect Location. Recommend 100%"

The rural hotel is beautiful, comfortable and in the most gorgeous location. The room, the shared space, the pool and the peace garden are just fantastic. Could not get tired of the mountain views! Keeping silence until after breakfast and after dinner was great as it gave us the sense of peace and inner connection we are searching for. Loved the yoga classes morning and evening, the honest chats, the shared food, the resting time by the pool, the garden or my balcony. Being in a town full of cherry trees was a plus. The hikes were also amazing! The staff, volunteers and teachers were lovely. Our group connected so well we all became friends with each other and that is another great achievement from this retreat :)

Laura Smith

from United States, June 2018

"A slice of heaven"

My experience at yoga sutra shala exceeded my expectations. I loved every aspect of my time spent there. The photographs do not do the place justice at all as it's so much prettier in person.

I haved learned so much which I intend to now put into daily practice. The meditations were all so truly beautiful and even very emotional at times. I'm still feeling the overall benefits of this retreat a few days after returning to my crazy hectic lifestyle.

Namit's style of teaching is very interesting. The flow was basic but very much more focused on correcting alignments which is necessary especially for people like myself who practice solo. He doesn't come around to make adjustments, he prefers to get to know you and personally tell you at the time what needs adjusting. This for some might be awkward but overall it makes more sense, so important to let go of the ego and not take things personally.

All of the volunteers were super lovely, kind, friendly and hard working always willing to please. Yoga Joe from California who took the other class deserves a special mention due to his quirky personality and gentle calming nature.

This was such a wonderful holiday to recharge the soul whilst improving in my yoga practice and making new friends.

Highly recommended!

Thank you to all the staff involved. ♥️😁

Sarah Gleeson

from Ireland, June 2018

"Amazing experience"

My experience in yoga sutra shala exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I arrived was overwhelmed by a feeling of warmth.Was made feel so welcome. The location was just stunning. Eating meals or sipping on one of the many herbal teas and just gazing at the mountains and nature in its finest was just fab. Also practicing yoga and meditating with such unbelievable views was very special. I loved the fact that there were a few hours during the day you could do your own thing between yoga classes. The hike was my favourite but also had some lovely walks through the meditation gardens, fruit picking or just taking in the scenery. The food was out of this world..flavours and recipes I Have never tried and all vegan. Even meat eaters on the retreat raved about the food🙌

The group discussions after evening meal was a great way to bond and I can truly say I have made some great friends. All the yoga instructors and volunteers were just welcoming and lovely people.

I have a much greater understanding of yoga, mindfulness and since leaving can feel an overall sense of calm in myself.

I could go on and on about how much I loved my time here. 10 out of 10. Highly recommend esp if this is your first time doing a yoga retreat.

Thank you namit, pippa, Amy and all the volunteers for a truly amazing experience. Miss you all.

Sarah from Ireland xxx

Beth Bernhardt

from United States, June 2018

The food was truly excellent. Healthy, plentiful, interesting. The location of the retreat center was also very pretty and comfortable.

Doaa Baker

from United States, May 2018

"Thank You"

I rate my experience in superlatives and clichés, but they're all true: stunning scenery, amazing food, great people, a serene atmosphere, and an overall unforgettable experience. Thank you.

Camilla Wahlfrid

from Norway, May 2018

Yoga, meditation and mountain walks in beautiful surroundings. Very knowledgebel and friendly instructors. Wonderful food. Fantastisk garden.

Fiona Peel

from Great Britain, May 2018

"A powerful, life-changing experience"

Beautiful accommodation with a very knowledgeable teacher. A perfect balance of yoga, meditation and relaxation. I really enjoyed the informal Q&A sessions with Namit on 2 evenings when we were able to ask him about nutrition, yoga and philosophy. He is a very knowledgeable man.

All the staff and volunteers worked hard and made us all so very welcome. I wouldn't hesitate to return

Natalie Besso

from United States, April 2018

"Excellent "

Everything... the lessons, the food, the nature, the accommodation, the lovely volunteers, the quiet time... and ofcourse Namit- amazing teacher.

Gosia Sztandera

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Lovely place to lift up spirit!"

I liked pretty much everything during my yoga retreat in Yoga Sutra Shala. The whole place is smoothly run and organised in a way that makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed from the arrival date. The vegetarian food is just delicious and you don’t need to be vegetarian to appreciate it.

The secluded location allows you to really wind down and recharge your batteries as you are surrounded with mountains and pure nature. I have been practising Iyengar Yoga for a couple of years but found both vinyasa and restorative yoga extremely beneficial and helpful to improve my postures. All of the teachers are very attentive and look at how you are doing postures and if needed, correct you.

Thank you once again for making my holiday very special!

Constanze Bönig

from United States, April 2018

"A realization experience "

Namit and Maru seem to have a great ability to choose their staff - from yoga instructors to cooks to manager to volunteer staff! Such a nice team with friendly vibes. Made my stay so pleasant and me feel welcome and well cared for!

Kelly Taylor

from Great Britain, April 2018

"A litttle piece of paradise "

This place over exceeded my expectations. There are beautiful gardens with hammocks for you to relax in and look over the mountains in your spare time. There are also numerous walks that you can go on. My yoga teacher was Isabel and she was fantastic. I am new to yoga and she took the time to help both me and the others in my class. She was very knowledgeable and an inspirational teacher. Depending on the weather we either used the yoga studio, or practiced out by the pool or in the gardens...what a wonderful setting! Meditation and chanting were both new to me and I enjoyed both.

The house itself is beautiful and the rooms were spacious, nicely decorated and very clean.

And then we have the food...well, what can I say? Not only is it nutritionally balanced, but thought has gone into each meal in regards to taste and it was just amazing.

Namit was very welcoming and is very knowledgeable about nutrition and yoga. I feel that I learnt lots here and also had the chance to re-energise and forget about the world. Highly recommended.

Margaret Mcenerney

from Ireland, March 2018


The entire experience was super. The yoga was amazing the food was outstanding. The customer care excellent but low key and not fussy. The location was stunning. Personnel were really helpful. The venue was so well equipped that you had everything you could possibly desire including a sun hat

Tessa Sheridan

from Great Britain, March 2018

"A lovely place in beautiful surroundings. "

Great food and accommodation. The room, the building and the garden all lovely.

We had various teachers during the week including Isabelle and Naomi and Pippa, all very good.

Luisa Bita

from Canada, March 2018

"I would not go back"

People that come to these retreats are like-minded, and for that, I do not feel so bad for going to that retreat. Also, the volunteers are warm, kind and helpful people. Patricia, one of their volunteers, was amazing and took us on some hikes weather permitted.

Edson Ramos

from United States, February 2018

"Amazing retreat in beautiful location"

This retreat was everything I expected (hoped for) and more !

An amazing location, delicious food, great views, a peaceful environment, great classes, relaxation, meditation, a beautiful house, spacious rooms, a cozy fireplace, amazing volunteers taking good care of us (Thanks ladies!), a very interesting and mixed group of people, silence, a beautiful garden, interesting workshops - and so on and so on :-) I would definitely recommend this place ! Thanks to the Yoga Sutra Shala family !

Fred Fish

from Great Britain, February 2018

"great volunteers"

the yoga teacher i had for most of the time however was a volunteer, Isa, Who was a really good teacher. she was very helpful and nurturing in the postures. i would say in general that the volunteers really helped to give the retreat it's positive atmosphere.

Kathryn Ferguson

from Great Britain, February 2018

"Fantastic break "

The retreat is set is beautiful snow capped mountains and surrounded by abundant orange and lemon trees. I loved going for daily walks in the hills each day with the others on the retreat. Fav bits were the amazing food, the amazing people I met on the retreat, we had a wonderful, joyful group and I wasn’t expecting that so as well as lots of yoga and meditation there was a lot of laughter. My room was very comfortable and cosy. The voiunteers couldn’t have done more to make the week a good one and also taught some fantastic yoga classes. Overall it was exactly what I needed.

Viktorija Sargent

from Great Britain, February 2018

"Exactly what I needed "

This was my first yoga retreat ever, so I had no expectations. And what a treat this place was.

If you’re still hesitating - don’t, just book it and you won’t regret it.

I had an amazing experience, met loads of lovely people, tasted most delicious vegetarian dishes and practiced tons of new to me yoga poses.

Also, must mention Miguel - massage virtuoso. Best massage I ever had.

I definitely feel better version of myself after 6 days at this lovely place.

Very grateful for my experience and would suggest Yoga Sutra Shala to anyone.

Thank you and all the best!


Mikael Lundgren

from Norway, February 2018

"A piece of heaven!"

Everything from the staff to the food and yoga/meditations

Mark Varney-bennett

from Great Britain, February 2018


Namit and the volunteers thoughtfully guided us through a selection of yoga and meditation sessions. There are sessions and options in the sessions to suit everyone's level. I did moon salutations for the first time in my two year experience of yoga. These were especially calming in the evening! I've learnt principles which I can use to really improve my yoga practice.

The vegan food is extremely good, the cook is sensational.

The hillside is absolutely beautiful.

Sue Leaver

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Retreat surrounded by the mountains"

The whole Yoga experience at this retreat was beyond my expectation, I have come away feeling a sense of self that I hadn’t expected, Namit is a very unique teacher and so knowledgable on the philosophy of Yoga and took us on a journey of self discovery that I will take away with me. The location, the rooms, and food were superb - thank you all at Sutra Shala I will return...

Eleanor Spring

from Netherlands, January 2018

"Truly memorable week in a stunning location"

Namit & Maru's retreat is really incredible value for money. The location is unbelievably stunning. The twice-daily yoga is well complimented by friendly volunteer staff, tasty food, and ample opportunity to hike, swim and sun bathe - and of course to speak to your fellow travelers. I definitely want to come back in a slightly warmer season, but even a January visit is well worth it.

Ania Zbyszewska

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Retreat in the hills"

Wonderful place, people, food, yoga. I will be back, and highly recommend this retreat.


from Netherlands, January 2018

"Great location, great food and warm hearted people"

The food is super! The people are warm hearted and Namit knows how to teach yoga in a mindful way


from Great Britain, December 2017

food; being picked up and taken back to airport; the meditation garden; the great bunch of people attending when i went; the lovely volunteers; the chanting and meditations; the yoga classes - particularly yin yoga, which was new to me

Amanda Townsend

from Spain, December 2017

"Yoga retreat"

Had an amazing time, and it was just what I needed, fantastic place and staff, Namit is a lovely, kind person along with his family and all the people who work there make you feel very welcome and cared for.

Amparo made fantastic food and I learnt so much from her food classes,

Ive left feeling inspired, motivated and with new ideas. Will certainly go back in the future.

Miranda Lo

from Great Britain, December 2017

"Yoga with love and respect. "

I love the classes and meditation session. All conducted with love and respect. My body and soul were greatly benefited. I loved the variety and amazing flavors of the vegan meals. I loved the mixed of participants and how fun was to know them.

Muriel O'connor

from Great Britain, December 2017

"An amazing experience "

Perfect location for relaxing and enjoying yoga

Melanie White

from Great Britain, December 2017

"Blissful retreat and a profound experience"

I picked this retreat based on the wonderful reviews that were left before me and I have to say I was not disappointed at all. Stop looking when you've found this retreat because I couldn't have imagined a better week spent in the Valencian countryside. Namit's style of teaching will ensure that you progress in your practice, and develop in leaps and bounds throughout the week. The volunteers that help are an absolute dream. I am a chef and the food was outstanding. The others who booked were like-minded individuals and great fun and I walked away with firm friends and the week was truly healing.

Shilpa Unalkat

from Great Britain, November 2017

Excellent venue and food also yoga teaching


from Thailand, November 2017

"Very quiet location, lovely accommodation and great food"

The food first and foremost. Loved the room I was sleeping in. Great character building and scenery in a sleepy town.. There is not much to do for a real active person. Wifi is sporadic and not always working - which is great if you want to 100 % disconnect but not when you need to connect with the external world at times. The yoga classes are great.

Huw Russell

from United States, October 2017

"Blissful yoga and meditation in idyllic surroundings"

Lovely atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, great food, excellent yoga and meditation.

Claudine D

from Canada, October 2017

"Paradise "

Everything and everyone

Johanna Pettersson

from Sweden, October 2017

"Best experience in My life!"

I've never felt so calm and mindful in my entire life. The food, the people, namit and the cooking chef and also the volunteers made this trip the best ever! Everyone was so friendly and compassionate.

The yoga was excellent, and the food was the most inspirational food I've ever tasted. I've felt really happy being there, and Namit gave me many tools to make that happiness last for a long long time!

Miriam Farrell

from United States, October 2017

Food, Yoga and Meditation was all excellent

Terryn Sesel

from Australia, October 2017

"An Enchanting Renewal "

The retreat is located in a serene valley with everyone sharing a large house which combines history, luxury, and a homely vibe. The air is fresh, the gardens are tranquil and the surrounding view in stunning. There are so many lovely places on the property to find solitude or engage with others in communal spaces. The meals are well -considered and carefully prepared with fresh local organic ingredients. The yoga classes are well- planned and have transformative themes; Namit (the teacher) uses clear instruction and from day 1 knows each individual by name and gently helps correct postures, etc. I had an unforgettable experience and have left feeling very refreshed and hopeful :)


from Great Britain, October 2017

"neither good or bad"

Variety of people, good accommodation, and amazing food but after 3 days, initially there was no cook and limited fruits available. As for the Yoga it was ok.

Debi Arnoni

from Canada, September 2017

"Great yoga and nutritious food in a piece of paradise "

Namit greeted each person with sincere warmth and he and everyone on his team constantly strove to make everything about our stay perfect.

He taught his own yoga flow that contained different approaches to poses and he gave detailed feedback to everyone throughout every yoga class. There were two two-hour yoga classes each day that included breathing, meditation and asanas. We were encouraged to make the retreat our own, attending as many or few classes without pressure.

Namit and the chef (I'm sorry, but I have forgotten her name) are extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and a significant part of the retreat was spent teaching us about nutritious foods and how to cook them. The food we ate was delicious, inspiring me to continue eating this way when I return home.

The place is serene and beautiful, with fig tres, almond trees, carob trees and olive trees, to name a few. We were welcomed to eat the figs and almonds fresh off the branches. It is located in a tiny village in the mountains and is the perfect place to relax and focus on being present.

Miguel, the massage therapist also has a background in chiropractic and gave me one of the best massages I have ever had. I had tension all along my back and neck and he found and released it. It was not a relaxing massage because he worked deeply into the muscles and adjusted my spine, bringing it back into alignment, but after I felt so much better. Bring an extra 60€ to treat yourself to his magic.


from Ireland, September 2017

"Yoga retreat in the Mountains with a true yogi :) "

I loved everything about the retreat! From the moment we arrived we were made feel at home. The volunteers and Namit were so friendly and warm. I'd never been on a yoga retreat before this but I can't imagine a better retreat existing! Namit developed a beautiful yoga program over the week where we worked on different characteristics and his diligent and precise yoga instruction is unrivalled.. . The rooms were clean, pretty and comfortable with lovely little touches like complimentary dark chocolate on arrival. Overall the food was amazing too and the cook was also highly knowledgeable in nutrition. Namit took time to answer everyone's individual questions and give advice on health issues or difficulties you were having with yoga postures or breathing. I am in awe that he can bring so much care and energy week after week to all of his retreatants. He is a very special person with a huge heart :) I would highly recommend this retreat and especially to those who love learning!!! Thanks Namit :)

Charlotte Cook

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Believe everything you read!"

From the moment you meet Namit, Maru and the team at Yoga Sutra Shala you know you have made the right choice in coming to this retreat. My twin room was clean and comfortable with air conditioning and a welcome gift (I won't spoil the surprise but it was much more than the classic 'chocolate on the pillow'!). All towels and bed linen were provided. There are plenty of places in the rest of the house, pool area and gardens to relax, socialise or if you choose to, spend some time in quiet contemplation.

I am a meat eater and I do enjoy the odd trip to the 'Golden Arches' so when I thought about spending the week only eating organic, vegetarian food I worried that I would spend most of it hungry ... I could not have been more wrong! The food was out of this world. Everyday brought new culinary delights for me to feast on and believe you and me after the morning chanting, yoga, meditation class I definitely needed a feast.

If all of this doesn't convince you that you would be getting value for money then the classes will ... after all that's the whole reason for choosing this retreat right!? All of the classes are voluntary participation and at no point did I feel I 'needed' to be there. The chanting, pranayama, yoga and meditation classes are detailed and informative (see instructor ratings), I could have filled a notebook with everything I learned! Not only this but here were also the added sessions about nutrition, guided meditation and lots more besides!

Ciara Mulhern

from Spain, July 2017

"Absolutely perfect"

I loved the food and everyone was just lovely

Kathryn Dornhuber

from Croatia, July 2017

"Transformative Retreat"

After the first introduction the teacher remembered everyone's name, which is indicative of the pervasive vibe of loving kindness. The rural location is beautiful, the medieval stone building was well appointed with Art, antiques and comfortable furniture.

Mandy Howell

from Great Britain, July 2017

"First experience of a Yoga retreat"

I loved the food and surroundings plus meeting new people.

Estelle Prampart

from Great Britain, June 2017

"A week in paradise"

Namit and Maru have created a little bit of paradise with view on the mountains, beautiful, tasteful and healthy food, and lots of insight into meditation and mindful yoga practice.

Martina Van Boven

from Spain, June 2017


The accommodation is beautiful decorated and comfortable, great organic food, creative cooking. I liked the yoga clases and meditation a lot.

Namit , Maru and the rest of the team are great people.

Erika Kibirkstyte

from Denmark, May 2017

"6 days of heaven on earth"

I was going with very little expectations as I booked the retreat almost the last minute.

1) Yoga teaching was very thorough, sincere and adjusted to personal needs. Beginners as well as more advanced could find something for them as Namit always suggested couple of variations of asanas. Moreover, he introduced us with some very useful pranayama techniques and was very open to answer any questions reg. asanas, breathing or their influence on our body and mind. I personally went with a small neck injury, so he advised me on how could I modify the practise not to injure myself. So did each of the attendees receive a couple advice on what they should work on. I believe that is what you expect from a knowledgeable teacher.

2) The food was adorable, fantastic and all other possible compliments. It was a well balanced vegetarian diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains etc., some being picked directly from the garden, whilst other ingredients were being bought from farmers around or organic shops. Amparo, the chef, was very creative and introduced us to so many different healthy foods and we always would get the answer either from the chef or Namit about the benefits of one or the other ingredient. Additionally, there were always plenty of teas, fruits on trees and in the kitchen. As well there were always vegan options on the menu.

3) Surroundings are just perfect for a retreat. The place is around an hour drive from Alicante airport. Villa is located in the middle of the small town in the valley. There are around 40 people constantly living in the town and most of them are local farmers, growing olives, cherries, oranges etc. There are 2 bars and one restaurant, and you can find an ATM at a nearby town some 10 min nice walk. Villa itself is a very impressive, with its own history, decorated in a very nice and cosy style. Rooms are very clean and you are provided with clean bedlinen, towels and toiletries. There is a pool, astonishing views towards the mountains and the very huge garden for walks, practising yoga or just reading a book in the shade. You can as well go for a small mountain hikes during the lunch break. There are as well plenty of books to read or music to listen to.

4) Teacher Namit is a very open person, which radiates very nice energy and not only knows a lot about yoga, meditation and nutrition, but is very happy and ready to share the knowledge, answer any of your questions. You feel very confident to ask anything you are in doubt about. Maru is as well a nice person and we very happy to have a chance to be introduced to Ashtanga yoga principles.

All in all I am very happy I chose this retreat and spend one of the most wonderful weeks in great surroundings, eating great healthy food, practising yoga and becoming more knowledgable. As well I met many wonderful people, and even made friends. Thanks to Namit and Maru for having such a nice place.


from United States, February 2019

The time at the Yoga Sutra Shala was just amazing. The people are so nice and kind and there is just a really nice atmosphere. It's the best place to calm down and get into meditation and yoga. The house is really big and there is huge meditation garden and a nice outdoor area. The beds were really comfortable and everything is clean. I liked the balance between free time and activities and that you don't have to join the classes if you don't want to. There are plenty of nice books about spirituality and nutrition etc. I really liked that.

The food was just more than amazing !! Awesome healthy vegan meals !!

Namit and the other teachers were really nice and helpful and I really enjoyed the talks about nutrition with Namit.

It was just a amazing experience and I would come back any time.

Julia Götz

from Germany, September 2018

"Extraordinary experience"

My stay at the Yoga Sutra Shala in August 2018 was also the first time doing a yoga retreat for me. The atmosphere was very warm and personal and the whole group of other guests including the volunteers was just lovely. I also enjoyed the food (mostly vegan, but also some dairy options) very much. The view from the pool was breathtaking, the mediation garden is magical. During the yoga classes, Namit gives a lot of help with alignment, which is very important in his classes in general. I really appreciated that and learned a lot. We also had the chance to ask him questions about nutrition -which he very likely knows more about than any nutritionist or doctor I'd ever talked to- and yoga philosophy, and his answers were swift and very insightful. On some days I took Yin classes with Charlie whose warmth and soothing voice everyone loved. She also taught us some very effective approaches to meditation. The hiking trip to La Foradá with Lieke was amazing! One day, two of the volunteers taught us how to make energy balls, which I've already made at home and eat at work instead of unhealthy snack options. Everyone there is really making an effort to make the stay as enjoyable as possible for their guests. I absolutely loved it and will be back :)!

María Fernández

from Spain, September 2018

"Cambiando la perspectiva ..."

Todo estuvo genial.

Disfruté del contacto con la gente, compartir momentos, conversar, aprender y también de espacios de introspección.

¡Una experiencia inolvidable!

Maud Beucker Andreae

from Netherlands, March 2018

"Beautiful spot, heavenly food"


from Netherlands, March 2018

Beautiful place, lovely caring people, great food, very warm atmosphere. I can only reccommend!

Caroline Dibbern

from Germany, January 2018

"liebevolles Paradies "

Meine wundervolle Zeit im Yoga Sutra Shala werde ich nie vergessen.

Es ist ein wunderschöner, liebevoller und geschützter Ort, mit absolut hilfsbereiten und unterstützenden Menschen, ich habe jede Sekunde genossen und bin sehr gewachsen. Das Haus, der Pool und der Garten sind traumhaft, dazu hat man im Blick immer die wunderschöne, bergige Landschaft. Jedes einzelne Zimmer ist besonders, gemütlich und schön eingerichtet, das ganze Haus ist sehr sauber, das Essen ist einfach umwerfend gut. Dieses Retreat ist ein Geheimtip, es ist ein Geschenk. Danke!

Manon Cuixeres

from Switzerland, September 2017

"Séjour relaxant en pleine nature"

La bienveillance et l'authenticité de Namit font réellement du bien. La nourriture était extraordinaire, et Namit aime partager ses connaissances en nutrition.

Beaucoup de temps libre à disposition pour aller marcher, lire dans un des nombreux hamacs de l'énorme jardin, nager dans la belle piscine... Le lieu est enchanteur. Le yoga est de style Vinyasa, relativement intense mais accessible à tous. Les méditations guidées de Namit étaient géniales, ses cours toujours bien structurés.


from Spain, August 2017

Me gustó mucho el sitio,muy bonito.La comida estupenda,de muy alta calidad y orgánica,cocinada estupendamente.Los instructores con muchísima formación,yogis auténticos.Días magníficos

Joana Carro

from Spain, July 2017

"Personas así no se encuentran todos los días"

Tanto si tienes un nivel avanzado en yoga como si eres principiante, este retiro merece mucho la pena. Al final de la semana todo el mundo había hecho grandes avances, física y psíquicamente. Resulta increible ver cómo Namit y todo el equipo se vuelcan con cada grupo con tanto entusiasmo e ilusión, como si acabaran de empezar. Ha sido una auténtica maravilla contar con un profesor de yoga tan bueno y comprometido con la transmisión de sus conocimientos como Namit y una comida deliciosa hecha con tantísimo amor por Amparo, y todo esto en un sitio tan impresionante como es este valle aislado. Me llevo un gran recuerdo, me llevo un trocito de esa paz que logré allí en mi interior.

Diana Taylor

from Great Britain, January 2019

"A wonderful, relaxing and nourishing retreat"

Everything about Yoga Sutra Shala was amazing and far exceeded my expectations.teaching was great- mostly restorative and relaxing which is good for a retreat. The food was absolutely delicious...some of the best dishes I’ve ever tasted, made with love. The house is felt like a home from home. I had time to make, read and write and there were treks and workshops organised so all in all, an enriching experience. I would love to return in the warmer weather. Thank you to everyone who made this retreat so special. The care and thought that goes into each day is felt and appreciated.

Salvatore Santagata

from United States, January 2019

"The best yoga retreat in Spain"

The accommodation was amazing, I immediately felt welcomed and at home thanks to the wonderful teachers and vulounteers in the Shala. The days were perfectly structured with yoga classes, meditation, delicious vegan food and Hiking in the beautiful valley you can still find time to relax in the nature and read. I definitely would love to go back for another retreat next year.

Itamar Faybish

from Belgium, January 2019

"A most lovely retreat"

This retreat was amazing, with a lovely staff, teachers and group of people. All with such kind and generous hearts, it was a privilege meeting and getting to know them. The three times a day vegan meals were all super tasty, with a lot of variety, many thanks to the chefs and the helpers. The yoga was great as well, with a balanced program of different styles, and a lovely kirtan session as well. We had a tour of the city, plus 2 amazing hikes in the mountains that everyone loved. The surrounding and location has some breathtaking views. Thank you !


from Netherlands, January 2019

"Amazing experience!!!"

I didn’t really know what to expect besides taking daily yoga classes, but it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life! The beautiful valley that is host to some fantastic hikes, the super nutritious and delicious plant based food, the kind and loving staff... I will go back next year. Also it’s value for money is excellent, there were so many things to do and explore such as workshops and classes in ayurveda and anatomy.


from Great Britain, December 2018

"Escape the pre-Xmas mayhem"

The whole week was better than I expected it to be. All range of fitness levels & yoga abilities well catered for, with really clear instruction from the yoga teachers. Yoga classes had humour as well as seriousness involved.

Loads of tasty vegan food always available.

Super friendly staff around the retreat to make you feel at home.

Good range of workshops to attend if you wanted to, or just sit and relax.

Transfer plans changed last minute, but we were regularly kept up to date.

Julien Baumgartner

from Germany, November 2018


Chill athmosphere, professional and enthustiastic teachers, delicious food, interesting workshop and magnificient house. I truly recommend even for people who never did Yoga before. Lots of take aways for your daily life then.

Sarah Rudiger

from Great Britain, November 2018

"A wonderful escape from modern life"

The retreat is in a beautiful valley surrounded by orange, almond and olive trees, which puts you in peaceful mindset straight away. The people at the retreat were very welcoming and accommodating and made you feel at ease. The yoga classes were taught to a high standard and I learned lots of new things to incorporate into my practice. The food was delicious and gave me inspiration to try more plant based recipes. The other people at the retreat I was on were a great bunch from across Europe, and it was interesting to learn about their backgrounds and experiences.

Sandra Strole

from Latvia, November 2018

"body and mind rejuvenation in a beautiful valley "

Imagine an old, Spanish fairytale house hidden in a small village in the most beautiful valley with almond and orange trees, lavender, timing, bird’s songs... it's the retreat place. Various organic food (nuts, seeds, grains, fruit, vegetables, herbal tea) you will get just can't beat any of the experiences before. I ate a lot but still lost some weight which was a very pleasant surprise :)

But above all - the beautiful human souls living, teaching and working at this retreat place. Namit as spiritual leader and simply passionate about yoga postures and how to teach everyone of us and lead into peaceful meditation and awareness. Focused and calm yoga instructor Robby whose yoga lessons gave a lot of peace, self-acceptance and love. Positive and vital Lieke and Gemma who made everyone feel welcome, taken care off and understood. And fantastic Gabriela who shared so much of her wise and warm heart with us by giving energizing yoga lesson, creative exercises and deep-soul meditation. Much of love to you!

I arrived to the retreat being half-ill, tired and worried but after these days felt like newborn. Maybe it was the coincidence of being together with so many positive people who wished to learn yoga and wisdom behind it, maybe the place, food, etc. It was poor magic there and only wished to stay longer. Will keep this beautiful week in my heart and especially in the moments when life seems tough. Lots of love to you all.

Caroline Slaski

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Rejuvenated & Empowered"

This retreat had a lively international vibe. Not only were the guests from various parts of Europe but the staff and volunteers were from various parts of the globe including NZ and Puerto Rico. It was great to have a mix of teachers, each with their unique style and wisdom. The attention to alignment was superb as there was usually at least one other yoga teacher assisting the main teacher. We were constantly reminded to mention if we had any pinching or pain in the asanas and, one point, when I mentioned a pinch in my lower back, within seconds I had two instructors, adjusting my posture and with judicious placement of a brick, they brought instant ease and space into my spine. I learned a great deal about activating the correct muscles and easing into asanas. My hips have certainly become more open.

I appreciated the opportunity to try different approaches to meditation and loved the walking meditation.

The food was delicious, inspiring and nutritious. The walks in the hills were delightful: stunning scenery and tranquil surroundings. On the one morning, when it rained heavily, many guests made use of the materials in the art corner, others were happy just to read the many books from the shelves. I particularly enjoyed discovering Thich Nhat Hanh.

The building was cozy and comfy. Great crowd of people and a lot of laughter.

I learned a lot and I hope to hold onto that zen for as long as possible and apply it in my daily life. Many thanks to you all, Caroline 🙏🏻

Zhenya Dimitrova

from Denmark, October 2018

"The place is amazing. In the valey of peacefulness. "

Amazing team. All the people from the retreet was so helpfull, positive and interesting. The food which Fernanda was cooking was very delicious and healthy. Roberto and Namit are very good yoga teachers and i have learned alot from them.

Diane Thomas

from Great Britain, October 2018

"A beautiful experience "

The setting is stunning.

Accommodation peaceful, comfortable and good quality.

The yoga is varied in style and adjustments clear and useful.

Beautiful hiking.

DELICIOUS (I cannot stress that enough) food.

Useful meditation styles.

Karen Pappin

from Ireland, October 2018

"You have to visit this place..."

Everything form the arrival to the stunning house, to the welcome from the instructors and the staff to the yoga to the amazing food was excellent. This is a truly magical place run by people who love and alive this lifestyle. You can't help but relax and switch off here, ti is a real break form the world thats we should all be taking on a regular basis. I will defiantly be going back.

Judith Nash

from Great Britain, October 2018

"A wonderful experience"

Everything about this retreat was amazing, from the instructors to the volunteers, the lovely food and the beautiful surroundings, this retreat was everything it promised to be and then some. I can't believe how accommodating all the team were, particularly the volunteers who went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed. This retreat also ticked all the boxes in terms of the spiritual content, wonderful yoga and stunning meditations. So, it's a massive thank you from me.

Dympna Butterly

from Ireland, October 2018

"peace & space ---food for the soul"

Yoga Sutra Shala.....was the best yoga experience I'v had

The building with the nooks and crannies - and respect for the era in which it was built was noticable

Once you stepped in the front door......goodness met you and stayed with you for the 5 days

It was so wonderful to be under instruction with instructors who had deep sense of humanity, compassion and kindness

Eva and myself will return

The food was so amazing......beautifully presented and amply supply

My only criticism was the mosquitos.....they loved to bite....but natural paste to ease the string was made up using lemon and garlic....and it helped greatly

Susan Avanson

from Great Britain, September 2018

"A little piece of heaven"

Really didn't want to leave the happy, peaceful, beautiful bubble that is Yoga Sutra Shala! Learned so much about yoga, meditation and stillness, and myself, nourished by the most wonderful vegan food, surrounded by beautiful countryside, and supported by knowledgeable, interesting, warm, loving and inspiring people. This retreat was an incredible experience I want to repeat again and again! So much food for mind body and soul! All aspects of the retreat combined to create an experience so much bigger than the sum of its parts. Thank you to all.

Geraldine Kelly

from Ireland, September 2018

"What I loved about the Retreat"

The yoga retreat was everything I expected and more! The attention to detail in our schedule every day was outstanding. The food was so lovely we all wanted to bring Fernandes the Chef home with us! Namit and the Volunteers all made us feel so welcome. I would highly recommend the Yoga Sutra Shala Retreat. We all deserve to take some time our for ourselves. It is liberating!

Willemijn Propitius

from Netherlands, August 2018

"good atmosphere"

they pay attention to every small item. A warm welcome at the busstop, clean rooms with on the bed towels, water bottle and a chocolate bar, the lovely garden, all the rooms and places were pretty decorated, a new quote on the black bord every day, food was really excellent, there are snacks during the whole day just like tea and coffee, a warm say goodbye.


from United States, August 2018

"Amazing people, you will love this place!"

This is a wonderful retreat, highly recommended. Everything is taken care of so you can focus on yourself. The food is so delicious and nutritious. A safe space to connect with yourself and others, very special.

Claire French

from Ireland, August 2018

"Fabulous holiday to recharge"

There is nothing to not like about this holiday. The house and rooms are beautiful and so clean. The vegetarian food is incredible and so filling. The yoga sessions every morning and evening were challenging and I learned lots of new things. I loved the two hikes we did and I would love to go back in Spring so that I could do more walking. It is so relaxing to sit by the pool and look at the views.

Gill Millman

from United States, August 2018

"Just Fantastic..."

Brilliant place and experience!! Just go if you can! Stunning farmhouse, amazing scenery, gorgeous pool area, the food is beyond expectations and as a vegan it’s fantastic to have an abundance of choice and good nutrition. There is so much more but you will find out if you get there. Above all, the staff really make it; they are all so lovely, fun, supportive and helpful.

Laura Alhach

from Colombia, July 2018

"Very happy costumer"

It was an amazing experience.

Alisha Khanna

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Wonderful stay"

I loved the friendly environment and support between the staff and the guests. The classes were excellent and I liked they were very regular and made a good routine each morning. Breakfast was amazing!! And all the meals were fab. Lovely teas and coffee. Felt at home.

Yousra Zguirir

from Great Britain, July 2018

"A peaceful week where time stops "

I had an amazing week in this beautiful shala. Namit and Joe's teaching isn't like anything I have ever experienced before. They listen to everyone's personal development needs and take you through a journey to unwind, learn more about yourself and about yoga and meditation. Namit is very knowledgeable both of the tradition of yoga and the science behind it. He kindly shared all of this precious knowledge with us and really helped us take our practice to the next level.

The food was amazing, very well balanced and varied throughout the week.

The very friendly team of volunteers made sure that we always had everything we needed.

Would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to unwind and bring more serenety to their life through yoga, meditation and a balanced nutrition

Finn O'gorman

from Great Britain, July 2018

"A class act"

Clearly, a great deal of thought and experience are behind Yoga Sutra Shala. Everything is of a top notch standard and run efficiently - but with a light hand. The calibre of teaching is high (Joe was my teacher and he's not listed in the above categories) as is the calibre of the happy volunteers. Such good energy and smart organization starts at the top - with Namit. The tone he sets makes for an uplifting physical, spiritual and emotional experience supported by great vegetarian food and dynamic, informative q&a sessions.

Gwyn Davies

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Amazing experience"

My teacher was Joe, a young American from California. I cannot speak highly enough of him. He made the learning experience so relaxed and fun and I learned a huge amount about the integrity of poses and the importance of doing things properly.

Nammit and Pippa also made meditation an unbelievable experience. I have been practicing yoga for just less than twelve months and wanted to explore meditation in more depth. I can only say that my experience far exceeded anything I could have expected.

The whole experience at Sutra Shala could not have been better. Staff, food, rooms, location, walks, fellow visitors were all incredible and I would recommend a stay here to anyone remotely interested in yoga.

Claire Parker

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Wonderful replenishing retreat "

So many positives:

The instruction, meditation, staff, beautiful location, excellent tasty nutritious food.

Jane King

from United States, June 2018


Very relaxed vibe, lovely garden , joe was a great instructor

Gill Glass

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Loved every detail of my retreat."

The whole experience of yoga, meditation, workshops has had quite a profound effect on my sense of well being.

Also meeting other amazing people staff and other guests.

A great and memorable experience.

I learnt so much from Namit, Joe and Yoanne. And Pippa"s workshop. Thank you.

Lynn Donath

from Israel, June 2018

"The Perfect Getaway"

The positive energy and enthusiasm of the entire staff, including volunteers, was remarkable.

Sara Black

from Great Britain, June 2018

"A little piece of paradise!"

I am worried that in writing a review I won’t be able to do the retreat justice! Words can not describe how beneficial an experience this was for me. The gorgeous building and surrounding area alone were enough to instill a level of calm I haven’t felt in a long time. Coupled with the amazing yoga classes, meditation garden and workshops, I left feeling like a new person. Not to forget the amazing, healthy food that was on offer, that has changed the way I will eat forever. Thanks to Namit, Amy and Pippa for all the amazing classes and of course, to all the volunteers who helped provide us with everything needed to make the most of our stay. I learned so much during my time here that I will take with me on the rest of my journey! Thanks so much to you all. 🙏

Anne Edwards

from Great Britain, June 2018

"Peaceful tranquility in the Valencian sunshine."

Yoga Sutra Shala is set in the beautiful Valencian countryside: stunning mountain vistas as you practise yoga outside. A sense of tranquility envelopes you as soon as you enter the historical building. All levels of yoga were catered for by the amazing instructors; each offering something different. The food was not only healthy and wholesome but absolutely delicious too. I loved everything about this retreat and will be practising all I have learned at home until I can return again.

Amanda Barokh

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Magic Valencia yoga retreat "

The location was beautiful - incredible view and incredible hikes. There was a real generosity of spirit from Namit and his team. I felt that the intention behind the retreat was very kind and genuine. There was a desire to teach people how to lead healthier and happier lives.

Balvinder Nijjar

from United States, May 2018

"Relaxing week"

The teaching and the views

Emma Curley

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Excellent yoga retreat in beautiful location"

Really varied vegan food. Relaxed environment. Great instructors and volunteers. Really beautiful location. Good varied yoga and meditation. Really good place to hike from with walks up mountains or along the valley. It was cherry picking season and there were also orange groves and lots of mountain flowers. Beautiful!

Nicola Durdant-hollamby

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Exactly what I was looking for."

I wanted to have a short break from life and learn more about yoga than is possible in my weekly village hall class. The retreat fulfilled all my objectives. I liked the small-scale, personal, friendly and holistic nature of the the house and instruction. The rural location is perfect for walks either guided or solo; beautiful orange orchards, dramatic cliffs and caves and a meandering valley. The food was excellent; nutrition being of the highest importance. The meditation gardens and pool-side area are perfect for quiet reflection and relaxation. Namit, Amy and Pippa were excellent hosts and instructors and the team of volunteers delightful and helpful.

Terese Jarltoft

from Denmark, April 2018

"A life changing experience inside myself - Thank you :)"

Absolutely everything!


from Netherlands, February 2018

In addition to Namit's classes, which were excellent, I was also attending classes given by Isabelle, who was a great and highly professional instructor. She also created a positive and encouraging environment. Thank you very much!

Daniel D'arcangelo

from United States, December 2017

"Great experience"

The food was amazing, very healthy and organic vegetarian good through out the week. Yoga lessons were clear and good. Overal very nice experience, we will go back again.

Amy Shuh

from Canada, December 2017

"Didn't want to leave! "

YSS is a magical place.... from the daily yoga, meditation and chanting classes I had expected from the retreat.. I truly was blown away by this experience. The volunteers made our time outside of the yoga studio amazing with our guided hikes and life chats. The food and cooking sessions were remarkable and I learned a great deal about vegetarian cuisine. The facilities are comfortable and unique... breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. As well, making lifelong friends with the other participants was an unexpected outcome from this experience... doing the week with such interesting, cultured and smart people was just the icing in the cake. Thank you to Namit for running this great centre... the week spent here has brought a great deal of joy And peace to my life.

Leona Blehova

from Germany, December 2017

"Beautiful and peaceful location, great food"

Amparos cooking is amazing. We’ve had one week of the best organic vegetarian and vegan food. You learn a lot about healthy nutrition and she shares her wisdom in three workshops. Highly recommend! Especially the raw vegan sweets!

Allen Tran

from Spain, November 2017

"Incredible "

The incredible food spread, the magical surroundings in the valley overlooking the spectacular mountains, the nutritional aspect of the retreat to learn about healthy foods, the warm room that I stayed in that reminded me of a Spanish version of what Van Gogh would paint. The staff was so fantastic, I miss everyone!

Clarissa Pratt

from Great Britain, October 2017

"A wonderful retreat for a realignment of body and mind "


Pia Joëlle Eggimann

from Switzerland, October 2017

"Loving Kindness in every detail :-)"

I like the whole package this yoga retreat offered to me: The chanting (first time in my life), Pranayama, Learning about Yoga and Yoga Philosophy in general from Namit, the tasty and healthy food made by the chef, the awesome group I shared this retreat with and the relaxed atmosphere everywhere in the beautiful house and garden.

I loved as well the cooking workshops and the hiking in the mountains.

Lisa Riley

from Great Britain, September 2017

"Great experience"

Loved the yoga, meditations and amazing food

Katrina Christopoulos

from Great Britain, September 2017

"The perfect retreat"

Everything is organised so you just have to focus on learning. Completely stress free environment with inspiring and knowledgeable instructors. The cook is also inspiring and the food was amazing. It was my first yoga retreat and was just a wonderful experience.


from Great Britain, July 2017

It's not often a holiday actually exceeds expectations but I can honestly say that Yoga Sutra Shala was perfect in every respect. I was nervous about going away on my own for the first time but I really shouldn't have worried at all. I could not have asked for a more welcoming, relaxing and beautiful environment and I left feeling renewed and very well cared for having had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people into the bargain. Thank you to Namit, Maru, Amparo, Johnny and all the lovely new friends I made for making this such a special experience.

Lesley Walker

from Netherlands, May 2017

"A happy yogi"

I loved my group, the location, the whole concept of attention to body, mind and soul.

Susana Corbacho Garcia

from Spain, January 2019

"Interesting yoga retreat"

The place and the facilities for the retreat are very nice. I felt that the people who work during yoga retreat work with love to make a special retreat. For me the best clases were with Clara for many reasons. The connection with the group was really special and beautiful. Each one respecting the space of the others but really connected.

Some of the meditations with Lu were very interesting and very nice.

Sigrid Post

from United States, January 2019

"Ultimate me time"

Everything was amazing. The food (although I am not a vegetarian, I didn’t miss for a second my chicken or eggs:-)), the people who worked for the retreat, the location, the yoga classes, the meditation. It is ultimate me time in a wonderful homey place.

Caroline Malik

from Switzerland, January 2019


Endroit magnifique. Maison chaleureuse.

CourS adapté à mes besoins.

Nourriture vegan goûteuse et préparée avec amour.

Bonne ambiance Du team et leur bienveillance. Le patron Nahmet étant en vacances; il fait confiance à son team; magnifique.

Bon groupe de participants; respect de chacun.

Qualité / prix rien a dire. Je recommande vivement cet endroit.

Avec toute ma gratitude un grand merci à toute l équipe.

Caroline Malik

Deanna Lacoste

from Saudi Arabia, December 2018

"Yoga retreat close to Valencia "

The family-like environment was great, the food was delicious the house and the landscape were fantastic

Melanie Groß

from Netherlands, December 2018

"A treat for body, mind and soul!"

Everything was absolutely perfect. Lovely stay, delicious food, great people, good vibes.


from Netherlands, November 2018

"A wonderful place to come back to and re-unwind"

The atmosphere, food, lessons, people attending during my week and staff! Very nice, helpfull, professional and great schedule. Really was a splendid way to come to rest during the day and unwind. The location is great as well. Quiet and no distraction at daytime ... simply loved it! And we had a lot of fun as a group. So nice to meet so many people that tick the same :-)! Felt like home or even better!

Diane Van Remoortel

from Spain, October 2018

"Difícil de superar"

Empezando por la acogida hasta la despedida estaba todo el personal y voluntarios pendientes de nuestro bienestar. Han ofrecido mucho más que lo que ponían en la página web. Mucho talento entre los voluntarios. Me ha enseñado lo importante que son el yoga y el silencio para poder disfrutar de cada momento. Ahora, de vuelta a casa , si en algún momento necesito relax , llamo las imagines de ese sitio tan precioso y me ayuda a sobrellevar momentos malos. Namasté

Julia Hausl

from Austria, September 2018

"Amazing holiday"

The retreat was amazing, everything was well organised and I had a really nice stay at yoga sutra shala. Everyone was very kind, the food was delicious and all wishes have been fullfilled. I really enjoyed the yogaclasses, meditations and hikings. It has been a perfect vacation in this beautiful valley, relaxing and enjoy the surrounding in the meditation garden or at the pool area.

Maaike Lootens

from Spain, August 2018


Los retiros en Yoga Sutra Shala son realmente una experiencia inolvidable.

He aprendido muchísimas cosas sobre yoga, meditación, nutrición y filosofía. Todo eso rodeado de una naturaleza increíble, la casa y las habitaciones son preciosas, los grupos pequeños y la comida increíblemente rica y equilibrada (todo vegetariano y ecológico).

¡¡Me quería quedar allí para siempre!!

Kathy Van Hooydonck

from Belgium, July 2018

The accomodation was really amazing, the food was very tasty most of the time. If you didn't like something they did the effort to make a bowl expecially for you. Joe's classes of yoga were great (Hatha), unfortunately he is not there all year round. The peace in the house was super. Good swimming pool. Beautiful rooms, bathrooms, places to sit everywhere, big garden to walk through. Pittoresk village. Friendly staff.

Mayke Dijkman

from Netherlands, July 2018

"Super yoga/meditatie/wandel in Spanje!!!"

Heb heel veel yogalessen over de hele wereld gevolgd maar Namit is echt de beste leraar!!!!

Hij heeft alles in de gaten. Oog voor detail. Hij laat je echt voelen hoe een oefening moet. Wat het met je doet. Het verschil tussen je hand of voet één cm meer naar voren of rechts. Dat yoga alles maar dan ook alles met ademhalen te maken heeft. Geweldig!!!

Het eten was Super lekker!!!

Vreselijk lieve mensen!!!!

Echt vakantie!!!!

Soo Hie Choi

from Germany, June 2018

overal concept for holistic well - being

Martine Bergé

from United States, April 2018

Het hele concept was top !


from Germany, December 2017

"Gesundheit, Genuss und Geselligkeit"

Yoga wird toll angeleitet, ...Genuss im Meditationsgarten, beim Wandern, Kochen, Essen, ...

Erholung pur, herzliche Kontakte untereinander, ich komme wieder. :)


from Germany, September 2017

"Life-enriching experience"

For me, the 6 days of yoga in Namit's and Maru's Shala were like paradise. My (high) expectations were exceeded strongly and I enjoyed every minute of this wonderful retreat. The shala is placed in a beautiful area in the mountains with breathtaking views over the mountains and the surrounding valley. The shala itself and the rooms are furnished lovingly and I immediately felt like home. My room had a balcony and a bathroom ensuite, two windows and air condition. It was very clean, neat and I enjoyed the welcome present very much.

The food was extremely delicious, healthy and had a huge variety of nutrients in every meal. Also, we've learnt a lot about (organic) nutrition and health during the week. The chocolate cake was amazing! <3

For me, I am only a beginner, the yoga practice was perfect. We had two classes every day and I appreciated every one of them. The instructions were very clear and understandable, Namit helped each yogi individually, gave mindful and kind advice to make the most of every practice. Namit helped me build a solid base and great alignment in the beginning to build up from. I felt that every day, I was getting stronger and enjoyed the practice even more with his support.

During free time, we went for hikes, enjoyed the nice pool, the huge garden and each others company. The group of yogis as well as the volunteers were wonderful and such great people. Thank you, Namit and Maru for this unique and wonderful time! Namaste. Caro from Germany

Myriam Baer

from Israel, September 2017

"Du solide"

L attitude de Maru etait chaleureuse et respectueuse, il est tres professionel, et ses indications pendant les meditations excellentes

Julia Ley

from Germany, August 2017

"A taste of paradise "

Beautiful house, incredible food, a warm and welcoming atmosphere that'll make you a feel at home from the first second. The hosts, Maru and Namit, do everything to make your stay really special and love to share everything they know about yoga, food, and happiness in general. If you want to get away, relax and deepen your practice in an extraordinary environment, this is the place to be.

Jose Alberto Vidaurre

from Spain, July 2017

"Inolvidable experiencia"

La casa e instalaciones son espectaculares. La comida excelente. El trato y la atención excelentes. Las actividades adecuadas a todos los niveles. Las relaciones entre el grupo, voluntarias e instructores muy buenas. La cocinera excelente.

Florence Desert

from Switzerland, July 2017

"A wonderful and unforgettable experience "

The secludedness and quietness of this magnificent place , the beauty in everything , the real kindness and concern of everyone , the authentic way Namit and Maru taught us yoga and meditation , the shared friendship with them, the volunteers and the group.

It reconnected me with strength and a new quality of happiness. For all that I thank you all Namit, Maru , Amparo , and the sweet volunteers ...

Testimonials (5)

Julia Munich

August 7, 2017. TripAdvisor

Feeling that one week may be too short to really get a break from work, I booked two weeks at Yoga Sutra Shala. Initially, I was a little hesitant whether that was a risky decision, seeing that I knew nothing about the place and might not like it. I knew I had made the right decision from the moment I walked through the door. The house is stunningly beautiful, the Yoga teaching breathes authenticity and sincerity, the other participants were altogether kind, funny, respectful, and interesting to talk to. The volunteers also made this a very special place. It honestly felt like paradise, the moment I thought to myself "a tea would be nice" or "something sweet would be nice now", the exact thing I had just thought about seemed to magically appear out of nowhere. It is very obvious that Namit and Maru - who also happen to be two very interesting and kind people - are really doing this because they love teaching yoga, and that they are not in it for the profit. When I missed two busses in Alicante and almost couldn't make it in time for the shuttle, Namit offered to pay for my taxi. When I decided to stay at the resort in between the two retreat for the weekend rather than go to Alicante, he let me stay for free. Where else does sth like that happen? These two weeks didnt just give me plenty to think about and helped me make positive changes in my life, I also made a ton of great new friends. I will be back.

Paola Mexico

August 15, 2017. TripAdvisor

It was an amazing experience I hope to repeat soon! I loved the yoga and meditation classes, the food, the place with the view to the mountains is just beautiful and the people are so kind. I'm very glad I decided to go and I miss it already! I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute. I felt like everything was just so pure and authentic. Love to Namit and Maru :) !

Clarisse France

August 5, 2017. TripAdvisor

I had an amazing week with Namit and Maru in July. The house is very nice, with an amazing view over the mountains, and is perfect when you look for a peaceful and quiet place to rest and meditate. The schedules were perfect and well balanced between the yoga and meditation classes and free time. Alghough I was a beginner in yoga every posture was adapted to every level and Namit and Maru are great teachers, and I surprised myself when I came home repeating some of the yoga routine I learned every morning and night. Food was excellent and we got very interesting nutrition advice. Namit knows how to create a great atmosphere, full of kindness and compassion (which is also what you will get to learn there), and thus created excellent relationships between everyone, including the volunteers. I highly recommend this place for a retreat, where I will myselfgo back undoubdtedly!

Lisa Edinburgh

August 4, 2017. TripAdvisor

You arrive to warm handshakes and smiles and leave with bigs hugs and new friends. This retreat is a very special place which I'm so glad I found. As a first time solo traveller I was a little apprehensive going alone, however everything is so well organised and thought through; from the collection at the airport to the lovely volunteers who look after you for the week, once I arrived I felt completely at ease. I had a lovely room to myself but to be honest the house and gardens are so nice I didn't want to spend much time in my room. Loved being able to have late night swims in the pool after dinner and see the bats flying over, or sit under a tree in the meditation garden with a book listening to nature. Time had little meaning here. Namit's yoga classes were very educational and inspiring and I ended the retreat very pleased at being able to do a headstand, which I have never managed before! Mealtimes need a special mention not only for the amazing veggie food, but the communal eating, nutritional facts and questions from Namit and so much laughter from the group. I would love to return to this special place and have taken so much from it back to my everyday life.

Sinead Ireland

July 31, 2017. TripAdvisor

I stayed here for 6 days, and everything was great - The other "yogis" on the retreat; the amazing volunteers; Namit; the yoga classes (even the early mornings weren't bad!); the food; the pool; the freedom to be yourself; the scenery (I recommend climbing up to "La Forada" to watch the sunrise!); silent time; reading in the hammock; and the different types of tea!! I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who's looking for a fun and relaxing week where you get to spend a bit of time taking care of the most important person in your life - yourself!!