Yoga Vimoksha

Goa, India

Yoga Vimoksha offers yoga teacher training certification programs and retreats in various beautiful locations.

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  • Anonymous

    December 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Location - yoga overlooking the sea has something magical

    Quite a lot of free time - great for people who want to combine the teacher training with some down time

    Nicely structured program - more physically intense sessions in the morning, theory in the afternoon, meditation in the evening

    Program covered all basics, with emphasis not only on postures, but yoga as a whole (incl anatomy, meditation, breathig, philosophy, Sanskrit prayers etc)

    Accomodation was horrific. You don’t stay at the Beach House (where the training happens), but at the ‘associated property’ Camelsons just next door. Small, dirty room without any storage, fridge or even safe. a 2cm ‘mattress’ with a sheet as blanket and spiders and ants everywhere. There are many affordable places close to the Beach House (eg, Baywatch) or Colva, the town 15 mins away by foot. By the end of my batch, only 2 out of 7 participants were still staying at the original place.

    Food was good, but very repetitive. Be prepared to eat rice 2-3x/day. Also, food was served in aluminium containers and we had to eat either in our rooms or find a place at the Beach House. Makes you feel a bit like 2nd class citizens and I’ve missed the community spirit that comes up over a nice meal.

    Most teachers were ok, but not great. Only one (our Philosophy teacher) really seemed to care about us as people. The other teachers were very transactional (come to class - deliver - leave), which just doesn’t seem to go with the idea that yoga is not only a physical activity, but a mental and emotional transformation.

  • Anonymous

    September 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Most of the instructors, teachers, staffs, chef are professional, great and nice.

    The environment is amazing, it is just located next to the ocean.

    Everyday practise with the ocean view is speechless moment.

    Food is great, the beach house is a healthy/nutrition based company, the food they provide was delicious and healthy. I felt i was getting healthier day by day.

    The accommodation is good, it is a nice area, and just one minute away from the place we took classes. Staff are great, thanks Raymond, he is very helpful and nice.

    Overall is worthy to pick this place. Feeling thankful for everything here.

    One instructor is quite disappointing and disrespectful to students, others teachers are willing to teach and share, humble and friendly.

    The images of accommodation they put on the website is not where we stayed, however I prefer the one i stayed, it is nice and neat too. (water ran out and no warm shower sometimes, but they will try their best fix it. It is acceptable to me.) It will be better if the company could update the images on the website, avoid disappointing customers.

  • Ingrid Rodrigues United Arab Emirates

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The course was great and authentic. I liked that we learned sanskrit names and the benefits of the poses. The location was lovely-especially the yoga shala facing the beach was awesome. Reejo is clearly an experienced teacher who taught us well and showed us great modifications. Arbind was fantastically positive and supportive. Pjushe shared a lot of knowledge with us-his tips to gain more flexibility was the most helpful. The people on the course were so lovely and from all walks of life- I felt supported by them!

    The dried rice breakfast! But the place was accommodating and would change anything if asked. The yoga shala at the back wasn't great. I think certain course teachers should refrain from making comments about their students' appearance- it's unnecessary and spoils the experience -especially when the student was enjoying it- it leaves a bad taste. If you haven't got anything nice to say...don't say anything at all.

  • Ann Culverwell Great Britain

    June 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    The instructors were amazing well worth every moment

  • Anna Nilsson Australia

    May 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    One of the teachers was really good.

    One teacher was the most unprofessional person I've ever met.

  • Joaquin and Iuliia

    BookYogaRetreats website

    It was a great course.

    1 - The place: it was very special to do the teacher training surrounded by nature; 2 different species of monkeys ( macaques and langurs) hang around the place almost every day, beautiful trees, etc. to have the bhagwan mahaveer national park just beside the resort, with the beautiful dudhsagar waterfall, it’s another extra…The rooms are nice; but there is an electrical problem: many times a day it’s running out and back. Those cuts are short but annoying when you are in your room reading or watching TV and when it’s very hot.

    2 -The food: the food is vegetarian and delicious. The kitchen service is always ready to listen to suggestions and change. The only thing is that there is lack of protein in the diet; not very good while you’re doing many hours of exercise a day. Also, the amount of fruit is very limited, a small bowl every morning.

    3 - The teachers: excellent. With the always smiley and passionate style of Naveen, the very funny and outgoing Ram Krishna, the more technical Reejo and the very helpful with alignment postures Sachit. We couldn’t expect for something better. All of them are always ready to help and very high level professionals.

    Overall it’s been a great experience. Highly recommend, cannot imagine something better for the price.

  • Louise Osterlind in Sweden

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Yoga Vimoksha teacher training is an intensive yoga retreat where we had a full schedule all day long. But with a nice accommodation near the sea, friendly staff and with good yoga teachers we managed to constantly find more energy. I have developed more than I ever dreamed of and I have learnt not only the practical yoga, but also the philosophy, meditations and breathing techniques. We had a pretty strict food diet (sattvic) to follow and after 3 weeks I feel lighter in my body then I’ve done in a long time. We truly did Yoga for the body, soul and mind. I had the time of my life and met so many friends on the way. I can really recommend you to go here and do a yoga teacher training, be prepared that it will change your view of life for the better.

  • Jean R. South Africa

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I had a fantastic experience with Yoga Vimoksha. They surely exceeded my expectations with the teacher training. The teachers were all very skilled and unique in their own style, I really enjoyed that mix-up of knowledge. The farm house retreat was also just incredible with really friendly and helpful staff, as well as ducks and monkeys patrolling the space. I would recommend this teacher training for anyone interested in starting a Hatha yoga path (outside in nature:), or anyone seeking to broaden their knowledge on yoga as a whole. We were a fantastic crew altogether and I couldn't ask for a better experience. Thank you kindly!

Testimonials 15

  • Diana K.

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    I completed the Yoga Alliance 200-hour yoga teacher training course in July, 2016 and it was everything I had imagined it would be! The staff were absolutely wonderful. Whenever I had a health concern, from mosquito bites to stomach upset, a doctor was readily available and staff members were there to provide neem, Ayurvedic medicines, and fresh aloe vera from the garden. The YTTC instructors were excellent, each in his own way. One instructor provided amazing vinyasa flow classes; it is because of him that after only a couple of weeks I had mastered advanced yoga poses that I had never even dreamed of attempting. Another instructor was a philosophy expert who helped us understand the concepts through stories he had learned in his childhood. Yet another teacher exemplified discipline, compassion and wisdom both in and out of class.

  • Louise O.

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    Went here to do my Yoga Teacher Training and I loved it. The accommodation is great, the staff is friendly and the teachers help you to develop your yoga even more then you thought was possible!!

  • Oksana F.

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    I had amazing experience. The rooms were lovely and cleaned everyday. The teachers were amazing. I got a lot of knowledge about yoga. The hotel staff were very helpful and room service was great.

  • Katrina K.

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    Overall my experience at Vimoksha was positive. I am very grateful for the hospitality provided to me. Food was delicious and prepared with great care. Accommodation was really clean and presentable. The lecturers were full of knowledge. I really enjoyed listening to their lessons and learning from them.

  • Christina Bone

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience here & I have no complaints whatsoever about the food & accommodation.

  • Angelica Manlangit

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    Amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very enlightening and challenging in a positive way. The staff are absolute gems, their bright smiles and patience & helpfulness really created a home like feeling. The sattvic food was yummy & the accommodation gorgeous. All instructors were approachable, friendly & knowledgeable.

  • Holly Rooney

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    I completed my 200 hour YTTC at Yoga Vimoksha in March 2016. Located on the edge of the Bhagwan National Park it wasn't unusual to see an abundance of wildlife around the resort.The staff at the Farm House are friendly and accommodating and will go out of their way to help you. The rooms are lovely and the food is divine. The course itself was fantastic, it is incredible to be immersed in the teaching of Yoga, especially the philosophy in its motherland. I noticed such a difference in my strength and flexibility, this intense period has been invaluable to my personal practice! The course teachers are amazing and have different methods and approaches to their classes, this helps to develop you into a well rounded teacher with an understanding of different styles and how you would want to practically apply them. I was recommended this course by a friend and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to friends in the future. A great experience!

  • Oliver Meaton

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    Fantastic experience at Yoga Vimoksha! Very good teachers and trainers, learnt so much in the 4 week 200hr course! Well worth the time and visit. Location is beautiful, in the heart of Goa surrounded by beautiful nature and lovely people.

  • Delphine France

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    Thanks you to everybody for your kindness and your professionalism who makes me feeling at home in Beach House!And as you know this second stay with you was very special offering to me the chance to realize my dream and the first step of my new life like yoga teacher!Im feeling so grateful and humble entering in the sacred worlds of yogaIm considering myself more like student than teacher but of course I will learn more and more practicing, teaching as often as possible...normally starting right now already at Aix en Provence with group of friends of my friend leaving there who want yoga class.Im French!But Im planning to give class in English and Spanish and German also!! So next time Im coming I should be able to be a multilingual yoga teacher ;) Special thanks to Vinay who suggested to me the first to do the training with you, to Grace to understand me so well and to obtain for me so good opportunity, to Prince to accept it and to the all staff for their skills and their kindness. And of course especially to Reejo who taught me almost everything spending so much time with me sharing his knowledge and theirs skills with art and efficacy!I wish you all the best for each of you and for the success of your Yoga Academy!

  • Sofia Cserna Hungary

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    During my time under the tutelage with Reejo, Vinay and Neeraj they all made me feel very welcome. I was worried as I was alone, but they were very calm and welcoming environment for me to learn. I had already studied yoga previously for three to four years, but very quickly I realized that my knowledge had large gaps.Under Vinays tutelage, Ive started to truly understand the yogi way of life. He guided me to see the true potential and strength in ones character which living this way can bring. His way of teaching was inspiring to me because he didnt just teach me postures, but the spiritual trueness of being a yogi. He always made himself accessible to me so that if I had any questions he was available to answer them, whether he was here or in the jungle.Reejos lessons really challenged me physically and pushed my boundaries to make me more flexible that I ever imagined was possible. This came as a shocked to me, as Id never pushed myself so hard before and although it was hard at the beginning, the end results were very fulfilling. Even though he pushed me to my limits, his lessons always had an element of fun, which I will try to adopt when teaching myself.Although I only had a couple of lessons with Neeraji, I still learn a lot from our time together. His patients and approach to yoga is very inspiring. He showed me that yoga isnt simply about postures and building muscles, but can be used to great benefit to improve the lives all elderly and disabled people. I hope to learn from him again in the future.I think the teaching staff at the Yoga Vimoksha has a perfect blend of mental, physical and spiritual attributes. Each teacher brings their own unique style, which meant I covered all element of yoga to a fantastic level.Completing the 200 hour teacher training course, has been a life changing experience for me one that has enriched my life more than I could have ever imagined. All the staff and teachers have made this possible and has inspired me to be a better person. I hope in the future to impart some of their wisdom on my own students.

  • Natalia Norko Poland

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    The yoga training Course was an experience of a lifetime. The opportunity to learn from well-trained yoga teachers and understanding the different aspects of yoga was enlightening.

  • Salony Setya United States

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    As a student of yoga, I achieved more than I could have ever imagined through the yoga training course. The settings are ideal in the forest with natural surroundings, the staff very helpful and above all the yoga teachers very knowledgeable and practical.

  • Andreas Norway

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    The yoga teacher training course had a rigorous schedule and helped me in disciplining myself and becoming a better student of yoga.

  • Mariana Ponce Peru

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    The yoga training course was an enlightening experience, coming from Peru, the course helped me understand and live the principles of yoga.

  • Tina Norway

    Yoga Vimoksha website

    The training at Yoga Vimoksha has helped me to become a better yoga practitioner and enable others to train and understand the benefits of yoga.

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