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Yoga with Alicia offers yoga retreats and healthy living. They adapt classes to cater individual and group needs, and to suit beginners and advanced students.

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Alicia Ruiz

British Wheel of Yoga (Hatha Yoga)

Alicia has been teaching since 2010. Her fascination with yoga and living in connection with the heart and nature is growing day by day. She has a very deep connection to shamanism and she works on a regular basis with Ali Calderwood and Daniela Broder known by Anima, supporting their amazing energy. She also works with Yogateam providing private yoga classes in London. Alicia is a fun and calm teacher. She has an advance 500-hour yoga teacher training and she is fully insured with British Wheel of Yoga to teach Hatha, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga, Gentle yoga, and yoga for children.

Testimonials 19

  • Fernanda Kalb Mexico

    Yoga with Alicia website

    The chakras retreat with Alicia and Didier has been one of the best experiences of my life. They can not be better prepared and they take such good care of the group. For me it was a magnificent emotional, physical, and spiritual journey. Their teachings will accompany me for the rest of this life and the ones to come. Many many thanks!

  • Kanishtha Dhankhar Mumbai

    Yoga with Alicia website

    Alicia doing yoga with you has changed how I do yoga and my practice and understanding of not just the asana practice but also how to truly be a yogi in my daily life. Your kind soul and loving energy along with the wisdom you hold and always so keenly share have been absolutely healing in a time where I needed it the most and I am so grateful to you for that. Not just as a teacher but your friendship has meant the world to me and I will always look forward to seeing you again and doing the most beautiful yoga with you again.

  • Angelika Germany

    Yoga with Alicia website

    Totally by coincident I came across the Yoga & Holistic Retreat by Alicia and Didier. And I am so glad and thankful that I did, both are amazing and very special people.

    The retreat made a big impact on myself – I finally started to understand the meaning of yoga and experiencing Alicia and Didier guiding us through and supporting us in such a warm, respectful and profound way, truly means to me entering a new path. I am really grateful that I had the chance to be a part of this. Thank you both, Alicia and Didier.

  • Ed United Kingdom

    Yoga with Alicia website

    This was a wonderful retreat. The Ashiyana centre in Goa is a beautiful place, filled with tranquility and warmth, and Alicia and Didier are warm, loving people with a deep commitment to their practice. Expect to be challenged, pushed and enlightened by your time with them.

  • Karin Germany

    Yoga with Alicia website

    Dear Alicia, dear Didier, Thank you thousand times for the great "Chakra" journey in October in Goa. When I left the place and had to travel home, my body, my soul and my mind were smiling into the world altogether. I thank you for the dedication and love and energy to care so greatly for all of us in the group. I have been overwhelmed by all the teachings, the help, the openness and even a lot of humour that you offered to us in order to have a good time in Goa and - even more important - to improve our lifes in general. I will be back to one of your next retreats. Love.

  • Birgit Germany

    Yoga with Alicia website

    Thank you both again for this week with all of your engagement, sharing, love and warmth. Something in me really changed and I will keep it forever on my path. Thank you so much!Namaste, and big hugs.

  • Anne-Lauren

    Yoga with Alicia website

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your effort and support during that week. It surpassed all my expectations and it has definitely had a positive impact on my overall state of mind. I am at ease and feel significantly less anxious. The fact I am sleeping better is proof that the retreat really benefitted me... I have even managed to get a few pranayama sessions in. It is such a simple yet effective session for me. Helps me to clear my mind and regain focus.

  • Pritesh

    Yoga with Alicia website

    You guys were awesome during the retreat. You worked in tandem so well. The energy and the vibe you created during the week was the perfect setting for reaching harmony. Beyond the physical I felt each session you ran helped my mind to unwind and focus on the positives / disregard the negatives. Keep it going!!!

  • Domini Stone United Kingdom

    Yoga with Alicia website

    I feel very blessed to have been part of this special "Exploring the Chakras" retreat. Alicia and Didier shared their knowledge and insights in a beautiful, warm, open, and encouraging way and guided us on a journey through the chakra system. There was the perfect balance of yoga, meditation, theory around the chakras, and I really felt supported throughout the journey of self-discovery. I have returned home feeling empowered to make some positive changes in my life. I recommend the retreat to anyone seeking to learn more about themselves and looking for inspiration to bring about a positive shift in their lives. Im thankful to Alicia and Didier for guiding us through this beautiful experience.

  • Juliette Rayne United Kingdom

    Yoga with Alicia website

    I highly recommend Didier and Alicia's retreats to anyone with an interest in yoga, self development, and healthy living. They have the amazing ability to understand the issues that any student may be experiencing and the wisdom to help them shift their perspective and energy in a more positive direction, if or when required. If you just want to practice yoga and relax, without any soul searching that's fine too. The trip to the river with picnic was magical, as was the trip to Ronda. One thoughtful and delightful example of Alicia and Didier's style were the crystals provided to each student, with healing properties detailed. Another thing is a selection of fantastic books made available to anyone that would like to read them and a warm, loving, and supportive team of two people who can't help to be drawn to.

  • Steve Quirke United Kingdom

    Yoga with Alicia website

    Thank you for a truly wonderful yoga retreat. It was a pleasure to spend summer solstice with you. It was a very special time to come together, practice yoga, eat, and drink healthily and connect back with nature. The environment around us was breathtaking and it was a joy to watch the sun rise and set every day and give offerings. Alicia and Didier were just as special offering four hours of yoga a day, one-to-one sessions, holistic therapy, massage, meditation, and those very eye-opening documentaries about the world around us. I for one have felt the benefits having returned home to London. I feel lifted, energized, calm, and more at peace with myself. Ive also started my morning yoga practice and have renewed intentions to change those patterns that are not supporting me. So thank you once again.

  • Sara Fantoni Italy

    Yoga with Alicia website

    Alicia is a very spiritual and inspiring yoga teacher, who was able on each day of the retreat to assess the mood of the group and tailor her classes accordingly. She also pushed each one of us individually in the right amount helping us to challenge ourselves without excessively straining our bodies and minds. She also has a very soothing voice! Didier combines great massages with holistic practices that make his treatments both physically and mentally relaxing. He is attentive, a great listener, and a spiritually inspiring person.

  • Gary Thornhill United Kingdom

    Yoga with Alicia website

    Thanks for a wonderful retreat it was a beautiful experience and I cherished every moment. It really helped me relax, heal, and get further onsite into myself! Alicias yoga classes were fantastic and Didier had really sorted out my back with the incredible work he did. I am now trying to do yoga every morning to keep me in good shape. Their chill out relax vibe was the best ever and I loved the sound bath. It was a really a wonderful retreat thanks for all the hard work. I really look forward to seeing both of them again.

  • Rob Firth United Kingdom

    Yoga with Alicia website

    It has surpassed all my expectations! Alicia and Didier make a great team. They made me feel very comfortable but also managed to find that balance to push and challenge me, and encourage me to question myself. It was very interesting to learn about the philosophy behind yoga. You definitely don't get this depth of knowledge or insight in yoga classes in London. I felt that I improved in my yoga practice and that I have been given the tools to improve myself as a person. The Acro yoga and Restorative yoga worked really well and it was good fun to explore different types of yoga. I also really enjoyed the more spiritual side of the retreat, such as exploring my power animal and the lantern lighting on the beach. I had an incredible week. Thank to both of them very much!

  • Lidia Santos Rico Switzerland

    Yoga with Alicia website

    I feel so lucky of having spent a week of yoga practice with Didier and Alicia that I can only recommend it to everybody around me! On top of helping me discover a few muscles I did not know I had, it's been an enlightening experience of self-discovery, detox, and learning of stress relief techniques. I particularly enjoyed the combination of theory, introspection, group discussion, and dynamic yoga practice since showed me a more holistic, authentic, and interesting approach to yoga. Alicia and Didier took great care of the group, making us feel comfortable enough to speak freely and get to know each other.

  • Noreen Stewar United Kingdom

    Yoga with Alicia website

    I've been to many yoga retreats over the years but I have to say that Alicia's was one of my favorite. Not just because of the fabulous eco apartments we rented. Not even because the staff were so friendly and helpful or because of the fabulous weather food beaches and exciting shopping. Mainly it was because of Alicia's warm accommodating and friendly nature. Alicia is such an opened person and made each and every one of us feel at home relaxed and part of something much bigger! Alicia has a dynamic, fun, and sensitive approach to teaching yoga which gave me the confidence to experiment and push myself further and further in my practice. I really love Alicia's whole approach to yoga and I cannot wait until the next trip.

  • Mary Anne Nelson United Kingdom

    Yoga with Alicia website

    Having never done yoga before, I joined Alicias class at the local gym out of curiosity and loved it! Shes incredibly passionate about what she does, and she shares her passion in such a way that you want to continue. Her classes are challenging, but not impossible and she always makes you feel that you can and you will be able to do it all. Always cheerful and supportive, she helps you improve at your own pace. I cannot recommend her enough!

  • Bert Van der Klugt Belgium

    Yoga with Alicia website

    Yoga with Alicia is great! I had the chance to join a few of her classes on a retreat in Portugal and really liked the way she guided us on this painful, for me at least, path. I don't have much experience with yoga so I'm not the most flexible type and mostly end up with all the supporting cushions available next to me, but the exercises Alicia gave us were doable and encouraging. It made me consider practicing yoga more frequently since it really supports the meditational path and helps us clear blockages in our body and mind that simply sitting on a cushion will never bring us. The variation in exercises, for beginners and pro's, is vast and well adapted to the needs and skills of the persons attending the classes. Even for boards like me... I'm suffering from chronical back problems and she professionally supported me on what I could do or not. Her soft, soothing way is calming and challenging at the same time, gently inviting you to find your limits and not overexerting yourself. And all this is done in the background and wisdom of Universal Truth, the yoga of Life, supporting us to find our inner peace and greater freedom. Thank you Alicia! With love and flexibility,

  • Mez Ainscow England

    Yoga with Alicia website

    Having attended yoga classes led by Alicia I can say that she teaches with honesty and integrity and a true appreciation of the practice of Yoga. Her classes lead you into an exploration of the body, guiding you with compassionate instruction and allowing for a sacred space on the mat. She embodies the mind, body and spirit in her teaching and I highly recommend you experience Alicia for yourself. She is an amazing teacher.

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