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Yoga2 is an innovative approach to teaching traditional yoga. They conduct courses, workshops, and retreats in UK, Italy, and elsewhere.

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  • Caterina Moro Italy

    Yoga2 website

    Hari Om Mahesh, I recently participated in the seminar of Nada yoga that you conducted in Bassano del Grappa. The music and sounds in general have always fascinated me, with you I learned to guide them through my body to my own benefit. I felt immediately more serenity and inner balance. I hope you come back again at our center, so we will deepen and consolidate the knowledge. Heartfelt thanks!

  • Alberto Beggio Italy

    Yoga2 website

    I was lucky cause I met Mahesh in a two-day yoga workshop and it was really interesting to practice with him. His teachings are deep and simple at the same time. I enjoyed his traditional approach to asanas and meditation. My experience with Nada yoga was great. I hope to invite him for a two-day workshop to my yoga center as soon as possible.

  • Paola Italy

    Yoga2 website

    Hari Om, Mahesh, I wanted to thank you for the evening I spent with you on February 10, 2015. I was very ill. I had gastritis and other problems and a bad mood too. After singing with you, I got home and found that it was all over. I hope you come back soon. Thanks a lot!

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