YogaClubRhodes’ main objective is to bring you more peace, better concentration, and greater self awareness.

Testimonials (3)

Maria Kazantzi

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I´ve jointed one week retreat with Ifigenia teacher, is amazing her vast knowledge around the subject and things that I´ve learned I can use in my everyday life. It was a life experience. Highly recommended. Thank you Ifigenia

Justin Hughes-Coleman United States

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Ifi is so knowledgeable and really takes the time to help you incorporate yoga into your daily life. The property is a much-needed retreat from all the tourists and hustle and bustle that surround the rest of the island of Rhodes. I truly feel like for the first time I understand the impact yoga can have on ones life. Thank you Ifi!

Yannis Sakaridis Greece

YogaClubRhodes Facebook Page

Best retreat ever. Pure and hearty with deep knowledge in stunning surroundings. A hidden heaven in Rhodes island. Yes its in Rhodes! Will come back soon.