Yogadarshanam provides yoga for beginners to advance levels - an integrative approach developed by Santhosh Kumar combining classical and contemporary methods

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15 Days Therapy Mysore Yoga Retreat India

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Santhosh Kumar Biodata

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Ranjana Kamath

from United Arab Emirates, October 2018

Santosh sir’s kind and encouraging words always motivated everyone to do their best.

Katharina Thaller

from United Arab Emirates, July 2018

"Master Roshan great teacher, Yoga Studio less hygienic"

The 200h YTTC from Yogadarshanam in Renshis Fitnesscenter Dubai was extremely great! Master Roshan is an amazing teacher, who made it very easy for us to understand and follow. And he did it with humor =) I can highly recommend him as a teacher!

The structure of the day was good - asana practice in the morning, followed by pranayama practice and afterwards philosphy and anatomy.

I enjoyed it a lot and would recommend to everybody who is looking forward to become a yoga teacher!

Testimonials (1)

Leonie Frances

Yogadarshanam website

Dear Santhosh,

Thank you so much for your kindness, inspiration and spirit. I could stay only a few weeks, but it was enough to deepen my practice and acquire more flexibility in my asanas as well as calmness of the mind. I fell very lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of the experience from the Yoga Therapy as well. I have learned more about Pranayama and Mudras . Santhosh teaches with both confidence and humility, and thus creates a rich space for students to explore, question, experience and build a strong foundation for their personal practice and teaching of yoga.

I walked away from the Darshanam Center much more centered in my Yoga practice, in my live, and with gratitude and eagerness to return one day! Thank you for showing me a new truth, a new peace and new focus. I wish you a happy Yoga Life and hope to keep in touch! . Lovely greetings, Namasthe.