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Yogaholic offers yoga lessons in Core Power Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga, Antigravity yoga, and organizes yoga retreats in attractive destinations.

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6 Days Summer Yoga Holidays in Puglia, Italy

Available from March till October

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from US$807
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6 days / 5 nights

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3 days / 2 nights

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Isabella Lacirignola

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Yoga)

Isabella is a certified yoga teacher. She studied In Thailand, covering asana, pranayama, Kriya, bandha, alignment, adjustments, therapeutic and Restorative yoga, physical and energetic anatomy, meditation, philosophy, and mantra. She approached yoga in 2011 and deepen her practice in 2013, when she was in Thailand and United States. When she lived in California, she fell in love with yoga and started practicing different styles, and simply yoga changed her life. She started teaching in Thailand and she regularly teaches her Core Power Vinyasa flow and Yin yoga practice.

Testimonials 16

  • Mari Eccles United Kingdom


    I just returned from the Puglia yoga retreat and would 100% recommend it! Isabel has organized a retreat with a great mix of yoga styles (an energizing dynamic style and a slower Yin one), in beautiful surroundings. I had not tried either of these styles before but am now trying to find similar classes in Brussels, where I live at the moment, and as a result of this trip!

    I particulary liked the variety of the classes, the contrast between the dynamic Power yoga and the Yin yoga that worked well. I also liked that there were not so many other participants, as I felt like I received attention and help with my yoga practice from Isabella, which I had not got in previous classes with other instructors. I had practiced Hatha and Vinyasa in the past.

    As well as the yoga, I also got to explore the local area thanks to the variety of activities Isabel plans, for example the trip to Alberobello. After the lessons I felt really energized, especially the morning one, and so now I am motivated to do more yoga, including before my work to set me up for the day !

    However, if you prefer, you can also relax during free time at the retreat’s lovely apartment and I especially appreciated the flexibility, arriving the day before the retreat.

    Isabel is not just a great (and patient!) teacher, but also a very thoughtful and welcoming host - I hope to go again next summer!

  • Rajna Bulzi Italy


    This is my first time I participate in a yoga retreat, and I practice already Power yoga style.

    I have to say that I like Isabella's ability to change from a dynamic style to another quieter style, and adapting the styles to us and coming also to meet my needs during the lessons. I like the fact that we also alternated the lessons from a Power Yoga to a more quieter and static Yin Yoga practice. After practicing I feel more and more at peace with myself and lightness and balanced, strong and toned.

    I took part in the excursions and the only less interesting experience for me was the bike ride. Instead I enjoyed more the catamaran tour and the nice welcome dinner and farewell dinner.

  • Sheena Strang United Kingdom


    I had the wonderful luck to meet Isabel during the summer 2016, in Puglia. I followed a course of Vinyasa and yin yoga, wow it was just brilliant, we alternated between the two, so one lesson we'd concentrate on core strength, doing slower more concentrated Asanas, I felt taller and just had a general feeling of well being after these lessons. Then we'd have a more dynamic lesson, moving from one Asana to another more rapidly, she really made us work!! After these lessons I was totally energized and ready to face anything. I wish Isabel was here with me all the time I would love to follow another course.

  • Vicki Ukraine


    RECOMMENDED! RECOMMENDED! RECOMMENDED! We loved this place very much! Very clean and bright place! Isabella is a brilliant host - we felt as a part of their Italian family. Zoo safari is in 5 minutes drive and it is wonderful! Local restaurants are really authentic and locals are very nice. We recommend this place and would love to come again next year. Thank you, Isabela!

  • Shireen New York


    Everything was so wonderful. We loved the villa that we enjoyed for a few days. We came very last minute and Isabel was amazing and kept in touch with us. She left us fresh fig cake in the morning and fresh figs for breakfast. The house is high up in mountain and very beautiful. I was more than happy. I was visiting from Paris with my boyfriend and we left very happy. We had space for parking, wifi, a large place, a great view. A very private place but we also knew Isabel was just next door and felt like we had a true local italian experience. You should stay here!

  • Barbara Bressani Milan


    I started my first Yoga lesson with Isabella. I am grateful and I want to give a special thank to my teacher Isabella. Thanks to her I started my practice and entering into the "Yoga world". It has said that a thousand miles always begins with a single step, in this case I will say Asana, and I have done my first Asana with her, after seven months I still have clear memories of my first class, I looked at her and I said: wow! From that day until now, I have not stopped practicing. Yoga is a long journey accompanied by breath, a journey where our limits become our strength. Thanks Isabella for opening a new world! Namaste !

  • Antonio Tognoli Italy

    Yogaholic website

    I have practiced yoga in the past years, but more "meditative yoga", completely different from what I do now. I must say that at first it wasn't easy to follow the sequences, but gradually things changed for the better .

    The dynamic lessons, after a day of work, allow me to leave the stress behind accumulated during the day and simultaneously recharge myself.

    At the end of the lesson I feel tired, but that kind of "healthy" tired, that makes me feel better about myself and with others. I hope to learn those "peak" asana, such as "headstand" or the "crow" ( or at least simple ones) and to do those more often.

    Thanks Isabella!

  • Daniela Tognoli Italy

    Yogaholic website

    I have started Yin yoga with Isabella and I perceive the balances and the emotions and that vibe that revitalizes the body. But it is not easy for me to hold postures for few minutes, at least initially. But at the end of the lesson, even though I sweat less than the dynamic yoga, I feel my muscles very toned and the following days I feel really good.

    I have practiced also dynamic yoga with Isabella and I must say that I like too. It is a good combination to try!

    Surely, I will continue to follow the lessons. Maybe, if it is possible, also two / three times a week.

    See you soon!

  • Patrizia Trisha Cavaliere Italy

    Yogaholic website

    In November, I started trying in a yoga studio in Milan, where Isabella teaches and since that day I have not missed a class.I tried different yoga disciplines and teachers, but I like her teaching, she is sweet, professional and especially she gives a particular touch, as a new yoga style. During the lessons, I feel myself in a mix of combination of positivity, power and relaxation.The practice is intense and I like the final relaxation and I wish I could experience more!

  • Stefania Gallo Italy

    Yogaholic website

    I'm Stefania and I started five months ago practising yoga with Isabella. Besides the pleasure of a healthy physical activity, I have immediately found a great benefits for my back and shoulders, which they have always been my "weak points".I am very satisfied with the dynamic yoga practice and Isabella's yoga classes, that combination of fun and physical gratification.

  • Simona Massaro Italy

    Yogaholic website

    The feelings that I am experiencing during the yoga classes are dynamic and pleasant. Fatigue is a lot, but I am doing postures at my own pace and at the end of the lesson I feel my body more harmonious, more flexible and more athletic! Every time I improve more and more. I could have never thought I would have reached some of those peak postures. I have learnt that breathing is a fundamental to the yoga practice and helping me to keep the rhythm and supporting during the tough positions. I would recommend it a try over other disciplines.

  • Nunzia Lanzetta Italy

    Yogaholic website

    I really like Isabella's lessons. She is a good yoga teacher, both in terms of personal caring and professional. I followed carefully her classes that I enjoyed so much and she is very patient and authentic.See you soon next time. Thank you.

  • Cristina La Gona Milan, Italy

    Yogaholic website

    With dynamic yoga I have discovered the magical power of "meditation in motion" and that benefit for my body and for my mind to make me feel good and healthy.

    I am learning that it is only by accepting my limitations that I can really overcome!

    Breathing is important and during the yoga practice I experience how to do it and learning also new intense postures ...and I'm having fun !

    I like how Isabella teaches, sharing her experience and her passion for this wonderful practice.

  • Mariacarla Curreli Italy

    Yogaholic website

    Doing yoga with Isabella makes me feel full of energy, keeps a positive vibe in my mind and in my soul!

  • Stefania Pintore Italy

    Yogaholic website

    Isabella is able to convey her passion for the yoga practice with great enthusiasm and humility. She teaches with patience to overcome the limitations during the practice without hurry during the asana.The yoga classes are dynamic and there is a good deal of strength and concentration with a constant attention to the breath that captures the energy and at the same time the calm necessary to get deeply into the yoga practice.The benefits that I receive from each lesson is great and the feeling is through the physical excercise and reaching a calm state of mind!

  • Chiara Sorcinelli Italy

    Yogaholic website

    Finally with Isabella I found a style of yoga that makes me have fun and work hard! She is very authentic and she instills peace and positivity in a simple way and following us during the practice and meeting our personal needs during the asana, with her adjustments. So, the lessons are fun and intense.Isabella, you are great!

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