Yogakutir offers yoga retreats, holidays, workshops, teacher training, and classes in Clifton (Bristol), South West England, and London, as well as worldwide.

Instructors 7

Dory Walker

Dory has experienced the true spirit of yoga as transformational practice. She believes in the power of yoga to guide conscious evolution, individually and collectively. Through her own practice, Dory has discovered that regular practice promotes effective, positive and healthy living, and is inspired to help others establish a strong practice in their own lives. She believes strongly in making the yoga a union joyful adventure, keeping it light and remembering to laugh!

Pierre Corvione

During his many years of travel in Central America and India, Pierre lived close to the native cultures, from which he learned shamanic and yogic techniques. The experiences of those years led him to develop an intimate and respectful relationship with the earth, his divine mother, and communication with animal spirits. He is a skilled and sensitive guide with a wealth of experiences leading ceremonies and sweat lodges.

Gita Nicola Schneider

Gita shares the dance of the medicine wheel as a tool to awaken people's own healing power, helping each person to touch their inner wisdom and truth. In group activities, healing circles, and personal awakening sessions, Gita supports the process of opening. During 30 years experience in bodywork, holistic therapy, and energy work, Gita has a unique approach to guiding each person to see where they are in life's circle right now.

Belle Greenwood

Teaching since 2003, Belle is a registered yoga therapist and a qualified teacher in both the Satyananda / Bihar and Sivananda Vedanta lineages. Drawing from ongoing studies and practice across a wide range of traditions over the years including Ashtanga Vynasa, Iyengar, and Scaravelli, she teaches traditional Hatha yoga - weaving flowing or static asana on the breath, pranayama, mudra, bandha, meditation, yoga Nidra, and chanting / Kirtan according to level and context.

Jaya Jaks

Jaya teaches a dynamic flow style that combines the integrity, precision and alignment of Iyengar with the movement and breath awareness of Vinyasa. Jaya's techniques tend to suit students of varying abilities, as they can be both calming and challenging. Most important, Jaya creates a safe and nurturing environment that encourages self-discovery and non-competitiveness. She is particularly skilled at one-on-one adjustments.

Lara Stapleton

Lara is a truly nurturing and attentive Scaravelli inspired and Hatha yoga teacher with extensive training and a deep self-practice for over 14 years. This shines through in her teaching as she has a strong intuition of what is going on for each individual in a class. She cares deeply about her students, inspiring and supporting them to develop both on and off the mat. Her style is gently powerful with special attention on the breath, allowing for growth in one's own internal awareness and awakening the spine, creating flowing wave-like movements and natural rhythms, working from the ground up

Reviews 6


from Great Britain, March 2018

"Pounded House review"

Bed linen was super, room was spacious, yoga was just right, food was very good

Maxine Fletcher

from Great Britain, October 2017

"Fantastic yoga retreat at Braziers Park"

The manor house was full of history and mystery! The community who live in the house and the volunteers were great - I particularly enjoyed getting to know the maintenance man Hugh - he was a very interesting character. The grounds of the house were beautiful. When we practiced yoga I could see cows in the field and little squirrels running around. There is a lovely village nearby called Wallington which we visited on Saturday afternoon, which was a 5 min drive away. The instructor was very knowledgeable and good fun and her instructions were superb. I came away from the retreat feeling happy and relaxed. I would highly recommend.


from Great Britain, June 2017

"Wonderful yoga sessions in luxurious surroundings"

Beautiful location

Simple and beautifully designed accommodation with lovely individual touches.

Fabulous and plentiful vegetarian food

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