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Yogaloom organises small group yoga retreats in the beautiful Greek islands. Join us on the sun-soaked beaches of the Mediterranean. We also run private retreat

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  • Peter

    Yogaloom's written paper

    I would like to place on record my appreciation of and recommendation for Katerina’s work. I must admit to being somewhat cynical when yoga was suggested to me as a way of improving my mobility after an operation and as a way to help me cope with running an organisation with many daily demands.Thanks to Katerina’s skills and enthusiasm I quickly realized I was wrong. Yoga is now part of my weekly routine.

    I was also fortunate enough to join one of her Yoga breaks/retreats in Greece where, apart from the beauty of the island we were on, a holiday with real rest at its core was provided. If you get the chance do it!

  • A travelor

    Google reviews

    With the first visit i felt well worked leaving me feeling refreshed and optimistic.

  • Anna May

    Google reviews

    The best pilates and yoga i have ever had. The instructor, Katerina is a very professional young lady and gives classes perfectly tailored to your body.

  • Tab AWright

    Google reviews

    Katerina is an excellent pilates teacher! She is very attentive, thorough & genuinely works with my individual needs. Definitely recommend it!

  • Illona

    Yogaloom Pilates and Yoga classes and Retreats Google+ page

    The best pilates and yoga I have ever had. The instructor, Katerina is a very professional young lady and gives classes perfectly tailored to your body's needs. It is the first time that I enjoy pilates classes without feeling any pain or physical exhaustion after the class. It is perfect whoever is passionate about exercise but doesn't want to injure himself. Specially the pilates have fixed many issues of my body, thus I would recommend it as a good alternative to physio.

  • Maryam

    Yogaloom Pilates and Yoga classes and Retreats Google+ page

    I love the Yoga lessons with Katherina, She is a great teacher and very creative with the movements that are just right for you at that day... the classes are semi-private, small group and all the attention. I will certainly recommend her to my friends and all.

  • Margaret United Kingdom


    This is a most marvellous retreat. I was somewhat apprehensive as I was going on my own, but the teaching was so good and the people, both locals and students were so welcoming, that I had a wonderful time from the outset. Both experienced students and those like me with very little knowledge of Yoga found that Katarinas close attention to the abilities and flaws of all her students and complete involvement in her lessons meant that we all learned something new and I never felt out of my depth.In addition, practising Yoga while overlooking a beautiful, unspoiled bay was both relaxing and energizing. The hotel owners could also not have been any more obliging and gave us lots of wonderful food. Altogether, a lovely holiday which I wish could have gone on longer.

  • Maggie

    Yogaloom Pilates and Yoga classes and Retreats Google+ page

    Katerina is an excellent Pilates teacher. Her attention to individuals within the small group is exceptional. She varies the exercises each week which avoids complacency. she also persists with ideas to deal with problem areas in the body and adopts a hands-on approach to correct errors. I thoroughly recommend her classes.

  • Kerry-Fleur Schleifer

    Google reviews

    I left the yoga class with such peace and ease in both body and mind. Katerina's attention to detail and precision in correcting even the slightest misalignment was extremely thorough and spot on. My body at the start of the class was resisting being contorted and stretched, however one movement easily flowed into the next with Katerina's clear easy going instructive manner. It is such a treat to use the Pilates equipment as usually this is out of my price range, but Yogaloom is very affordable comparably. Do get her CD, in case you have trouble sleeping at night.

  • Ilias Patsios

    Google reviews

    Katerina at Yogaloom has been teaching me Yoga and Pilates classes with equipments one to one as well as in small groups. I do enjoy going in the gym but I felt that I could not improve my posture and flexibility in the way I did after having her one to one support that she always offer to all of her classes. I have enjoyed every session and always feel relaxed even after a challenging workout. Her tailored approach and great knowledge of anatomy and ability to adjust can enable anybody to achieve there goals. Her studio is easily accessible and has a warm atmosphere. I have also joined one of her UK weekend retreats which I really enjoyed. If you have a change go for it! She also runs retreats in beautiful Greek islands which I will join this year!

  • Joanne Martin

    Google reviews

    Katerina is an excellent Pilates instructor. I've been doing Pilates for 15 years, since I hurt my back, and rate her classes (which I've been attending for the better).

  • Eleni Tripodaki

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    Katerina is a delight to interact with and is both helpful and knowledgeable, not just in Pilates, but generally in the area of well-being.

  • Orly Barziv

    Google reviews

    Katerina is a fantastic girl and a brilliant teacher! I really enjoy my Yoga classes with her, always adjusted to my needs, relaxing and strengthening at the same time. I fully recommend it to everyone!

  • April Jung

    Google reviews

    I have been doing weekly Yoga with Katerina, for a while now, and I like it more and more. I feel much better during and after the session, it has simply become part of my life routine.

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