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Yogaprema offers yoga teacher training in India, UK retreats, workshops, and Hatha yoga and meditation classes. They have 15 years teaching experience to share.

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Issie Lyon

from Great Britain, February 2018

Loved everyone in the group and the instructions were nice and slow paced good for beginners! I really enjoyed this retreat and recommend it! :) thank you all who was a part of a lovely weekend that I will always remember

Joanne Woodman

from Great Britain, February 2018

"Grounded and balanced "

I really loved how attentive Lila was.

Antje Lewerenz

from Republic of Malta, January 2018

"Meditation into the New Year - Perfect!"

Space for everything: being with the other participants staying on my own, good balance between programme and free time.

The love, presence and ease that was spread first by Lila and Swami Ambika and that spilled over to everybody.

Robert Sutherland

from Great Britain, January 2018

"Delightful new year, feel fully reset and recharged."

The mediation and ritrals were amazing, and brought up some surprising feeling from deep inside.

Loves the yoga practice and the food from the community was just out of this world, I’ve never eaten so much.

Sandra Ainger

from Great Britain, May 2017

I found that everyone was so lovely and friendly. The yoga teacher Lila was amazing and very supportive as this was the first time i attended a retreat and doing yoga i will br attending more retreats

Debbie Ashby

from Great Britain, May 2017

"Eden Rise"

This was my first ever retreat, and I'm also fairly new to yoga so had no idea what to expect. Let's just say I'm hooked and will definitely be returning!!! The venue was beautiful and everyone was so warm and welcoming to me. Lila our instructor was incredible, so warm and patient and there was no pressure. Also Justines Lomi massage was the best massage I've ever had!!! So if you are hesitant about booking a retreat, please don't wait I'm sure you will love every minute as much as I did.

Testimonials 5


Yogaprema website

A big thank you to Lila, Elahn, and all my fellow yogi and yogini for a truly inspiring weekend.... I now feel motivated to bring balance back to my life and re-energize my yoga and spiritual practice


Yogaprema website

It was a really good experience. I like your big heart, your love, and your dedication to teach us yoga and to open our heart to spirit.


Yogaprema website

Just wanted to say a big thank you for teaching me so much about yoga over the last year and a half - it's been a wonderful experience being one of your students! Hope to see you at one of your next retreats!


Yogaprema website

A belated but very heartfelt thank you for a really special, joyful and rejuvenating weekend at Braziers Park. I feel so grateful for the chance to have been there :o) You are both gifted teachers and I really feel like you have lit a spark in me to learn more about yoga and commit to developing my own practice. I started looking up longer courses and retreats as soon as I got home!


Yogaprema website

Dear Lila, thanks a lot for all that you gave or transmitted during this month. You are really an extraordinary teacher, an expert in this cosmic play between patience and strictness, warmth and distance. I am very glad that it was you giving new life to these old and great teachings.... Thanks for your teachings and presence!

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