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Yogaprema offers yoga teacher training in India, UK retreats, workshops, and Hatha yoga and meditation classes. They have 15 years teaching experience to share.

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Lila Conway

Sivananda (Sivananda Yoga)

Lila Conway is a certified senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and founder of Yogaprema. She has been practicing yoga for 20 years, teaching full-time since 2001, received advanced level certification from Sivananda in 2004, and in 2007 was given the authority to teach yoga teachers as a principal teacher. Lila has spent the best part of eight years living in Sivananda yoga ashrams and centers in India and Canada, being fully immersed in a yogic life of service, study, practice, and teaching yoga to students from across the world.

Swami Ambika

Swami Ambika (Ceri) is a sanyassin (renounced monk) who has studied and lived in the Sivananda ashrams in India, Canada and the USA for many years. She has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for more than 30 years. Swami is an expert senior teacher who truly lives and breathes the yoga life. She currently lives in a remote part of Scotland and runs weekly yoga classes and retreats in Forres near Findhorn. Her classes are full of wisdom, joy, warmth and humour.

Reviews 7

  • Sandra Ainger Great Britain

    May 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    I found that everyone was so lovely and friendly. The yoga teacher Lila was amazing and very supportive as this was the first time i attended a retreat and doing yoga i will br attending more retreats

  • Debbie Ashby Great Britain

    May 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    This was my first ever retreat, and I'm also fairly new to yoga so had no idea what to expect. Let's just say I'm hooked and will definitely be returning!!! The venue was beautiful and everyone was so warm and welcoming to me. Lila our instructor was incredible, so warm and patient and there was no pressure. Also Justines Lomi massage was the best massage I've ever had!!! So if you are hesitant about booking a retreat, please don't wait I'm sure you will love every minute as much as I did.

    There was nothing I didn't enjoy.. just have an open mind

  • Adina Presman

    Lila and her team managed to create a real feeling of family in such a short time. The setting was gorgeous, the yoga and meditation just perfect, and I really enjoyed the time to be still and quiet, as well as have a chance to meet some lovely people. In between the yoga and various activities, we had some lovely walks and lots of interesting ideas came up. All in all a beautiful way to welcome in the new year!

  • Lindsey United Kingdom

    Just came back from a marvellous New Year retreat with Yogaprema at Braziers Park. So much effort has been put into the event! The yoga, meditation, chanting, dancing, and workshops were all well organised and inspirational. The accommodation was warm, homely, with fabulous food, and the setting tranquil and relaxing. Overall," would thoroughly recommend this to anyone wanting to get away over new year and enjoy like minded company with enthusiastic teachers and therapeutic benefit!

  • A traveler

    My Yogaprema retreat was wonderful. The people, from the teachers to the other yoginis, were all lovely. The program was balanced and well executed, and the location fantastic. Overall, it was the best way to spend the end of the year.

Testimonials 33

  • Richard

    Yogaprema website

    A big thank you to Lila, Elahn, and all my fellow yogi and yogini for a truly inspiring weekend.... I now feel motivated to bring balance back to my life and re-energize my yoga and spiritual practice

  • Frieder

    Yogaprema website

    It was a really good experience. I like your big heart, your love, and your dedication to teach us yoga and to open our heart to spirit.

  • Katie

    Yogaprema website

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for teaching me so much about yoga over the last year and a half - it's been a wonderful experience being one of your students! Hope to see you at one of your next retreats!

  • Sally

    Yogaprema website

    A belated but very heartfelt thank you for a really special, joyful and rejuvenating weekend at Braziers Park. I feel so grateful for the chance to have been there :o) You are both gifted teachers and I really feel like you have lit a spark in me to learn more about yoga and commit to developing my own practice. I started looking up longer courses and retreats as soon as I got home!

  • Helene

    Yogaprema website

    Dear Lila, thanks a lot for all that you gave or transmitted during this month. You are really an extraordinary teacher, an expert in this cosmic play between patience and strictness, warmth and distance. I am very glad that it was you giving new life to these old and great teachings.... Thanks for your teachings and presence!

  • Chloe Bristol

    Yogaprema website

    Hi Lila I just wanted to say thank you for being such an inspirational teacher- I have really enjoyed learning yoga with you and have felt a much needed positive shift in my life, so thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills!

  • A traveller

    Yogaprema website

    Thank you for all the information you are sending. I am really enjoying the course, it is helping me make gradual positive changes and I am really feeling the difference in my reactions to certain situations and it really does open a whole new world! I feel it can only improve so thank you so much for a fantastic course. I really think the advice about changing the mind's thought patterns and habits gently is great and very true!

  • Nathalie United Kingdom

    Yogaprema website

    I've just completed the beginners 2 course in Windmill Hill and absolutely loved it. As a complete novice, I thought I'd find Yoga really hard, but I've connected with it spiritually and physically and hope to continue practicing and improving for a long time. Looking forward to coming along to open classes in the new year. Thank you for your patient, guided approach and for opening this door for me. Best wishes!

  • R & K Bristol

    Yogaprema website

    Thanks Lila, We've had a great yoga year with you and looking forward to the next one!

  • Anandi

    Yogaprema website

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your beautiful voice, calmness and devotion.

  • Alison

    Yogaprema website

    Thanks again for working with me the other week - you gave me the confidence I needed to re-start my practice. Thank you so much!!

  • Gemma

    Yogaprema website

    I left your yoga retreat in Glastonbury feeling joyful and enlivened. It was such a great weekend. The yoga, chanting and meditation were wonderful, the food was delicious and I was able to share the experience with a fantastic group of people.

  • Tom Bristol

    Yogaprema website

    Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. It was exactly what the doctor ordered! I live a fairly hectic life so to take a whole weekend for myself to relax, unwind and get a new sense of perspective was much needed and it felt so good. The best part is that I have carried that sense of peace, awareness and control that we blossomed over the weekend back home to the 'real world'. Life is good, I'm heading in the right direction, after clearing space at the retreat I can see that so clearly now.

  • Lauren London

    Yogaprema website

    This retreat was very special for being held in Shekina Ashram. The morning Kirtan and Fire Ceremony were very uplifting and started each day on a powerful, spiritual note which can be lacking on “standard” retreats. Two days later I am still feeling very relaxed – the benefits are definitely lasting!

  • Tina Bristol

    Yogaprema website

    This was a very special weekend for me – lots of things fell together, my first time ever in a retreat, spring equinox, my birthday... It was a full-on experience and demanding in unexpected ways, but as the weekend progressed I gradually settled in and was reluctant to leave this special place. It is a great opportunity to deepen practice, and meet lovely, like-minded yet very different people. Next time, however, I will not take part in all the Ashram’s other activities – the body and mind needs more rest inbetween than I thought..

  • Debbie

    Yogaprema website

    The retreat reached parts of the heart other retreats dont reach! For me, Lila, and Dory were a beautiful combination who taught with balance and generosity. They also challenged my yoga practice astutely and the ashram setting with kirtan, puja, and fantastic food were all icing on the cake!

  • Jedda London

    Yogaprema website

    Thank you for your warm energies over what was, a very touching weekend.

  • Sharon Bristol

    Yogaprema website

    I started Lila's classes about four years ago when I took her beginners course. She's become my favorite yoga teacher as her classes offer much more than just the physical aspect of the yoga postures. Her strong connection with her teachings brings a deep sense of well-being to her classes and I can totally recommend them to anyone with an interest in yoga!

  • Deanna

    Yogaprema website

    I wanted to thank you SO much for the Hip Opening Workshop on Saturday; I feel amazing today - Any chance of doing that class every couple of months, do you think? Pretty intense stuff!

  • Merav Canada

    Yogaprema website

    Lila, one time I thank you for the great class and you said “I didn’t do anything, I was just present” and that concluded everything! It is not what you do,it is your presence that is so loving, soft and full with light. It is amazing how much you have to give and you give. Very inspiring knowing you!! So until next time, Love, Love

  • Mia Montreal

    Yogaprema website

    Thank you for guiding me through things I wasn’t sure I could do. Your faith has restored mine.

  • Sathyaprem

    Yogaprema website

    Lila, I love, I love, I love your classes!

  • Shantidas India

    Yogaprema website

    I thoroughly enjoyed your divine play.

  • Sivani

    Yogaprema website

    Heartfelt thanks for our love and guiding light in channelling the wisdom of hatha yoga. You inspire us to be our best.

  • Eli

    Yogaprema website

    Everything I learnt in the ashram under the guidance of you has given me the tools, support and inspiration to turn my life upside down, inside out, jiggle it around and start the process of shaking off as much of my troubled ego as I can, and finding a healthy ego to hold the spiritual juggle of life. The shivananda asana practice you gave me has stayed with me pretty much daily the seed of my days now was planted in the ashram and watered by your guidance, so thought you’d like to hear about the flowers!I know you’ll say it’s not you, but I’d disagree. You gave me (and all the other TTCers) a huge gift, with the way you taught, your example, your patience, humour, warmth and the unique, authentic, shining Lila-jiness you bought to the ashram.

  • Reena London

    Yogaprema website

    I cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught me. I am grateful for your presence in my TTC and will always have fond memories of you, Canada and brummie accents!

  • JoAnn

    Yogaprema Website

    I want to take your voice home in a little jar! It has been a great pleasure!

  • Ambika

    Yogaprema website

    Your strong, loving and sensitive presence was exactly what I needed. Thank you.

  • Chris Bristol

    Yogaprema website

    A really great weekend at Braziers Retreat. It can't get any better than that. It was awe inspiring. Beautiful food and great people; a lovely location in the countryside. I am even more inspired for my quest to be a vegetarian than ever and continue with the wonderful journey that yoga has taken me on. A big thank you to Lila for organizing everything, the yoga and meditation were so varied and inspiring along with her amazing teaching skills. I am sure all my fellow yogis and yoginis will agree. All together a very rejuvenating experience.

  • C. Smith

    Yogaprema website

    I would like to say a big thank you to Lila and Elahn for the brilliant weekend at Shekinashram, it really was flawless. A lovely group of people and a carefully thought out program to follow - a really great effort and very inspiring to my practice. Just what we needed to all progress on the yoga journey. Also a big thank you to the karma yogis who work so hard, the food was excellent.

  • a traveler United Kingdom

    Yogaprema website

    Thank you for holding the space for such lovely nourishment for the body, heart, and soul this weekend. These vibrations of hare krishna hare rama will spread to my family and to all my yoga students this week. Oms and prems and namaste.

  • Kat

    Yogaprema website

    Thank you very much for a perfect weekend. I learnt so much and I feel honored to have shared such a weekend with a lovely group of people. I can't get the Maha Mantra out of my head! Once again, a huge thank you to Lila and Elahn for organizing the weekend and making it beautiful. It's been difficult readjusting to the fast pace that's outside of the ashram!

  • Chris

    Yogaprema website

    I would like to say a very special thank you to you both for the wonderful weekend at shekinashram. It was so inspiring and has deepened my commitment to the beautiful practice of yoga. It was all so lovely and flowing with great spiritual aspects to come away with and progress. The food was delicious.

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